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Man shot dead in car parking row



A manager of a hotel in Kisumu has been arrested after a shooting incident on Saturday morning that left one man dead.

Raygreen Hotel Manager Daniel Njaoko is said to have shot in the air twice before firing thrice at Mr Peter Otieno, leaving him for the dead.

The manager later surrendered at the Nyamasaria Police Station following the 5am drama.

According to Mr Otieno’s family of, the drama ensued following an argument about a car belonging to Mr Njaoko that had been parked wrongly after he dropped his girlfriend who stays in the estate.

Mr Otieno, who was a matatu driver, was leaving for work at 5am but he could not drive off as a parked car had blocked his exit.

“My father was leaving for work when he got into an argument with a man in a car that had been parked on the only driveway in the estate. Upon asking him to move the car to pave way, a serious argument started,” said Clinton Otieno, Mr Otieno’s son.

The victim’s son said he was called to come and help Mr Njaoko who seemed too drunk to leave the drive way.

But Mr Njaoko reportedly left his car and fired in the air twice, sending the neighbours who had been woken up by the morning drama into panic.

He is said to have walked away but returned and shot at Mr Otieno, once in his right hand, and twice in the stomach.

Confirming the incident, Kisumu County Police Commander Benson Maweu said the suspect and his girlfriend are being held at Kondele Police Station as investigations into the incident continue.

According to Mr Maweu, a gun with 15 rounds of ammunition was recovered from the hotel manager when he surrendered.

Police later recovered another 42 rounds of ammunition found in his house after a search.

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Joyce Syombua’s husband fired by KDF over her murder



Major Peter Mugure, the key suspect in Nanyuki murder of his estranged wife Joyce Syombua and their two children, has been fired by KDF.

This comes days after the bodies of his wife and wife were found in a shallow grave.

Peter is being detained in connection to the murder of Joyce Syombua aged 31, their daughter Shernice and son Prince Michael.

Shernice Syombua

The bodies of Joyce Syombua and the children were exhumed from a shallow grave on Thingithu estate in Nanyuki town, Laikipia. Mugure led detectives to the site.

Joyce Syombua
Joyce Syombua and the kids

The murder was a classic case of love gone sour. But Mugure’s colleagues at the Laikipia Air Base believe he suffered depression.

One of the officers said Mugure had portrayed peculiar behaviour.

At one point, he stood in the rain for hours, something that disturbed his fellow soldiers, he said.

The bodies were stuck in gunny bags, with the children placed on top of their mother in a cemetery formerly owned the defunct Nanyuki Municipal Council.

Investigations are still ongoing to find out who else was involved in the gruesome murders,Peter Mugure is still in custody.

BY Mpasho

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Ngina Kenyatta’s new job that is making Kenyans angry AF



Kenyans trolled Ngina Kenyatta over the weekend after she gave an inspirations speech at on youth empowerment.

Ngina on Saturday spoke during the African Philanthropy Forum whose theme was “Accelerating Youth Employment in Africa.”

Here, she challenged youths to learn how to hustle by studying specific courses that address specific needs in their location.

“It is a pleasure for me to be part of a forum discussing such an important issue that affects us throughout the continent. There’s a saying, give a man a fish and feed him for one day, show him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime,” Ngina said.

‘Men in a saloon car tried to kill me,’ Babu Owino cries

Ngina is a director of The Kenyatta Trust, a non-profit organization whose beneficiaries of the trust are students who have come from disadvantaged family backgrounds.

The students are currently from all the 47 counties in Kenya. Because The Kenyatta Trust was established to nurture leaders from all over Kenya, the selection process is based on academic achievement in school, community service and other relevant factors.

The beneficiary population currently stands at over 450 and will continue to grow to the point where there are 400 beneficiaries in The Kenyatta Trust per annum.

The Kenyatta Trust has carved out a unique niche in terms of focusing on the transformation of the lives of underprivileged communities in Kenya through a combination of education, mentorship, counselling, community service and empowerment.

By Mpasho

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‘I’d wake up at 4am to go buy alcohol,’ Churchill comedian Othuol Othuol in battling alcohol addiction



Churchill Show, Comedian, Othuol Othuol has opened up about his battle with alcohol addiction something that made him lose friends.

Othuol has been battling Tuberculosis (TB) for long as well as alcohol addiction.

Speaking during an interview with Tuko, Othuol said,

‘Can you imagine being sick and you have to pay rent and eat well but you don’t have cash.

You turn into a beggar, you beg till you cannot beg anymore.

Some fans have been very gracious because when I was sick some would just send me cash out of the blue.

Churchill paid all my hospital bills.’

Othuol Othuol
Aunti Boss actor Alloyce

Othoul added that he has now recovered from his addiction to alcohol.

‘I used to be an alcoholic, I used to sell my phone, TV and I would even sell my gas and use the money I was paid to drink.

It was a bad life, addiction is a disease. I would wake up at 4 am just to go buy Makali (alchol) .

I lost my respect and my friends.’

Othuol added that he stopped drinking after realizing he could actually survive without alcohol.

‘I stopped because sometimes I could perform after taking alcohol and some days I would not but I still performed.

So I decided to stop entirely.

I used to believe that I could not perform without drinking,so I used to hide somewhere as if I am rehearsing but I was not.

I would stop only when I was called to the stage,After performing I would then disappear after all no one would dare come and smell me.’

He added,

‘I miss the stage and I am hoping on 31st December I will perform if not I hope by January 2020 I will be back.

When you have problems you lose friends and I lost very close friends during my difficult moments.’



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