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Man accuses pastor of eloping with his wife



A businessman from Juja Farm, KiambuCounty, has accused a pastor who presided over his wedding of eloping with his wife of 26 years.

Mr John Kanyua, a father of five, alleged the pastor supported them and even signed their marriage certificate.

Mr Kanyua claimed the pastor’s relationship with his wife started when his wife was appointed an assistant pastor of a church in Juja Farm.

“I objected Mr Kanyua’s appointment as an assistant pastor, but he (my husband) was determined to have his way. I confronted Mr Kanyua’s wife and threatened her not to play games with my husband,” said the pastor’s wife of 34 years.

The pastor’s wife says her husband soon began to invite Mrs Kanyua for family dinner.

“I confronted Mr Kanyua and asked him to keep his wife away from my husband, the two later eloped in 2015,” she added.

Mr Kanyua alleges that bishop would visit his house in the morning and spend the entire day locked with his wife in the house until he sought the intervention of the local administration and the church.

“The pastor later eloped with my wife and children and rented a house at a nearby market,” Mr Kanyua said.

Mr Kanyua alleges his parents-in-law have since asked him to accept a compensation of the dowry he paid to pave way for their daughter’s new wedding.

He alleges the pastor has informed his children of his intention to marry another wife after separating with their mother.

Mr Kanyua says he still pays school fees for his children and sends them foodstuffs.

“I won’t sit back and watch another man take away my family, I will not allow the wedding to continue,” said Mr Kanyua adding that he is ready to forgiver his wife.

The pastor’s wife says she still does not understand why her husband turned against her.

“We have passed through a lot when we started the church, I won’t allow him to marry a stranger,” she said.


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Man claims he could be boy whose disappearance has baffled police for 25 years



A man has come forward claiming he may have been a toddler whose disappearance has baffled police for 25 years.

Four-year-old D’Wan Sims was last seen when he was Christmas shopping with his mum in December 1994.

Distraught mother Dwanna Harris said D’Wan suddenly vanished from the Wonderland Mall in Livonia, Detroit, and was never heard from again.

Now the 29-year-old man, who has not been identified, has got in touch with authorities asking for a DNA test to determine if he is D’Wan.

He reportedly became suspicious after finding inconsistencies with what his parents told him, and learning that his dad was not his real father.

The man posted his thoughts on Facebook, and is now hoping to get answers about his childhood.

Captain Ronald Taig from the Livonia Police Department told WDIV: “What’s odd is that he claimed that he didn’t want any of this information out in the media and from what I understand he has put this out on social media.

“We are going to reach out, obviously, to the family and provide his information, to see if they want to contact him.”

Soon after his disappearance, D’Wan’s mum said: “The only thing that I want the public to know, is that my only concern is finding my son.

“Whoever has my baby, I know he’s safe, and I know you’re taking good care of him … What I’m hoping is that someone may have ran across my child.

“We’ve got your Christmas ready, so, just come home.”

She has always maintained she had nothing to do with his disappearance.

It is not yet clear if Harris will cooperate with the latest development by providing police with a DNA sample, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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Dead Modern Coast drivers ‘were long-term friends’




Moses Wanjala, 49, and 57-year-old Japhfred Lucas Lukasile lived in neighbouring villages and were long-standing friends.

Mr. Wanjala came from Mukabakaba village that neighbours Lutali, both in Kakamega North Sub-County.

Villagers and relatives on Friday were trying to come into terms with the death of the two. They both had many years of experience on the road before the early morning crash. The accident claimed seven lives and injured more than 60.

The families could not understand what caused the fatal accident.

“We expected the Modern Coast company management to stand with the families following the tragedy, but that has not happened,” Mr Wanjala’s aunt, Grace Isomi, said.

The two drivers knew each other for a long time and, their paths often crossed as they headed to different destinations.

As bad luck would have it, they also died on the same night when their buses collided.

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Drivers to sit written test in NTSA changes




Driver trainees will start sitting for a written test beginning next month. This is under the recently revised National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) testing guidelines.

The syllabus will be strict in such a way that drivers will only get their licenses after passing the detailed test comprising theory and practical exams with periodic continuous assessment tests.

“The theoretical test shall consist of a continuous assessment test administered after every 40 hours of training and a final test at the end of all the units in a module. The test shall comprise a minimum of 50 multiple-choice questions,” read the NTSA guidelines.

“A performance report is prepared for each learner driver. He or she must demonstrate skills in both theory and practical lessons by attaining a pass mark of 80 percent.”

Under the existing mode of testing, new drivers are tested on the theory part on a model town roads board, which checks for proficiency in road rules.

The strict curriculum may be difficult for illiterate drivers. It is not clear how they will take their written tests.

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