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Huge fire destroys property worth millions of shillings at Githurai Market



Property worth millions of shillings has been destroyed after a fire broke out at Githurai Market on Monday morning.

The huge inferno is believed to have started at around 4am near Riflo Industries, gutting down furniture section.

Currently, fire fighters from Nairobi County, Kiambu County and the Kenya Army (Kahawa Barracks) are still trying to put out the fire.

According to the Kenya Red Cross, response teams are already on the ground.

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Mothers’ long and painful quest for court award after sons disappeared



“We are just two strangers who met through the disappearance of our sons. We are now bonded by our pursuit for justice long after the court ruled that the state should pay us Sh5 million each.”

That is how Sarah Muyera (pictured)  and Eunice Kajairo describe their friendship. Every day, they hope someone will give them a clear brief on what happened to the money they were to be awarded, or if they will ever get it.  Their story begins in 2016. They returned to their respective homes and found their sons missing. A witness, Hermaton Idaki, told them their sons Erickson Aluda and Brian Nzenze had been taken by police at Kawangware market at around midday.

Aluda was riding a boda boda and Nenze was his pillion passenger. Policemen in Toyota Land Cruiser registration number GKA 875X stopped them. An altercation ensued. They were then bundled in the police car and that was the last time the duo, in their early 20s were seen. The witness who reported the incident was found dead by the roadside three weeks later, deepening the mystery.

Nobody knows what happened to Nzenze and Aluda. Details on why they were taken by the police are scanty. In a winding court case marked with tears and media publicity, the judge made a ruling in 2018: “The state owed Muyera and Kajairo Sh5 million each for the anguish the family had gone through.”

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The High Court ordered Inspector General of Police to pay Muyera and Kajairo Sh5 million each and investigate and prosecute those involved in the disappearance of the Kawangware boys who were presumed dead, making the case one of the few where the state has been charged with extrajudicial killings.

Sense of relief

After the ruling, Kajairo remembers feeling a sense of relief. All the tears she had shed in many courtroom sessions and the energy she had spent trying to trace her son had amounted to something.Although the money was not value for their lost children, the two mothers felt that somehow, someone had listened to their story and felt remorse.

“Being awarded Sh5 million did not replace my son, but I needed that money to start over. To go far away and forget the pain,” she said. Two years later, they are still waiting. They went home and were told they will be guided on how to access the money. Nobody did. “Everything went quiet. The horrible wait started,” says Muyera.

Hanningtone Amol who took the case pro-bono says the state appealed, and a new case is expected to start. For the two women, the feeling of almost getting justice and then having it yanked is too much to bear.

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“You become bitter. Everything stops making sense. You start feeling like you do not matter to anyone. It is a bad feeling to have,” says Kajairo, adding that the court case took so much of their time and energy, they abandoned the manual jobs.“We always wonder what it will take for us to get the compensation and why it is taking so long,” she says.

To that, Law Society of Kenya (LSK) chairman Nelson Havi says getting the money will be a tall order. He says the society has more than 200 cases of people awarded against the state, and they are still waiting as years go by. “From our records, the state owes people more than Sh10 billion. It is unfair for the government to treat its people like that,” he says.

He adds that the complexity of the law that governs compensation makes it more difficult for the awardees. Lawyer Lucas Kang’oli explains that pursuing such claims gets difficult both for the lawyer and the awardees since there is no specific person to be held to account. “There are no assets to attach and there is no one you can cling on and ask to pay. There are people who have to part with some money for their cases to be processed,” he says.

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Havi says the society is planning to file a consolidated petition on behalf of the people still waiting for the government to compensate them. For Muyera and Kajairo, the wait continues and they join the list of many still waiting for compensation from the government.

Duncan Oketch has been following up on his uncle’s compensation for land he lost to the government. He says he has made numerous trips to the AG because his uncle is ailing, and the family is almost giving up.  “They award you the money knowing so well that they will not give it to you. It is meant to soothe you for a few days,” he says.


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No more kids for us, Bahati tells Diana



Singer Bahati has revealed that he does not want more children. The singer was responding to his wife Diana Marua who asked if they could have baby number three.

The couple has two children of their own (Heaven and Majesty), an adopted son (Morgan Bahati) and a daughter from Bahati’s previous relationship (Mueni Bahati).


“I want us to have another baby, I know we have talked about this tukasema tumemaliza but let’s have one more last baby,” Diana said.

Diana’s statement caught Bahati by surprise and he responded with an emphatic no.

“We are not talking about this,” he said.

Diana further explained why she wanted another child.

“I know tumepata watoto wakifuatana but staki kukuambia I want another child five years from now. Mimi nataka tupate mtoi tumalize,” she said.


To which Bahati responded: “But tulimaliza. There is nothing uniambie hiyo story five years from now. God has blessed us with enough kids.”

Diana had taken her husband out for brunch, a surprised she planned so that she could convince him to agree to have another child.

“That’s why I brought you here so we can have this conversation so that we can agree mimi nataka mtoto mwingine. Mimi staki after five years nalea mtoto mwingine. Nataka niwalee wote pamoja,” she said.

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Bahati counter the argument by telling her wife that more kids will mean less time together for them.

“Sai hata hatukuangi na our prefect time, watoto wamejaa kwa nyumba hadi Heaven analala katikati yetu.”


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Vp5 solar powered water finally flowing at Victory Gardens



WhatsApp Image

We are happy that Victory Gardens Phase 5 is continuing to shape up as Nairobi Metropolis’ ultimate gated community.

Amongst other recent developments in this Kitengela project, the residential homes in this gated community will now have adequate and round the clock flow of water, with 20, 000 liters of water now gushing forth and into their pipes courtesy of solar energy.

Eng. Odhiambo, who has been in charge of this development notes that the installation of this water system was not only successful but also very smooth. He notes that he always get many more businesses flowing his way as soon as he has done any works for Optiven.

Eng. Odhiambo’s sentiments concerning these special heavenly favours are also echoed by many Optiven customers who buy properties from this leading real estate firm (watch more on this video: Many more customers keep confessing this special favour that can be defined as purely divine.

We believe that our weekly Wednesday prayers have been working for our staff, customers and suppliers alike. This means that our vision to economically and socially empower the communities is real.

Join this favored project. If you already bought, obey all the rules placed at the entry gate. Ensure you make this project a green project, take care of its trees, the fruits, and care for refuse. On this one, we now have a company that collects all the waste for a small fees, we have security men at the gate, be kind to them. Little kindness will go a long way by boosting their morale.

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Let’s make Victory Gardens a victorious project, and a place of untold tranquility.

If you have a friend looking for the best project in Nairobi Metropolis

Share this no: 0790 300 300 or 0723 400 500

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