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Ken Okoth’s Secret Lover Anne Muthoni Thumbi speaks out in Candid Interview



  • Nominated MCA, Anne Muthoni Thumbi, has broken her silence over the secret affair with the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth.

    In a tell-all interview with Nation, she disclosed that the two met even before he became a legislator.

    She claimed that they got acquainted when Ken was 33 years old and mulling about the decision to step into the murky world of politics.

    The two started meeting often and even started engaging in campaigns together.

  • “As the political campaigns heated up, Ken asked Anne to lead his team. Every morning the two would meet in Kibra to strategise, then spend the day knocking on doors and addressing small barazas (meetings),” Nation reported.

    Ken successfully won the seat in the newly created Kibra Constituency that was carved out of the larger Lang’ata Constituency.


    “Two years later, in 2015, the couple was blessed with a baby boy. Anne said Ken immediately assumed the fatherly role and was always there for them. They named the little boy Jayden Baraka Okoth,” the newspaper further disclosed.

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth and Nominated MCA Anne Thumbi engaging residents of Nairobi


    Their love affair remained hidden as Ken had a wife, Monica, whom he had met while studying in Austria.

    The deceased and Jayden’s mother did not live together but Ken was actively involved in the boy’s life as a father figure.

    “Being keen on education, he always asked how Jayden was doing in school and whenever he could he would check on his progress with the teachers,” Anne explained.

    The reports about their love affair began as rumours until Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko blew the lid on the relationship during Ken’s memorial service on Thursday.

    “I respect you Mama and Monica,” stated Sonko, referring to Ken’s mother Angeline and his wife.

    “Ken had a child and I ask you to just accept the child because Ken is not happy where he is,
    knowing his son has not been accepted. We are not asking you for anything; we have the capacity to school that child.”

    A photo of the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth with Nominated Ann Thumbi and their alleged son Jayden Baraka Okoth

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Why ignorance of finer details hurts lazy home buyers



Who does not want to own a home one day? It is the endeavour of nearly every family. It is a pride, an achievement if I may. Yet we make careless mistakes at the tail of the tedious sweat to the realisation of this dream. Let me first put things into perspective; our construction ecosystem remains stubbornly fractured and dysfunctional. It is highly fragmented and very conservative.

Ingrained practices make it incredibly punitive and unforgiving. Before deciding to buy a house, you must wake up to this realisation.Most home buyers are lazy, careless and easily gullible.

They are, by large, only fixated with house prices and retreat to their ‘paradise’ cocoon once the house price makes sense to them. This attitude has been the icing to spurious developers. Listen, buying a house, especially off-plan, requires vigilance.

a`There are several boxes that must be closely monitored and ticked. Unfortunately, one of the critical boxes that always evades most buyers is the defects liability period. Many have and still painfully paid for this ignorance.


Defects liability period, mostly six months, is a period of time following the practical completion during which a contractor remains liable under the building contract for dealing with any defects that become apparent. This period is fixed in a building contract between a developer and client. It can never be altered to suit a buyer.

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Once the period has lapsed, the contractor’s liability to rectify defects on your house lapses. Unknown to most buyers, the defects liability period always begins with the architect’s practical completion certificate to the contractor. It starts even before the occupation certificate is obtained. In fact, the architect’s practical completion certificate is one of the requirements for obtaining a county’s occupational certificate. Yet buyers normally take their sweet time to access their houses, after construction completion, unaware that the contractor defects liability period awaits no one.

Not even the developer.In some instances where final house payments are pegged on occupation certificate, the practical completion certificate, which instigates the defect liability period, can be irregularly and prematurely issued before actual completion of works so that a ‘broke ‘developer start to receives money from buyers.

How? Our long outstanding ethics deficit history as a country. Several times I have come across home buyers who ignorantly insist that the defects liability period be counted from the date they take possession of their house.Ignorance has driven many to complicate even the irreducibly simple. It is impossible to tailor defects liability period to each buyer.

Imagine the chaos of doing so to 100 buyer. The defects period will always rise and set on all at the same time – make peace with that. It is imperative to always note this as a buyer and insist then on seeing the architect’s certificate of practical completion to know when the defect period begins and lapses. Engrave those dates somewhere if you can’t memorise. Even on projects with sectional occupation certificate, ask for the practical completion certificate that was used to obtain the sectional occupation certificate.

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Once you have immaculately noted the defects liability period, please carry out and document all the house snags issues and ensure they are rectified within the period. In situations where access to your house is pegged to clearance of final payment, request the developer access to allow you snag the house for any noticeable defects to be rectified.

Avoid running into cat and mouse games with the developer once this period has lapsed. There will be only one loser. You. For the umpteen time, the defects liability period will not be tailored to your wish as a buyer, it’s a contractual period that is fixed.

There will not be even an extra day added to it. I appreciate that the greatest struggle in mankind is that against ignorance, but this can no longer be classified as ignorance, especially in 2019. We cannot keep making the same mistakes over and over. Be wise or perish! – The writer is chairman of Association of Construction Managers of Kenya.

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Zeddy: Day I almost committed suicide



Churchill Show comedianne Zainab Zeddy has opened up about her battle with depression after losing her second born child.

Zeddy took to her Instagram page and shared her story after her fans shared their depression stories on her inbox.

Zeddy, who was pregnant with her second born son had a still birth after carrying the pregnancy for nine months, an incident that left her devastated and almost committing suicide.

She shared a long post on her Instagram page and narrated her ordeal after she lost her son.

Zeddy said she was all alone and no one wanted anything to do with her leading to the depression.

“Nilikua na ball ya second-born. Nikafikisha nine months vizuri but after kujifungua mtoto hakulia, tayari alikua amefariki. Nilishindwa kulia wala kuongea; yaani sikujua cha kufanya. After hiyo miezi yote uchungu mwingi natoka hossy bure!” she wrote.


After losing the baby, she stayed at the hospital and was transferred to a ward where other breastfeeding mothers were, which compounded her problem.

Knowing that she had lost her baby, they avoided her to an extent of thinking she can steal their babies if left alone.

Zeddy said she stayed indoors for three months not knowing how to face the world after the misfortune. She wanted to donate all the baby items she had shopped for but no one would accept them.

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“After 2 days ni karudi hm Ngai!!naona vile nilikua nimefanya shopping ya Baby boy everything was blue, kuna na marafiki 2 walikua na ball nikawaita wagawane vitu juu the more na ziona mawazo yanazidi!wakahepa ati nawapea nguo za maiti,” lamented the comedianne.

“My friends….nilijifungia kwa nyumba 3 good months bila kuongea na mtu ni dawa za kichwa tu nakunwa juu ukifikiria kutoka nje kidogo mtu anapita sasa Mama Shamim mgeni alikuja?naanza kulia tena,nikaa kwa nyumba watu wangu!!sikua na mtu wakuongea naye nilitamani kujiuwa kila wakati, lakini rafiki yangu mmoja Mwenyezi Mungu amurehemu akaanza kunitembelea tunaongea hadi nikajikubali,” Zeddy said.

She advised hospital to have counselling session for mothers who lose their babies at child birth. “Ombi langu ni moja kwa hospitali zote Mama akipoteza mtoto apewe Counseling,” she concluded.


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KDF officer arrested over murder of wife, children



Three bodies believed to be of the estranged wife of a military officer and their two children who disappeared three weeks ago were Saturday evening found buried in a shallow grave at Thingithu Estate in Nanyuki.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Military Police found the bodies after being led to the scene by the military man who is the main suspect in the suspected triple homicide. Major Peter Mwaura of Laikipia Airbase in Nanyuki was arrested on Thursday by military police and handed over to the DCI.

After more than 24 hours of grilling at Nanyuki Police Station and at his house inside the army barracks, the suspect led police to an abandoned cemetery in Thingithu Estate, barely a kilometre from the army base.

Still in a combat t-shirt, the army man led a team from the DCI and KDF officers to the spot the three bodies were buried.

After about 30 minutes of analysis and digging, police found three gunny bags in containing decomposing bodies which were tied up using plastic ropes inside the shallow grave.

All this time the suspect sat in the unmarked DCI vehicle, constantly trying to catch a glimpse of the discovery and hiding his face from cameras and the curious crowd.

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Laikipia County Criminal Investigations Officer Peter Muinde declined to confirm if the bodies found were of the missing woman and her two children.

“We still have to do some more forensic tests to identify the bodies. A source led us to the scene and we are working to confirm if the bodies are of the missing woman and the two children,” Mr Muinde said.

Joyce Syombua, 31, and her children Shanice Maua, 10 and Prince Michael, 5 were reported missing on October 27 after spending two days at Major Mwaura’s home. They had arrived at the Laikipia barracks on October 25.

Ms Farizana Syombua, a relative of the missing woman told the Nation that she texted her to enquire about their journey to Nanyuki and she replied that all was well.

In a text message, Syombua informed Ms Farizana that Mr Mwaura had taken the children for a walk within the military base.

Mr Mwaura claimed that he had left the children with a friend because he wanted to have a private conversation with his estranged wife.

He had initially told the police that Ms Syombua left for Nairobi with the children in a matatu. He claimed that he released his family back to the base after being called in to work urgently.

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He alleged that he took Syombua and the children to Nanyuki bus terminus where they boarded a 4NTE Sacco matatu to Nairobi.

The trio however never arrived at their home in Kayole, Nairobi, raising suspicion over their safety.

A report was initially made at Soweto and Nanyuki Police stations, prompting investigations into their disappearance of the three.

The discovery of her mobile phone inside a matatu would later open a can of worms into what is turning out to be a brutal triple homicide and a well calculated cover up.

Detectives would later discover that the matatu in which the phone was found never made a trip to Nairobi after all.

Officials from the sacco told police that the matatu had been hired for a private function in the Rift Valley on October 28 and did not make a trip to Nairobi as claimed by Major Mwaura.

A statement from a classified witness would later give the police the biggest lead. The witness told the police that the army officer had sent him to buy three gunny bags.

Major Mwaura was arrested on Thursday by Military Police before he was handed over to the DCI. The suspect will be arraigned on Monday.

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