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Here’s the love poem Linturi composed for Kitany



The ongoing divorce case between Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and former Chief of Staff in the Deputy President’s office, Marianne Kitany, has exposed many ugly things and a few beautiful ones about the estranged couple.

One of the few good things which the gripping sage has brought out is the senator’s erstwhile unknown poetic prowess, as captured in a poem Kitany claims he composed for her to mark her birthday during happier days for the couple.

The poem was among a range of ‘documentary’ evidence Kitany produced in court on Wednesday to prove that the couple not only shared a past together, but were indeed united in a traditional wedding on March 26, 2016.

Other than the romantic poem, Kitany also produced before Milimani Chief Magistrate Peter Gisore photos and a slideshow of images which she claims were taken during the said ceremony, an occasion Linturi insists didn’t happen.

Among the photos played on the slideshow was that of Kitany feeding Linturi a piece of cake on her birthday.


But it is the love poem which painted a very clear picture of the good times Kitany claims she had with the senator before their relationship grew sour.

In the poem, Linturi calls Kitany “My love, my world, my angel, my everything,” among other dotting names.

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“Every time I set my eyes on you, a part of me softens. You are my love, you are my world, you are my everything,” one line in the poem reads.

Here is the poem in full:

To Marianne,

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, And a video is worth a thousand pictures,
So here is your thousand pictures. Every time I set my eyes on you, a part of me softens
You are my love, you are my world, you are my everything.
With you, I grow and glow, With you, I survive and thrive, With you, I live and dive.
Knowing that you will always be my side. Each day I thank the Lord, for the angel he sent me,
My angel is not up in the sky or out in the world. They are right there with me, they are right there in my heart. That angel is you.
On this special day, I would like to wish you the best. As I always do each and every day.
Happy Birthday My love,

From Frank

By Nairobi News

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Families want loved ones in Wuhan evacuated



When Lillian Morara’s daughter asked if her father would come back from Wuhan alive, she was caught off guard and could not answer the question.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Ms Morara sought an answer by posing the same question to the President.

“How can I reassure her that he will be all right and that he will come back alive? Do I have to wait for the day he is dead to pick her from school and tell her that her father is finally home,” she asked.

Her husband, Yuvenalis Morara, is a PhD student in Wuhan City, the epicentre of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and the family’s breadwinner. Since the outbreak, she said, he has not been able to provide.

“He is a captive in a foreign land, stuck in a room for hours on end,” she said.

Mr Patrick Wasikhyu said his daughter Hannah Wasikhyu has lost weight and is getting weaker by the day.

“My child is suffering and as a parent, when you cannot offer help to your children, then you feel like you have failed [them].

“If the government asks us to contribute whatever we have to bring them back, we are more than willing,” he said. He added that if she comes back, he will not consider letting her go back.

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Other relatives of students in Wuhan said their kin are willing to undergo all stipulated tests (both in China and on arrival in Kenya) and quarantine if they are helped to come back home.

On Tuesday, the government said it’s yet allocate funds for emergency evacuation of the students, but National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani said money would be provided should the need arise. He said the decision to evacuate them rests with the Foreign Affairs ministry.

“If the situation becomes compelling, money will be provided. And we are set,” Mr Yanani said.

Foreign Affairs ministry officials told the Nation that each of the students will receive a regular Sh15,000 in local Chinese currency (Yuan) to help them get by, but expects them to stay in the city until the epidemic is brought under control.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has so far investigated 13 suspected Covid-19 cases, which have all tested negative.

“Two of the cases investigated on Tuesday in Mutomo, Kitui, and Kilimani, Nairobi, did not meet the WHO (World Health Organization) case definition criteria,” the Health ministry said in a statement.

There are currently two isolation facilities in the country, one at Kenyatta National Hospital and another at Mbagathi District Hospital. There are ongoing consultations with the private health facilities in Nairobi to provide additional facilities when needed.

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VIDEO: Why “Deepfake” Technology could compromise US electioneering process



Camera apps have become increasingly sophisticated. Users can elongate legs, remove pimples, add on animal ears and now, some can even create false videos that look very real. The technology used to create such digital content has quickly become accessible to the masses, and they are called “deepfakes.”

Deepfakes refer to manipulated videos, or other digital representations produced by sophisticated artificial intelligence, that yield fabricated images and sounds that appear to be real.

  • Anybody who has a computer and access to the internet can technically produce a “deepfake” video, says John Villasenor, professor of electrical engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • “The technology can be used to make people believe something is real when it is not,” said Peter Singer, cybersecurity and defense focused strategist and senior fellow at New America.

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Body of retired teacher found next to sex pills in lodging



The body of a 78-year-old retired teacher was discovered on a bed in one of the lodgings in Nyamira township ward, Nyamira County on Tuesday.

According to the area Chief Johnson Manyara, the deceased, Saul Mokua, who hails from the neighbouring Bosamaro Chache location, was last seen on Monday evening with a middle-aged woman as they checked into the infamous Club78 within Nyabite market.

Manyara said after accessing the room, they found a packet of sex-enhancing pills besides the man’s lifeless body.

“We found what looked like sex enhancing pills besides the body and it is suspected the deceased might have taken an overdose,” said the Township Sub location chief.

However, Manyara said the late teacher had a history of high blood pressure according to his relatives.

Club78 is yet to be closed down as ordered by Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba late last year after a schoolgirl was found in one of the rooms with a bodaboda rider.

The body of the deceased was taken to Kinara hospital mortuary in Nyamira awaiting autopsy.


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