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Varsity student dies mysteriously in Murang’a



Police in Murang’a are investigating the mysterious death of a 22-year-old Chuka University student.

Maureen Wanjiku Mwihaki had attended the graduation party of her childhood friend who graduated on Friday at Murang’a University and later died on Sunday morning after what her colleagues said were stomach complications.

But a post-mortem examination on her body revealed that she died of strangulation.

According to her guardian, Mr David Njoroge Maina, Ms Mwihaki, who completed her agribusiness degree studies at Chuka University in April and was set to graduate in October, had sought permission to attend the graduation of her friend on Friday and later called home informing them that she would spend the night at the party.

Mr Maina said that was the last communication she made to the family.

On Saturday morning calls to her phone went unanswered.

Her guardian said that when her friends responded to their calls, they said they had taken her to hospital after stomach she developed complications.

“The deceased was in the company of two ladies whom the family knows – the one who was graduating and another, still from our village. In fact, before attending the graduation party of their colleague, they had spent time at our home. But how the two decided not to inform us when our daughter fell ill we can’t understand,” Mr Maina said.

He said Ms Mwihaki’s friends later disclosed that the three visited a man in Kiharu estate on Friday where they spent the night partying.

They alleged that Ms Mwihaki developed complications on Saturday morning but they took her to the hospital in the evening. All this time they were not responding to calls.

“On Sunday morning, they called my father and informed him that his grandchild was not well and that they had taken her to Murang’a General Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. We went to the hospital and found her dead.

“Interestingly, she was in a man’s clothes and had no bra and pants. The post-mortem examination contradicted the whole story by her colleagues after showing that she died of strangulation,” Mr Maina said.

He said they later learnt that Ms Mwihaki was taken to the hospital by a doctor working at a private clinic and wants the police to unravel the mystery.

“We want to understand why the story changed from stomach complications to strangulation and how a doctor from a private health facility even produced a car and volunteered to take her to Murang’a General Hospital. We feel the narrative by the deceased’s friends could be a well-choreographed script to hide the truth and the real perpetrator of the heinous act,” Mr Maina told the Nation.

Mr Maina claimed that the investigating officer refused to give them the post-mortem report, adding that the family now fears that the report may be interfered with to deny their daughter, who was their only hope, justice.

“The doctor wrote the report in our presence. We were never given any of the three copies despite us insisting and we fear that it may be tampered with to hide the truth. We want the DCI to intervene,” he stated.

Murang’a East OCPD Alexander Muasya said the university student was pronounced dead at Murang’a District Hospital on Sunday.

Mr Muasya said the police are working to establish the cause of her death as well as tracing her last moments on Friday night.

“We have started investigations to establish the cause of the student’s death and we shall ensure she gets justice even if she is dead,” he said.


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Watch Boniface Mwangi block another ‘VIP’ vehicle driven on wrong side



Activist and photojournalist Boniface Mwangi was on Tuesday morning hailed as a hero after he recorded and shared a video of himself, yet again, refusing to give way to a VIP motorcade that being driven on the wrong side.

In the video, the three-vehicle convoy is seen being driven toward oncoming traffic along Lang’ata Road.

The VIP being driven in a Toyota Prado, registration number GKB 970R, was being escorted by three vehicles including a police car.

Speaking to Nairobi News on phone, Mwangi advised motorists to stay put but make sure they lock their vehicles during such a confirmation.

“Legally, you’re not breaking any law and you can’t be arrested. The best way to be safe, is to always lock your doors, and if possible record everything. You lock the doors because Kenya police officers behave like criminals, they can snatch your car keys, phone or even assault you. It’s not worth taking that risk. Lock your car, roll your windows up, stay put and record their impunity,” advised Mwangi.


“In case your vehicle is damaged during the confrontation with the security detail of the VIPs, Mwangi advices one not to leave the scene and make sure you record everything during the  incident. First time you do it, it’s scary, VIP cops are bullies but they can’t touch you. In case they damage your car, they will flee the scene of crime, don’t leave, wait for the traffic police to arrive.”

According to Mwangi, road users should only give way to emergency vehicles including fire engines and ambulances.

“If the officer is breaking the law, by driving on the wrong side and it’s not an emergency, you have a moral and legal right to defy him. The police aren’t the law, the law is the law,” he said.

He further asked Kenyans to play their part in the fight against impunity.

“We must fight the impunity in our country by doing the little things we can. You refusing to give way to an entitled VIP on the wrong side of the road is your act of courage. One day we shall win. Keep On,” he added.

This is not the first time photographer-cum-activist has blocked a VIP motorcade.

BY Nairobi News 

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Size 8, DJ Mo on the spot for Sh10K Valentine’s Day dinner event




Gospel singer Size 8 Reborn and her husband DJ Mo have been called out by their fans for planning an extravagant valentine’s day dinner event.

The couple have been advertising for their planned event set for February 14 at a hotel in the city where the main focus will be celebrating love among the married people.

Couple are being persuaded to register and attend the but the amount being charged for the dinner is what has made of their followers upset.

Both DJ Mo and Size 8 had a humble beginning and have accumulated a big fan base as they grew.

“HALLELUJAH the details are finally out!!!! DINE WITH #THEMURAYAS 14th of February A fun red carpet affair. Couples affair (dating, courting or married),” wrote Size 8.

But the dinner is going for kSh7,000-Ksh 10,000, an amount that seems too much.

Hio ndoo ni mob,” said Alice.ngatia.

“That amount ,” wrote shazzie_Iddah. “Like me I want to come but cannot afford that kind of money,” commented Winnie.

“Rent ya kasingle room pale junction ya Kayole,” stated foiwdci. “Hiyo pesa ni mingi sana,” remarked Brownian_baibz.



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Instagram declares war on photoshopped images




Instagram is rolling out a new feature on the app to detect forged pictures. The founders are also aiming at cracking down and reducing the spread of misinformation and fake news through their website.

The Facebook-owned social network unveiled the new system where it’s counting on “a combination of feedback from our community and technology” to spot photos that have been passed through independent third-party fact-checkers.

If the fact-checkers detect a fake photo, it will have a warning message before you can view it.

The warning will prevent the image from being accessed before the viewer can give express permission. The viewer has to go through several warnings clicks to get to the original image. 

The flagged photos will be wiped from the explore tab, and they won’t appear when searched through any used hashtag.

The new tough measures are aimed at reducing misinformation and online propaganda. 



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