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Selfless woman gives ex-husband her kidney five years after their divorce



Five years after their divorce, Dan Pyatt and ex-wife Kelly Hope had the most important disagreement of their lives.

As he lay in Guy’s Hospital, with his kidneys failing and no donor after 12 months on the waiting list, she told him: “I’m going to get tested for a transplant.”

Kelly Hope recalls: “He said to me, ‘I can’t ask you to do that’.

But I told him, ‘It’s not up to you. It’s my decision. I know what the risks are and I’m doing it.’

“Even though we weren’t together any more, I wasn’t prepared to let my children be without a father.

“And Dan is only 44 – he’s got so much more life to lead.”

Dan and Kelly had begun dating at 18 and married 13 years later in 2007 – but less than a year later Dan fell ill with an aggressive type of kidney disease.

Expecting their second daughter, the pair were warned that in 10 years he would need a transplant.

“There were no kidney problems in Dan’s family, he was just unlucky,” says Kelly, 43. “He was always tired and had flu-like symptoms and headaches , but he’s a London taxi driver so at first we put it down to overwork.

“Then on a weekend to Bournemouth when I was pregnant in 2008 he was so unwell he couldn’t get out of the hotel room.”

They went to A&E where a urine sample showed a high level of blood and he was admitted for more tests.

“They couldn’t work out what was wrong. They were talking about leukaemia. We were terrified,” says Kelly.

“Then a consultant thought it might be kidney-related, so Dan was transferred to Guy’s for a biopsy and diagnosed with IgA nephropathy in both kidneys, a build-up of protein which inflames and damages tissue.”

The couple were told there was no cure, but Dan was given medication to protect his kidneys and they made changes to his diet and lifestyle.

He returned regularly to Guy’s to be monitored until, in September 2017, he was told his kidney function had fallen to just 8% and he was put on dialysis and on a deceased donor waiting list.

Sadly, by now their marriage had broken down.

“There was no one else involved, we just weren’t getting on any more, even though we tried and tried,” says Kelly.

“We had different priorities, life pressures, work patterns. I was a PA at the time and Dan was a taxi driver so we were like ships in the night.

“We didn’t just walk away, but in the end we realised we couldn’t keep going around in circles.

“It was making the atmosphere at home horrible. It wasn’t healthy for the children, so we both decided it would be best to separate.”

Kelly stayed in the family home in Bromley, South East London, with daughters Billie and Jeanie, while Dan moved into a flat nearby.

But they were determined not to lose the friendship they’d had since childhood.

“There were lots of times when it was very hard, but we’ve been such good friends such a long time we had to discuss our difficulties and find a way to make it work.”

After their divorce, Kelly still went with Dan to his hospital appointments.

“He was on dialysis three days a week, six hours a day, and it affected his relationship with the girls.

“There was no quality time and it was so upsetting for them to see him really unwell.

“The consultants started to talk to Dan about a transplant, but he wasn’t one for telling family or friends how critical things were.

“After a year on the deceased donor list we hadn’t had one call.

“He was deteriorating badly by then and it became clear to me what I had to do.

“He never asked me. I told him.”

Initial tests showed Kelly was a good tissue match, but their blood didn’t match.

“We had the option of going into a donor pool, where I’d donate to someone, then someone would donate to Dan in return.

“But that only happens two or three times a year with no guarantee of a perfect match.”

They were running out of time so, after considering the risks, they decided on a blood-incompatible transplant which involves removing antibodies from the blood to prevent rejection.

“We were really open with our girls about it because we didn’t want them scared.

“On the day in August 2018 they were with us in Guy’s.

“It was so emotional. We sat with Dan for a while, and he told me ‘Good luck Kel, thank you so much’.

“Then the girls waved me off to theatre. I could see how worried they were, trying to smile, and I had to be strong for them.”

The op was a success, and Dan was discharged just five days later.

“He bounced out of there, you could see the difference immediately,” says Kelly.

With Dan on anti-rejection tablets, and able to return to work, they spent a happy Christmas as a family with their girls, now 16 and 11, and enjoyed a holiday in France.

“Everyone says to us, ‘Surely you’ll get back together now?’ but it’s brought us closer in a different way,” Kelly insists.

“At Guy’s they said they’d never had an ex donate, but everyone’s relationship is different. When we split we were able to save the best parts of our relationship and rebuild from that.


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There’s a good chance your tin of coffee contains ground-up cockroaches



Some people can’t start a day without a coffee – and a lot of people might change their coffee habit for good after this.

For most of us who can’t afford a coffee shop-like monster machine to use whole beans, we often reach for big tins and jars of pre-ground beans to keep going for a couple of weeks at least.

A few people oddly develop an allergic reaction to this widely consumed type of coffee. Sucks for them but innocent enough, right?

Wrong. The reason why they start to experience this allergy will make your skin crawl.

That’s because if you’re drinking coffee made from pre-ground beans, there’s also a pretty high chance you’re swigging down ground-up cockroaches.

University of Montana biology professor Douglas Emlen first spilled the beans on the gross finding in a 2009 interview about his research into dung beetles, as reported by .

Dr Emlen described how, as a student, he drove across the country with his professor who was ‘fiercely addicted to caffeine’ and often made them drive up to 45 minutes off route to find somewhere that served whole bean fresh ground coffee.

“I remember giving him a really hard time because we were wasting a lot of travel time trying to feed his addiction because he needed a coffee every couple of hours,” said Dr Emlen.

“And he finally explained to me he had to drink only whole bean fresh ground coffee — and it was because of cockroaches.”

After years of teaching entomology, the study of insects and their relationships with humans, the professor became badly allergic to cockroaches from handling them so often.

He couldn’t touch a cockroach without getting a reaction and suffered similarly when he drank coffee made from pre-ground beans.

When the professor looked into it he found pre-ground coffee is all processed from huge stockpiles that get infested with cockroaches.

He explained that little can be done to filter out the creatures, so they all get ground up along with the beans. Feeling ill yet? Here’s a little more.

Dr Emlen said at the time US defect standards allowed coffee beans to contain as much as 10 percent’ insect filth and insects’.


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Boda boda criminal gang giving residents of Kahawa Wendani sleepless nights



Residents of Kahawa Wendani estate are slowly losing the trust they have had with boda boda operators following a series of robberies that involve the riders.

For the last two weeks, area residents have experienced an upsurge in crime and are now asking the police to step up and stop the spate of muggings that has hit the area.


Mr Jairus Kipkorir, who lives in the area, says last weekend he witnessed two men on a boda boda snatching a phone from a woman and then speeding off.

“They did it so fast and before the woman could do anything they had already disappeared,” Kipkorir told Nairobi News.

Such incidents have become common in recent times in the area, according to the residents.

Another area resident, Ishmael Makau, narrated to Nairobi News how on Thursday last week, two men on a motorbike snatched a handbag from another woman just a few meters from the Kahawa bus terminus.

“Some people saw the incident attempted to give chase but the thugs somehow managed to escape,” he said.

Lucky Summer residents have also raised similar concerns over a gang that is unleashing terror on them at night.


On Sunday night, a woman who was walking from Baba Dogo estate, was accosted, attacked and robbed by two men as members of the public watched in dismay.

Ms Tabitha Karungu said that her attackers wrestled her to the ground and stole and made away with her handbag.

“The number of touts famously known as Makanga is high in this estate. Something should be done about it,” she said.

She also narrated how on Sunday she saw touts beating up a man because he vomited in a bus.

“The man looked sick and we were forced to intervene and stop the touts from beating him up,” she said.

Nairobi News

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WATCH: Mariga struggles to answer questions from journalists



McDonald Mariga appears to be encountering challenges in his bid to transition from a star footballer to a politician.

On Sunday, the former Harambee Stars player appeared to struggle to respond to questions from journalists while on the campaign trail.

Mariga had organised a football tournament involving the local teams and took that opportunity to push for his sports agenda in the event he is elected to office to succeed the late Ken Okoth on November 7.

It took the intervention of Langata lawmaker Nixon Korir to help the former Inter Milan midfielder to respond to a question from NTV journalist Seth Olale on live TV.

Seth Olale: Mariga, it is just three weeks to the by-election, so far, in terms of your strategy, is it working for you? And in terms of some of the issues raised by your campaign team in terms of security, have they been addressed? And so far how is the ground in Kibra?

Mariga (responds in Swahili): Ground iko poa but today ilikuwa mambo ya sports sitaki kuongelea mambo mingi. Nataka tulaunch sports Kibra, na tu-nurture talents. (The ground is okay, but we are focusing on sports today, my aim is to nurture talent).

At this point Koriri interjects and continues answering the question, despite indications from the journalists present that Mariga should field the questions.

Korir: Generally, we are doing well… you know where the violence is coming from. We are not a violent group. You can see right now all the players that are playing today are from different political parties but we’ve been unified today by football.

ODM’s Bernard ‘Imran’ Okoth, Eluid Owalo of ANC and Khamisi Butichi of Ford-Kenya alongside Mariga considered front runners in the Kibra race which has attracted a total of 26 contestants.

by Nairobi News

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