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VIDEO: Wendy Waeni’s Mom was given Ksh 500k by Kagame, claims Joe Mwangi



Gymnast Wendy Waeni’s ex-manager Joe Mwangi on Monday night made damning allegations against the young gymnast’s mother Magdalene Syombua.

Appearing on the Chipukeezy show, Mwangi insisted that he is innocent and he needed to clear his name from the accusations made by the gymnast and her mother, stating that the problem began when he took away Wendy’s phone.

Joe Mwangi’s 4 damning allegations against Wendy Waeni and her mother


He said that he only accompanied Wendy and her mother to Rwanda to meet President Paul Kagame, who according Joe gave the mother USD5, 000 and asked her to go and start a business.

Kagame gave Mama Wendy Sh500, 000 cash on her hand then as manager, mama Wendy gave me Sh100, 000. Haikuwa story na kulipwa, it was just a token from the President,” he said.

He denied traveling the world with Wendy and his passport only has one stamp.



Wendy Waeni, Wendy Waeni,

Wendy’s last performance was 2 years ago

Joe Mwangi made it clear that there was no money taken from the young girl because the last time Wendy performed was two years ago. They agreed with her mother to let her concentrate on Standard 8 studies because she was a candidate.

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 “As an artiste you can only get paid when you perform, so the question is, when was the last time Wendy performed? The last time she performed is over two years ago,” he said on the show.

Child acrobat Wendy Waeni with her ex manager Joe MwangiChild acrobat Wendy Waeni with her ex manager Joe Mwangi

Ms Syombua used Wendy’s school fees

The ex-manager said that in December last year, he gave Wendy’s mother money for her form one school fees, but was surprised when the gymnast reached out two days to reporting day saying that her mother did not have any money, and the deadline for reporting was fast approaching.

Child acrobat Wendy WaeniChild acrobat Wendy Waeni

Mama Wendy is a drunkard

He also disclosed that Ms Magdalene Syombua is a drunk and must have spent all the money on alcohol.

I remember ilikuwa December date 2, from my own pocket I gave Mama Wendy Sh100, 000 and I told her weka hii pesa ya mtoto anafaa kuingia shule January. The deadline for joining school was January 8 and on date 6, Wendy texted me on whatsapp, then she is like Joe naingia shule lini and I’m like fine nilipeana pesa mnaniuliza nini mambo ya shule. Then nikamuuliza hata tooth brush ya 20 bob hamjanunua kwa nini? She said mum alisema hana pesa lakini ni ulevi… ni mlevi mbaya sana,” said Joe Mwangi.

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Wendy Waeni, Wendy Waeni,

He insisted that Wendy’s mother had misused all the money and he was only being used a scapegoat to fool the public.

He also promised to give his side of the story with evidence on everything that transpired leading to the recent accusations made by Wendy.

Joe Mwangi’s words come days after the 14 year-old gymnast exposed him on Citizen TV’s #JKLive show, saying that he was taking all the money they were paid from all her performances.

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UK investors to develop 80,000 affordable houses in Kenya




Investors from the United Kingdom have made a deal to construct 80,000 houses, which will be under President Kenyatta’s new affordable housing project.

The project to build the new housing units was finalized during the inaugural UK-Africa Investment Summit held in London last week, according to Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga.

“During the UK tour, we managed to get potential investors for 80,000 units, 30,000 of them under Nairobi Urban Renewal and 50,000 as rental units,” said Hinga.

At the summit, the Kenyan team by President Kenyatta made deals worth KSh170 billion. In a statement by the British High Commission in Nairobi, said the deals covered through housing, finance, renewables, and entrepreneurship “will create a new lasting partnership that will deliver more investment, jobs, and growth to Kenya.”

Through the National Affordable Housing Programme (AHP), Kenyatta’s government aims to construct 500,000 new units across the country by 2022.

The housing project, together with food security, universal healthcare, and manufacturing, are Kenyatta’s four main pillars that will build his legacy.

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Woman charged with stealing pistol from DP Ruto’s guard, selling it for Sh3,000




A woman was charged yesterday for stealing a gun from the deputy president’s security officer at his residence in Mombasa.

Elsie Kazungu alias Gladys Wanjala reportedly stole the pistol from the police constable’s pillow and sold it to Joshua Oliech in Kisauni.

The two were charged with theft.

The charge sheet reads that on December 19, 2019, Kazungu “secretly stole a mobile phone valued at Sh1,200, a Ceska pistol serial number E1546 loaded with 15 bullets from the deputy president’s residence.”

The gun is yet to be found, but Kazungu and Oliech were charged before Chief Magistrate Edna Nyalotti.

The court freed them on a KSh200,000 bond each.

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China building special coronavirus hospital in just six days




China has started to construct a new hospital in a record of six days in a bid to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The virus has so far infected at least 1400 people in China and around the globe and killing at least 41 people. 

 The city of Wuhan, where the disease is believed to have affected most people, has been put on lockdown and national officials requested the 11 million residents at the city to stay put. 

Chinese state media revealed that a new hospital will have a bed capacity of 1000 and the set up will be similar to a hospital built in Beijing in 2003 to contain the Sars virus. 

The new center will source for medical supplies and equipment from the neighboring hospitals and construction made out of prefabricated buildings. 

The virus has already been detected in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, and the United States.

There are fears that the spread could be faster as hundreds of millions of Chinese travel during the Lunar New Year holiday, although many have canceled their travel plans.

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