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How drug trafficker’s ingenious prison break attempt flopped – VIDEO



A Brazilian drug trafficker was on Saturday caught while trying to escape from prison disguised as his teenage daughter.

Clauvino da Silva ‘Shorty’ attempted to sneak out of one the country’s toughest prison dressed in his daughter’s clothes, with a silicon girl’s mask, bra, long dark haired wig and skin-tight t-shirt emblazoned with three pink donuts.

Clauvino tried convincing the guards manning the gate that he was his 19-year-old daughter heading home after visiting hours.


According to a police officer, Clauvino’s nervousness gave him away when he approached the officer to return his daughter’s ID.

The officers noticed something was wrong and asked him to strip in front of cameras.

Claivino is serving a 73-year jail term for his involvement with the Red Command drug faction.

In 2015, Mexico’s the drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán escaped from jail through a mile-long tunnel, a multi-million dollar bribe and on a private plane which was waiting for him.


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Why locals did not aid chopper victims even as eyewitness suggest one passenger was still alive



More details are coming out on the final moments of a tragic incident that saw a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) helicopter crash at Kanyonga in Kithyoko, Masinga Sub-county on Monday morning where two people died.

It has now emerged that one of the victims, who are yet to be named by the military, may have been alive in the moments after the military chopper crashed but did not get much needed help from locals due to coronavirus fears.

An eyewitness, Ms Ann Kaluki, told the Nation that she was going about her business on her farm when she saw a plane that was flying too low.

She then turned to her friend and told her that the plane looked like it was going to crash on them so they decided to run.

“I saw a plane falling towards us…my screams attracted a big crowd,” said Ms Kaluki.

She said that the helicopter fell on nearby trees, raising clouds of dust before it crashed.


She noted that one pilot was still alive and was asking for help. However, because locals are afraid of Covid-19 and assume he would infect them, he did not get much needed assistance.

She said that a group of young men came running to the scene and asked them why they had refused to rescue him since he was alive.

“Those young men came and found him still strapped by his seat belt, but speculation on coronavirus and fear of the plane bursting to flames made them fear,” she added.

Another eyewitness, a young man, said that he was on his way home when they saw the helicopter nosedive but a tree caught its fall.


He said they rushed to the scene and found one person raising his hand, but says they could not assist as they had no idea how as they lacked first aid knowledge.

Another local, a farmer, echoed his sentiments.

“We as residents have no idea on how to rescue on such an accident…We just stood there fearing he could be infected with Covid-19,” he said.

The scene was later visited by security officials and it was established that a helicopter Reg AU003-539 belonging to the Kenyan army crashed at around 1100hrs.

Machakos County commander Karanja Muiruri said that the incident was reported by the assistant chief Kithyoko Sub-location, Mr Daniel Muthoka.

“It had two souls on board (senior military officers of the rank of Major) both of whom died on the spot. SCPC and SCCIO Masinga at the scene while CPC and CCIO on the way to the scene,” read a police report.

He applauded the response by the Kenyan army, stating that they came in record time and evacuated the bodies.

“This was a training flight. On board were two pilots, who have since been evacuated from the crash site,” KDF said in a statement yesterday.

The chopper was one of six aircrafts acquired in January from the US.


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DCI probes fake Facebook car dealership after businessman loses Sh200,000



The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is looking for a woman who allegedly defrauded a businessman of Sh200,000 after she advertised an non-existent car on Facebook.

Loise Njeri Chumuti is wanted for allegedly conning Hussein Mohammed of the money by advertising the sale of a Toyota Vanguard on Facebook.


Chumuti had advertised the car and claimed to be a sales agent of the fictitious Al Mahrig Auto which was selling the vehicle.

She informed Mohammed that there were few remaining cars of the type he had asked for and told him to secure a deal by starting making payments immediately.

Chumuti claimed the company’s main offices are in Mombasa but there is a Nairobi branch on Mombasa road where Mohammed could view the car after paying a reservation fee.

The trader transferred Sh100,000 from his bank to Chumuti through M-Pesa on June 10, 2020 and a similar amount on June 12, 2020 to a bank account purportedly belonging to Al Mahrig Auto at KCB.


Thereafter, Chumuti is said to have switched off her cellphone.

Mohammed later established that there is no such a company in Mombasa or Nairobi and he reported the matter to the DCI.

Corporal Joseph Kibet of DCI Embakasi offices has now obtained orders to be furnished with copies of account opening certificates for the account that received the money from Mohammed and M-Pesa statements of Chumuti’s phone number.

Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga of the Makadara Law Courts granted the orders.


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PHOTOS: Couple weds in hospital after groom’s accident days to union



They say love conquers all. A Burundian couple has lived up to the adage by conducting their wedding in hospital. Charlotte Mukantwari and Gabin Ndayizigiye’s wedding plans were all finalised but days to walking down the aisle, the groom was involved in an accident.

Speaking after the wedding, the groom recalled asking himself lots of questions following the accident that left him in a wheelchair.

“After the accident, I asked myself whether the devil didn’t want me to marry. I very well knew that my wedding was set for July 4 and being an important day for us, it had to go on as planned. If we hadn’t gotten married, I would have felt like God had abandoned me,” the groom said.

Affirming her newly-wed husband’s stance, the bride said that they could not postpone the wedding hence, opted to conduct it in hospital.

“Because of my love for him, not even an accident could not make us push forward the date of our wedding,” she said.


According to Gabin, they have been dating for a long time and had vowed to live as husband and wife till death. But three days to their big day, he broke his leg after getting hit by a vehicle, rendering him unconscious.

“When I came back to, I found myself lying in a ditch with dirty water and my leg was swollen. At the hospital, they were initially hesitant to tell Charlotte what had befallen me. When she was finally informed about my accident, she promptly came to visit,” Gabin narrated.

The groom further said that the next logical plan of action was to postpone the wedding but the bride had other plans.

“Charlotte would look at me lying on the bed, look at my broken leg and encourage me saying that if God gave me reprieve, our wedding would go on as planned. Her utterances shocked me because another woman wouldn’t want to be seen next to me,” he said.

Gabin then sought the approval of the Catholic Church to conduct the wedding in hospital and the padre accepted.  The hospital management then prepared a room for the two to exchange vows and provided a wheelchair for the groom. Despite the priest hiding the exact time of the wedding to discourage crowds, their unorthodox union attracted a large crowd of onlookers keen on witnessing the triumph of love.

“Our wedding day was great. We received blessings and exchanged rings before I was wheeled back to the ward,” concluded the groom.


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