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She was forced to be a househelp at 14, but now set for master’s in England



From a former househelp to a rising scholar, Janeth Jepleting’s story is one of hope, hard work and grit.

Ms Jepleting is the first-born in a family of seven children in Kilibwoni Ward, Nandi County, and the only one with a university degree.

She was recently admitted to the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s degree in international security, which she says will enable her to play a role in tackling terror threats to the country.

She was born out of wedlock, and lived with her maternal grandmother, who died when she was in Standard Six, after which she lived with different relatives.

“After Standard Eight, they told me that was the end of the road,” recalled Jepleting, 27.

One of her relatives decided to marry her off, and a young man was brought to her so that they could get to know each other better. “When I discovered that I was going to be married off, I ran away. But by then I was already pregnant,” she said.

The pregnancy pushed her to look for a job since her mother could not feed her and a baby. So, at 14, she began working as a househelp for a family.

From her Sh1,500 salary, she saved Sh500 every month for furthering her education. After two years on the job, she felt it was time to move on.

“When I told my bosses that I was going back to school, they thought that I had found someone to pay me better. I did not argue with them, but left for home soon after to convince my mother to look after my son,” she said. Her mother eventually took her son in, but his paternal grandparents took him from her, hoping that Jepleting would marry their son after she completed her secondary education.

Ms Jepleting, who had scored 292 marks in KCPE and had received an admission letter from Kapnyeberai Girls School, could not go there for lack of funds. So she sought admission at Kositany Girls Secondary School.

“I did not have enough money for school fees and shopping, so I went from door-to-door, asking my neighbours to contribute. That is how I got my blankets, uniform and other things I needed,” she said.

She survived from Form One to Form Four by pleading with the principal to let her attend classes even when she had not paid school fees. She would work as a househelp during the holidays to raise school fees.

After KCSE, in which she scored C minus, she worked for eight months. When she was admitted for a diploma course in law at the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies, she left work, but not before her employers tried to get her a husband.

 “I don’t know why they thought marriage would end my problems. I just told them politely that I would no longer work for them and headed to Nairobi with my savings to start college life,” Ms Jepleting recalled with a laugh.

Thanks to a number of philanthropists, she completed her diploma course and later joined the Catholic University of Eastern Africa for a Bachelor’s degree in political science.

“I really do not know where I would be without the kind people I met along the way,” Ms Jepleting said.

After her master’s course, which will take a year, she might pursue her political ambitions.

After completing secondary school, she briefly campaigned to be Kilibwoni Ward MCA, but put her political ambitions on the back-burner when she got the chance to do a diploma in law.


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Acid survivor gets full sponsorship for surgery in US



Acid survivor Dan Matakayia can now travel to the United States with his guide after all expenses were taken care of by Face Forward International.

Matakayia had an exclusive interview with Nairobi news on Wednesday where he appealed for financial help from Kenyans to travel to the US with his guide to undergo surgery after he suffered acid burns in 2013.

His expenses have been catered for by Alessi Institute for Facial Plastic Surgery where he’s expected to undergo surgeries to open up his nostril.

A hashtag #TembeaNaDan was started on Twitter to help raise Sh600,000 and by day 3, Matakayia had received Sh120,000 and his dream of leaving the country on August 25, 2019 was in the progress of being realized.


On Wednesday evening, Matakayia finally received the good news that his and the guide’s expenses would be taken care of by Face Forward International, an organisation that provides emotional support to victims of domestic violence. It is based in California, US.

“God answered my prayers and we are finally leaving for the States as early planned,” he told Nairobi News on phone.

The money he raised through the campaign #TembeaNaDan will now be channeled to his foundation Dan Shieshie Organization that helps victims of domestic violence and campaign against over the counter of corrosive chemicals and acids

Matakayia was attacked with acid by his wife on the morning of September 21st 2013.

The burns he sustained on his face left him visually impaired and with a breathing problem as his nose was blocked.

By Nairobi news

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Six senior citizens in US arrested for having public sex in the park



Police in the US arrested six people, all aged above 60, for allegedly having group sex in a public area.

The five elderly men and an 85-year-old woman were arrested after police received complaints of inappropriate behaviour in a park in Fairfield, Connecticut during the week of August 12th, the Connecticut Post reported.

Police conducted surveillance in and around the open space area and arrested the six suspects.

According to the Connecticut Post, the park was being publicised on the internet as an area for people to meet and have sex.

The suspects face charges ranging from breach of peace to public indecency.

They were released on a promise to appear in court.

by nairobinews

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This census ‘boys club’ has got Kenyans talking



A press briefing held on Thursday by Cabinet secretaries Fred Matiang’i (Interior), Joe Mucheru (Information and Communications) and Ukur Yatani (acting Treasury and Planning CS) outside Harambee House has caused a social media chatter.

Pictures circulating online show the three CSs flanked by other government officials looking sharp in crisp tailored suits.

Apart from their good grooming and public speaking skills, the group was only missing one thing: A representation of the fairer sex.

Social media users took note of how it was an all-boy’s affair as the officials briefed the nation on 2019 National Census that will be held on Saturday.

During the press briefing, Dr Matiang’i urged Kenyans to comply with the enumerators who will be knocking on their doors from August 24.

But Kenyans wondered why no single woman was among the top government officials at the press conference.

Here are their comments: “No country for women,” tweeted SABC correspondent Sarah Kimani.

“No wonder even the parliament can’t pass the gender law,” wrote @vincetmasila83.

“That’s why we’re failing AF. Simple diversity and inclusivity is a problem,” stated @NjengereR.

“Am just wondering if the same picture had only women what the reaction would be. Would a negative comment be deemed sexist?” asked @kamaujst.

“This govt can easily be dissolved if we had a serious judiciary coz it doesn’t adhere to the third constitutional requirement,” commented @DeograciousEkw2.

“I am totally on your side. Apparently UG and RW have done much better on this front,” said @bapfrancis.

“It’s an only big boy’s affair. if given the chance no woman would be in govt it only shows us how were far from gender equity!” noted @labanmathenge.

by nairobinews

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