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Sonko asks all unmarried women who have been impregnated by Kenyan politicians to call him



Governor Mike Sonko has launched hotline number for women who have been ‘abandoned’ by politicians who fathered children with them, but Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo is calling his bluff.

The governor has also defended his controversial utterances during the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s memorial service last week in Nairobi.

The straight-shooting politician came under heavy criticism from critics for opening a can of worms with his claims that the late MP, who was cremated on Saturday, had a second wife with whom he sired a son.


Among the political leaders who have faulted Sonko for the manner he handled the issue is Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo and nominated lawmaker Isaac Mwaura.

Ms Odhiambo said Sonko did not need to embarrass the wife and family (of Okoth), while Mwaura said Sonko was merely seeking cheap publicity.


But in his hard hitting  response which bore several unprintable expletives on Sunday, Sonko told off his critics while also dismissing their claims that he was playing the politics of populism.

“If by speaking the truth is what people are calling Bonga points then so be it. We must speak for the majority of the voiceless women including orphans, widows, divorcees, single mothers and the so-called slay queens,” Sonko said in an insult-laden Facebook post.

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He went as far as sharing two numbers (0722886600/0739555555) for women who are raising children conceived through extra-marital affairs with politicians to reach reach him, so that he can expose the said politicians and force a DNA test to be conducted.


Millie Odhiambo responded:


My good friend and young brother Sonko, let me tell you something, I am a lawyer- an intellectual if you may, who is also happily a pig while in politics.

I am NEVER intimidated by bullies like you who thrive on populism devoid of intellect that often slut-shames women. My response to you will be both intellectual and pigerly. You can hire a lawyer to translate for you the intellectual bit.

The pigerly bit of course needs no translation coz it’s your expertise.
1) Unlike you, I do not just yap at funerals. I pass laws that protect all children including children who are like Ken Okoth’s son. Go to the Hansard. You will find that I, Wakili Millie Odhiambo, pushed for Article 53 of the Constitution that protects Ken Okoth’s son. Once the DNA confirms that he is Ken Okoth’s son, he will be entitled under the succession law, to inherit from Ken’s estate. He is protected. He is covered.
2) In Law, a funeral or funeral service is not an instrument that confers legal rights. It might confer pigerly rights to drama and populism and nothing beyond that. Proper rights to inheritance are contained in Acts of Parliament or by courts in case of dispute. I have expertise in both which you do not have.
3) Currently we are pushing for an overhaul of the Children Act to ensure protection of all children including children whose parents are not married to each other in conformity with Article 53 of the Constitution.
4) Your unnecesary drama spiralled a behind the scenes series of events that resulted in Okoth’s body not being taken to Kabondo.
5) I have taken many mighty men to court (including MPs) and settled out of court with many in cases of parental support ( Including MPs, Cabinet Secretaries and Media personalities). I do not need to shout at funerals to get court orders.
6) I founded a child rights organization that has taken many parents ( including dead beat fathers) to court to force them to take care of their children. I do not need to shout it at funerals.
7) I have no legal, religious or cultural duty to declare someone a wife. While looking for women who have children with politicians, look for those politicians and other men and ask them to declare all their living and dead wives in all shapes and forms. I can only help by bringing a law once you are done with statistics.

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Now to the pigerly bit you thrive in and to quote you ” Millie tunajua unafanyua”.

You said history never forgets so let me remind you that I have said before publicly that I love sex and I have sex.

Why should it be your headache who I have it with, how I have it or how often I have it. Such a knowledge my brother, can not help us deal with the cancer menace or joblessness in Kenya.

What I also know- men who are overly obsessed with demeaning women sexually, have either a coma or a fullstop where it matters. Real men have BOLDED EXCLAMATION MARKS in support of women.
Send your senji type bloggers I deal with one by one. I am a one woman army.


SOURCE: Agencies

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Joyce Maina confirms dating sports anchor Tony Kwalanda




After several speculations from netizens over who Joyce Maina’s mysterious man is, she has finally confirmed that she is dating Switch Tv’s sports journalist Tony Kwalanda.

The two have decided not to hide their strong emotions from the public anymore; as many of their social media fans already seemed to have uncovered their relationship.

They made the official announcement through their Instagram stories earlier today by uploading a photo of the lovebirds romantically kissing. They each also use the same picture as their phone wallpapers.

It is unclear when this work-relationship started since both the anchors work at Red Cross owned station Switch Tv.

However, just two months ago, sports journalist Tony Kwalanda confessed his long-time crush for Joyce Maina during one of his interviews on Chatspot Tv show.

At the time Tony Kwalanda was yet to meet Joyce Maina, but he confessed having watched her show several times.

He further suggested that the two go on even one date, which to our surprise, has blossomed to this beautiful union.

Joyce Maina started posting her photos with her alleged mysterious man about a week ago, which raised many speculations amongst her fans.

Some of her fans suggested that she was dating gospel singer’s Size 8 husband and Crossover show host Dj Mo.

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This story highly angered the Chatspot show host, and she angrily lashed out on live TV, calling the fake rumour-mongers ‘sad pathetic losers’ for thinking that she’d publicly post a married man.

Joyce Maina added that she does not know Dj Mo personally neither has she ever met him in person.

According to her, she likes her men dark skin and also she would never break a stable home as she knows the importance of children growing with both parents.

Tony Kwalanda started working at Switch TV about three months ago after being fired from K24 TV where he had worked for 11 years. He was among over 100 journalists who had been laid off by the station over alleged redundancy.

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Citizen TV, Milele FM correspondents escape unhurt in carjack incident 




Two journalists escaped death by a whisker after carjackers wielding machetes attacked them in Kisii on Thursday night, September 24.

The two, Citizen TV’s Chrispine Otieno and Milele FM’s Monica Zabibu, were traveling together when this incident happened.

They had gone to cover a charity event at Gasinga in Kisii.

While the two were traveling back, a D-Max pickup overtook their Probox only to block the road a few meters ahead.

The D-Max participants ordered the journalists out and started harassing them.

Some area residents revealed they saw another vehicle, a minivan joining the scene, and continue to harass the journalists.

In an effort to save himself, Chrispine Otieno ran into a nearby maize farm, leaving the others behind.

However, the Citizen TV news anchor tripped and injured his leg.

The police and other villagers rescued Milele FM’s Zabibu and the other two people in the Probox.

Jebel Munene, Kisii County Police Commander, confirmed the incident and further revealed he had deployed police officers to the scene to conduct investigations on the matter.

This is not the first time that robbers have attempted to injure journalists, in January, the Media Council of Kenya called upon the DPP to investigate cases of police officers assaulting journalists.

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“MCK wishes to draw the attention of the director of public prosecutions and Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) to this matter with a view of facilitating justice for the journalists affected by the pending cases,” the media council said during a press conference.

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A very pregnant Grace Msalame and daughters show off their dancing skills in new catchy video



Grace Msalame might be in her 39th week of pregnancy but don’t be fooled. This particular lady can dance better than most slay queens parading their half danced bodies on social media.

Well, we found out about Msalame’s dancing skills through a video shared on her page. The lady who is seen rocking quite a huge baby bump went on to shake her body; and what made the video more cute is the fact that she was joined by her twin daughters.

Judging from how the girls moved, it’s obvious to see that the dancing skills run in the family; and the fact that they also look everything like their mummy – gave fans another reason to talk!

39 weeks and still strong

From how sexy the pregnant mama looks, one wouldn’t tell that she is just a few days from popping! This comes as a big surprise considering the fact that most pregnant women tend to be lazy days before having the baby.

Well, Grace Msalame is definitely not one of them and the video says it all!

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