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She was forced to be a househelp at 14, but now set for master’s in England



From a former househelp to a rising scholar, Janeth Jepleting’s story is one of hope, hard work and grit.

Ms Jepleting is the first-born in a family of seven children in Kilibwoni Ward, Nandi County, and the only one with a university degree.

She was recently admitted to the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s degree in international security, which she says will enable her to play a role in tackling terror threats to the country.

She was born out of wedlock, and lived with her maternal grandmother, who died when she was in Standard Six, after which she lived with different relatives.

“After Standard Eight, they told me that was the end of the road,” recalled Jepleting, 27.

One of her relatives decided to marry her off, and a young man was brought to her so that they could get to know each other better. “When I discovered that I was going to be married off, I ran away. But by then I was already pregnant,” she said.

The pregnancy pushed her to look for a job since her mother could not feed her and a baby. So, at 14, she began working as a househelp for a family.

From her Sh1,500 salary, she saved Sh500 every month for furthering her education. After two years on the job, she felt it was time to move on.

“When I told my bosses that I was going back to school, they thought that I had found someone to pay me better. I did not argue with them, but left for home soon after to convince my mother to look after my son,” she said. Her mother eventually took her son in, but his paternal grandparents took him from her, hoping that Jepleting would marry their son after she completed her secondary education.

Ms Jepleting, who had scored 292 marks in KCPE and had received an admission letter from Kapnyeberai Girls School, could not go there for lack of funds. So she sought admission at Kositany Girls Secondary School.

“I did not have enough money for school fees and shopping, so I went from door-to-door, asking my neighbours to contribute. That is how I got my blankets, uniform and other things I needed,” she said.

She survived from Form One to Form Four by pleading with the principal to let her attend classes even when she had not paid school fees. She would work as a househelp during the holidays to raise school fees.

After KCSE, in which she scored C minus, she worked for eight months. When she was admitted for a diploma course in law at the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, she left work, but not before her employers tried to get her a husband.

 “I don’t know why they thought marriage would end my problems. I just told them politely that I would no longer work for them and headed to Nairobi with my savings to start college life,” Ms Jepleting recalled with a laugh.

Thanks to a number of philanthropists, she completed her diploma course and later joined the Catholic University of Eastern Africa for a Bachelor’s degree in political science.

“I really do not know where I would be without the kind people I met along the way,” Ms Jepleting said.

After her master’s course, which will take a year, she might pursue her political ambitions.

After completing secondary school, she briefly campaigned to be Kilibwoni Ward MCA, but put her political ambitions on the back-burner when she got the chance to do a diploma in law.


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Man found half naked inside public office claims he was only peeing near premises



A man was allegedly found half naked inside Embakasi West education offices has pleaded his innocence in court, claiming he was arrested after he was found answering a short call near the said premises.

Michael Odhiambo Okoth was arraigned before the Makadara Law Courts on charges of breaking into a building on January 22, 2020 with the intention of committing a felony.

The accused denied the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate Merissa Opondo, claiming his only offence was answering a call of nature at the wrong place.

Security guards at a nearby dispensary heard a commotion inside the offices and went to check only to find a blue trouser and a mobile phone on a table.

They informed police officers on patrol who went in and found Okoth hiding. After he was arrested he confirmed that the trouser and phone were his.

The accused had not stolen anything from the premises, therefore the police decided to only charge him with breaking into the premises.

But the accused blamed the police officers of violating his constitutional rights by holding him in custody for more than 24 hours.

The accused was released on a cash bail of Sh 20,000. Hearing of the case will be fixed by trial court on January 27, 2020 after officers who arrested him respond to his claims


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Kura apologises to motorists after newly-constructed road’s wall collapses



The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) has apologised to motorists after a section of the wall along the newly constructed Waiyaki Way-Red Hill Link Road collapsed early on Monday morning.

The wall collapsed with one of the lanes totally closed off by the debris near ABC Bypass, inconveniencing many motorists.


Although no casualties were reported from the incident, Kura has urged motorists to be cautious.

In a tweet, Kura explained that the wall collapsed due to water from a burst pipe on the Kabete Barracks side, but gave an the assurance that the repair of the affected section will commence immediately.

A section of the collapsed wall on the newly constructed Waiyaki Way-Red Hill Link Road. PHOTO | COURTESY

A section of the collapsed wall on the newly constructed Waiyaki Way-Red Hill Link Road. PHOTO | COURTESY“The water undermined the wall cladding leading to the collapse. Our contractor is on site clearing the debris on the main carriage way and immediately start repairing the affected section. We apologize for the inconvenienced caused,” Kura tweeted.


The 5km dual road was funded by the government at a cost of Sh3 billion and was expected to be completed by September 2018.

The works at the road included separated junctions on Kitisuru Road, Spring Valley Road, Kyuna road, Lower Kabete Road and Peponi Road.

The project has allowed motorists to navigate through Westlands and Parklands area all the way to get to Redhill from Waiyaki Way and vice versa with ease.

The roadworks commenced in early 2015 and has significantly cut travel time and distance between Ruaka, Kiambu, to Waiyaki Way in Westlands.


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Raila: This is my problem with William Ruto



ODM Party leader Raila Odinga on Sunday opened up on his relationship with Deputy President William Ruto, accusing the country’s second-in-command of unethical practice.

Mr. Odinga claimed that DP Ruto lied about the March 9, 2018 handshake by claiming that he (Raila) had first approached him before reaching out to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I can swear. I never ever talked to William Ruto,” said Odinga, adding that it was “very unethical” of Ruto to claim that the ODM party leader approached him before the handshake.

In April last year, Ruto, in an interview on Citizen TV, alleged that Odinga approached him four times after the 2017 elections, before the opposition chief went ahead to engage President Kenyatta in what would culminate in a much-publicised handshake at the steps of Harambee House.

“I was shocked and surprised when he (Ruto) mentioned that I had approached him. That is very unethical. Why would I call Ruto, I would rather call the President. I can swear. I never ever talked to William Ruto but the good Samaritans know themselves,” said the ODM leader in a Sunday interview on NTV.

Odinga says he reached out to the President after some “good Samaritans” convinced him to do so.

“Some good Samaritans talked to me and I told them that under these conditions I’m ready to talk. Ultimately, the conditions were met and we talked. We met just the two of us,” he added.

Odinga says his relationship with DP Ruto is “basically cordial” and that they don’t talk much but they “greet each other.”

“Do you talk with DP William Ruto?” Odinga was asked in the interview.

In response he said: “We greet each other. Our relationship is basically cordial. I have no serious issues with him.”

“Would you say you are friends with William Ruto at the moment?” he was further asked, to which he replied: “I don’t hate him as a person. There are certain things he does or has done that are basically contrary to what I would think is the correct way of doing things.”

The former prime minister says his main problem with the deputy president is “corrupting the political process.”

“You see, for example, he is the deputy president and he knows very well that in this country we had conducted an investigation. Parliament had a Select Committee led by Koigi Wa Wamwere that conducted investigations about Harambees and it was established that Harambees are a source of corruption and they should be banned… That is why under my administration with Kibaki, there were no Harambees.

“Then he (Ruto) decides to resurrect Harambees and he is running around donating money whose sources are dubious. In my view this is corrupting the political process,” said Odinga.

“What kind of business does William Ruto own that makes those millions he produces every week. 52 weeks in a year, he contributes not less than Ksh.5 million every weekend. If you do a lifestyle audit of Mr William Ruto, you will find that the source of that money is questionable. And that is the issue I have with him. Otherwise I have no serious personal issues with him.”

Odinga further claimed that sometimes DP Ruto lies during Harambees when he claims the President has given him his share to contribute on his behalf.

“The president himself sends donations to some of these events. Is he also doing something wrong? asked the interviewer.

Odinga responded: “I know for a fact that the president does not produce a penny. Ruto produces the money and says he has been sent by the president but I know that is not true. The president feels very embarrassed.”

He says that the numerous fundraisers DP Ruto attends are meant to “corrupt the political process to show that this man is a God fearing man… he loves the church and the people and that’s why he is coming with money to donate.”

The ODM leader says that while he does not rule off the possibility of DP Ruto becoming the President of Kenya, he (Raila) would be reluctant to work with him.

“Can you see a day when he might possibly become the president?” Odinga was asked. To which he replied: “Why not? If the people of Kenya elect him as president, who I’m I to say No.”

“Would you work with him?” he was further asked and in response Odinga said: “My values are very clear so before I get into any kind of relationship I will have to question.”

By Citizen Digital

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