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Miraa funds ‘disappear’ from bank account



A fresh row has emerged over how Sh10 million raised in 2013 to file a court case challenging the ban of miraa in the UK was utilised.

It emerged that the lawyer engaged in the lawsuit recently obtained court order to withdraw more than Sh530,000 from the miraa legal fees account without the approval of four signatories.

The signatories include former Igembe North MP Joseph M’Eruaki, Igembe Central legislator Kubai Iringo, Mr Nabea Murianki and Mr Jesse Muambi.

It emerged that Sh1.7 million was left in the bank account after Dass Solicitors in London were paid Sh7 million and their local representative Mr Henry Kurauka paid Sh600,000.

The money had been contributed by farmers who were forced to pay Sh500 after a Njuri Ncheke order.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto contributed Sh5 million, Meru County government Sh2 million while the rest of the money was contributed by leaders during a funds drive at Maili Tatu grounds.

The Sh2 million contributed by Meru County government became part of the 2013/2014 Auditor general’s report queries with Meru County Assembly directing that officials who paid the money be surcharged.

The signatories of the miraa funds account have now threatened to sue the bank and lawyer Kurauka for fraudulently withdrawing Sh536,000 from the bank account.

A court order signed by Nairobi High court deputy registrar L.A. Mumassaba, in which Kurauka and Co Advocates has sued Kenya Miraa Farmers and Traders Association (Kemifata), directs Cooperative Bank, Maua Branch manager to issue a bankers Cheque for Sh536,904 to Kurauka and Co Advocates.

The order was issued in the absence of the respondent, Kemifata.

Speaking to the Nation, Lawyer Kurauka said the custodians of the money raised for the London miraa case had failed to pay his legal fees for the last five years, forcing him to go to court.

“They were to pay me Sh2 million while the lawyers in London received Sh15 million. However, I only received a down payment of Sh600,000. I did 80 per cent of the work but the signatories refused to release the balance to me. This is why I went to court,” Mr Kurauka said.

He argued that the money raised at the fundraiser was meant for legal fees hence should not have been held in the bank without clearing his dues.

“They still owe me and if I include interest, it will be a lot of money. The signatories should explain to miraa farmers how the money was used and what they intended to do with the balance,” he said.

Mr Kurauka said he has represented miraa stakeholders in various lawsuits without demanding a lot of money since he is also a farmer.

But the account’s signatories have denied owing Mr Kurauka any money.

They also denied having knowledge of the court proceedings that led to withdrawal of money from the account.

Mr Iringo could not be reached for comment on the matter but in the past, he had explained that the Lawyers in London were paid Sh7 million while the Kenyan lawyer who prepared the files was paid Sh600, 000.

“We will sue the lawyer and the bank for fraud. There is no law that allows a bank to withdraw money from a customer’s account without their knowledge. The respondent in the court order is not the owner of the account from which money was taken. This is fraud,” Mr M’Eruaki said.

He said back in 2013, leaders from Meru had negotiated with Lawyer Kurauka, who agreed to be paid Sh600,000.

Kemifata chairman Dave Muthuri also denied owing the lawyer any money saying they paid Sh40,000 in a case against Nacada, which ended with an out of court settlement.

“We do not have an account at Cooperative Bank, Maua, and the lawyer has never written to us demanding any money,” Mr Muthuri said.

But Mr Kurauka said that he sued Kemifata because it was the entity that spearheaded the miraa law suits.

Nyambene Miraa Traders Association chairman Kimathi Munjuri also raised alarm over the matter and demanded that the signatories account for the money.

In 2016, a Miraa trader had petitioned the Njuri Ncheke council of elders to start an inquiry on how the money was spent, but the inquiry never happened.

The miraa case had been filed by Mr Mahamud Ahmed Mohammed, a miraa importer living in the UK.

He had filed the suit against then Home Secretary Theresa May at Her Majesty Courts and Tribunals Service in London on October 2, 2013.


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See photo of exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna looking worn out that has worried netizens



An post meeting photo of Kenyan exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna with a friend in Canada has left his online followers asking government to allow him back.

Miguna had a joint photo with one Jackson Igbinosun at the Black Gold Think Tank but it was his apparent unkempt beard and now slender body that many netizens noticed.


Miguna Miguna.Miguna Miguna and his friendJackson Igbinosun at the Black Gold Think Tank. Photo: Miguna Miguna.
Source: Facebook

According to the online community, the firebrand politician looked weary, fatigued and much older, joking that he was aging before he could liberate them from “despotic jaws”.

“You are getting older each day general before you liberate us from the despots. We still believe, hope and trust in you,” joked Olleta Dennis.

Miguna Miguna.Miguna Miguna when he stranded in Berlin after the government issued a red alert against his flight back to Nairobi. Photo: Miguna Miguna.
Source: Facebook

Some even chided him that he was no longer the self-declared general they knew two years ago on the night of his deportation when government authorities allegedly sedated him.

Miguna was kicked out of the country in 2018 after his involvement in the infamous swearing in of the ODM party boss Raila Odinga as the ‘people’s president’.

He made several futile attempts to fly back home in January 2020, but the government issued a red alert to block his return.

After his last deportation on March 28, 2018, he continued to live in his adopted country Canada.


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What killed popular televangelist Morris Cerullo



One of the most celebrated televangelists Morris Cerullo has died.

The evangelist has been battling pneumonia over the past few days.

On July 9, a message posted on his Facebook page revealed that not all was well and the end was nigh for the preacher.

“Urgent Prayer Request: Dear Friends, we would appreciate your immediate prayers for Dr Cerullo who is being treated for pneumonia at the hospital. Please also pray for Theresa who has been working around the clock to assist in his care. She needs your prayers too for extra strength at this time. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for Morris and Theresa!” read the post which attracted over 32,000 reactions, 14,000 comments and 3,500 shares.

Born 88 years ago in Passaic, New Jersey, US, Cerullo grew to become one of the most listened to and watched preachers of all time, perhaps in the league of renowned televangelists like Billy Graham.Young Cerullo grew up in orphanages after his parents died in a road crash. Having been born into a Jewish-Italian family, he converted to Christianity at the age of 14, a move which is said to have not gone well with the owners of the Orthodox Jewish orphanage.

He ran away and started preaching at the age of 16. He would later conduct several open-air crusades and ministry meetings across the world. His ministry was premised on healing and miracles. At the age of 59, he bought the assets of the bankrupt ministry of Jim Bakker.

An astute businessman, Cerullo invested in media and bought a cable news network called PTL which he later renamed INSP-The Inspiration Network of which one of his sons would become CEO and later chairman. The evangelist got married to Theresa in 1951 and were blessed with three children, David, Susan and Mark.

His ministry went beyond the US and to various continents in the world including Africa. He came to Kenya in August 2017 and paid a courtesy call to President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi. He also visited Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia during that tour.

But Cerullo has had his own fair share of controversy. At one point he was accused of tax evasion in California but the charges were dropped. In another incident, the preacher was accused of having underrepresented his income between 1998 and 2000 but on August 8, 2007, a court in California ordered the indictment to be dropped. In 2001, a group calling itself UK Apologetics took on the preacher accusing him of what they called ‘Massive Distortions’, questioning his mode of preaching.

The group charged: “Cerullo, who is widely-known to be fabulously wealthy, has claimed many miracles but many observers strongly question the validity of some of these claimed ‘miracles,’ indeed, a few of these are genuinely tragic. One such case is the case of the little girl, riddled with cancer, who is informed by Cerrullo that she is “healed.”

Tragically this poor little girl was dead within weeks.”In 1991, he was accused for airing miracles he claimed to have performed, leading to the suspension of the license of a TV station or broadcasting a programme dubbed Victory with Moris Cerullo, until the station agreed to place a disclaimer stating, “Morris Cerullo World Evangelism cannot substantiate the claims made by participants featured in this programme.”

His death was yesterday received with an outpouring of grief on social media. John King’oo, a Nairobi resident, wrote on Facebook: Rest in power Dr Morris Cerullo. Immediately after high school, I attended your meetings in Nairobi.


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Chaos as armed goons storm Ford Kenya party headquarters




Chaos ensued at Ford Kenya party headquarters in Nairobi on Sunday, July 12 after heavily armed goons stormed the offices a around 10am.

Party officials who were within the premises were forced to run for their safety after the goons started throwing stones as others were slowly approaching the premises while carrying scary batons.

The goons were ferried in motorbikes to the office headquarters but were denied access as the gates were closed and resorted to throwing stones at the offices.

They left behind a trail of destruction after they heard police were called on them.

Although the intention of the attack remains unknown, the Ford Kenya party has been in the news headlines with leaders fighting over party positions.

The beef between party members started when a group of party officials led by Secretary-General Eseli Simuyu removed Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula from party leader position on May 31.

The officials then appointed Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi as the interim party boss.

However, the move sparked a heated reaction from Wetang’ula’s team who came out accusing Eseli and Wamunyinyi of being used by other parties to stage a coup in Ford Kenya party.

The changes were later communicated to the Political Parties Registrar Anne Nderitu who notified the public and asked those opposed to it to come forward.

Wetang’ula’s team launched a case against the changes and Nderitu threw out the changes over anomalies that were not in accordance to the party Constitution.

Eseli and Wamunyinyi were late ejected from their leadership positions but the changes would not be affected.

In a preliminary ruling, Nderitu said the Parliamentary Group meeting and the National Executive Council(NEC) that suspended the duo was not properly convened and lacked a quorum.

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