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VIDEO: Wendy Waeni’s Mom was given Ksh 500k by Kagame, claims Joe Mwangi



Gymnast Wendy Waeni’s ex-manager Joe Mwangi on Monday night made damning allegations against the young gymnast’s mother Magdalene Syombua.

Appearing on the Chipukeezy show, Mwangi insisted that he is innocent and he needed to clear his name from the accusations made by the gymnast and her mother, stating that the problem began when he took away Wendy’s phone.

Joe Mwangi’s 4 damning allegations against Wendy Waeni and her mother


He said that he only accompanied Wendy and her mother to Rwanda to meet President Paul Kagame, who according Joe gave the mother USD5, 000 and asked her to go and start a business.

Kagame gave Mama Wendy Sh500, 000 cash on her hand then as manager, mama Wendy gave me Sh100, 000. Haikuwa story na kulipwa, it was just a token from the President,” he said.

He denied traveling the world with Wendy and his passport only has one stamp.



Wendy Waeni, Wendy Waeni,

Wendy’s last performance was 2 years ago

Joe Mwangi made it clear that there was no money taken from the young girl because the last time Wendy performed was two years ago. They agreed with her mother to let her concentrate on Standard 8 studies because she was a candidate.

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 “As an artiste you can only get paid when you perform, so the question is, when was the last time Wendy performed? The last time she performed is over two years ago,” he said on the show.

Child acrobat Wendy Waeni with her ex manager Joe MwangiChild acrobat Wendy Waeni with her ex manager Joe Mwangi

Ms Syombua used Wendy’s school fees

The ex-manager said that in December last year, he gave Wendy’s mother money for her form one school fees, but was surprised when the gymnast reached out two days to reporting day saying that her mother did not have any money, and the deadline for reporting was fast approaching.

Child acrobat Wendy WaeniChild acrobat Wendy Waeni

Mama Wendy is a drunkard

He also disclosed that Ms Magdalene Syombua is a drunk and must have spent all the money on alcohol.

I remember ilikuwa December date 2, from my own pocket I gave Mama Wendy Sh100, 000 and I told her weka hii pesa ya mtoto anafaa kuingia shule January. The deadline for joining school was January 8 and on date 6, Wendy texted me on whatsapp, then she is like Joe naingia shule lini and I’m like fine nilipeana pesa mnaniuliza nini mambo ya shule. Then nikamuuliza hata tooth brush ya 20 bob hamjanunua kwa nini? She said mum alisema hana pesa lakini ni ulevi… ni mlevi mbaya sana,” said Joe Mwangi.

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Wendy Waeni, Wendy Waeni,

He insisted that Wendy’s mother had misused all the money and he was only being used a scapegoat to fool the public.

He also promised to give his side of the story with evidence on everything that transpired leading to the recent accusations made by Wendy.

Joe Mwangi’s words come days after the 14 year-old gymnast exposed him on Citizen TV’s #JKLive show, saying that he was taking all the money they were paid from all her performances.

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Kenyan man gets life sentence for raping elderly US patient



A Kenyan man has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a US court for sexually assaulting a 74-year-old patient at a medical facility where he was working.

Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo, 53, was convicted Wednesday of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of an elderly or disabled person.

A Texas court handed him a life sentence on each account.

2018 CRIME

Nyakeo’s victim was living at the Woodridge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Grapevine, Texas when the crime occured in January 2018. She died late last year aged 75.

Evidence filed in court showed that the sexual assault was discovered after other nurses working at the facility found blood in the underwear of the victim.


“An exam found evidence of vaginal tearing consistent with sexual abuse and staff collected DNA that was eventually used to tie Mr Nyakeo to the assault,” Fox News reported.

After the discovery of the blood, all male staff at the facility at the time the suspected sexual assault took place were asked to undergo a DNA test. The Tarrant County District Attorney’s office told the court that Mr Nyakeo’s DNA sample “matched the sample recovered from the woman during her sexual assault exam.”

The court was also told that the Kenyan nurse, who immigrated to the US, raped the elderly woman despite knowing that she could not resist or consent to his sexual advances because of her medical condition.

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“She could not speak, feed herself or use the bathroom on her own as she wore a diaper and relied on staff. We are an ageing community and we each deserve the peace of mind of knowing we will be treated with dignity when such time comes,” Jordan Rolfe, the lead prosecutor told the court.

“The defendant violated that right, and the jury demonstrated with their sentence this kind of abuse against the vulnerable will not be tolerated here,” he added.

In his defence, Mr Nyakeo denied sexually assaulting the elderly woman. He claimed that someone took his DNA from a used condom and planted it on the victim’s body. His colleague however, who testified against him, said he had told his friends to lie to the court during the trial.

In addition prosecutors also said in court documents that Nyakeo had also sexually harassed his colleagues and that he attempted to leave Texas during the investigation.

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How one couple’s lavish wedding plans have been ruined by the census



A wedding is a celebration of love and a time to make merry with family, friends and love ones.

But for a couple in Nairobi, all the plans they made for their special day seem to have been thrown in limbo, thanks to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i.

According to one of the groomsmen, the wedding is expected to take place on August 24, at a popular city entertainment joint, with the after party planned for the same venue.

However, these plans have now been thrown into disarray after Dr Matiang’i ordered for the shutdown of all bars and entertainment joints from 5pm on Saturday, August 24 until 6pm on Sunday, August 25 during the national census exercise.

The couple, their friends and planners of their wedding are now uncertain if the wedding’s after party will really take off.

They are now faced with the dilemma of concluding the wedding ceremony before 5pm, since postponing the event is out of the question.

“This is a wedding that we have been planning for months and everything has already been paid for. From the location to the food and drinks. Family and friends are travelling from far just to be part of this celebration,”said Ben Ouma, one of the groomsman.

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“But now the wedding committee is confused on what we are going to do with all the food and drinks that is intended to be consumed during the wedding after party,” Ouma lamented.

Wedding after parties, as the name suggests, usually take place after the couple solemnise their union by the exchange of vows and wedding bands.

The parties, in most cases, are held at entertainment joints where family and friends of the newly-weds make merry into the wee hours.

Unfortunately, all those who planned their weddings on the census weekend now risk missing out on the after party.

Dr Matiang’i says the order will help ensure that all will be found at their respective residences so as not to miss out on being counted.

But many Kenyans have voiced strong resentment to the order, citing the great inconvenience it will cause them by confining them inside their houses for two straight nights.

by nairobinews

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Ireland updates travel advisory to Kenya after double Sh1m JKIA ivory fines



Ireland has updated its travel advisory to Kenya after two Europeans were fined Sh1 million each following their arrest at JKIA with ornaments made from ivory.

The advice follows two back-to-back high-profile prosecutions of people caught with bangles made from ivory.

“Possession of ivory in any form is a crime in Kenya and can result in a large fine or imprisonment. This is an offence of strict liability, which means that there is no defence which can be offered,” Irish department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says in part. The advice was updated on

On August 20, Pich-Aguilera Maria, a 50-year-old Spanish national who had been arrested the previous day at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) with an ivory bangle weighing 0.025g was released after paying a Sh1 million court fine.

A week earlier, a French national Laazibi Amal was also fined Sh1 million for being in possession of an ivory bangle weighing 0.85 grams.

The Irish government updated the travel advice on Wednesday.

“Remember, the local laws apply to you as a visitor and it is your responsibility to follow them. Be sensitive to local customs, traditions and practices as your behaviour may be seen as improper, hostile or may even be illegal,” adds the advice.

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by nairobinews

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