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VIDEO: Jeff Koinange goes to the White House



Now, if you’re ever in the United States and in particular, the Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC, there are a few ‘Must-See’ places to go and visit and take-in.

Many are Monuments built to celebrate the country’s rich and sometimes chequered past. Others are historical tributes to past Presidents. Our very own Jeff Koinange was recently in the Nation’s Capital and brings us the ‘Sights AND Sounds of DC’.

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Man left in rain with wife’s body sues



A grief-stricken man who was forced to spend a night in the rain outside a police station in Meru beside his wife’s body has sued the State for compensation.

Mr Charles Mwenda, who lost his wife to cancer, is accusing the Meru County Covid-19 surveillance team of mistreating mourners while enforcing the virus containment rules.

In a constitutional petition filed at the High Court in Meru through lawyer Vivian Wambulwa on Wednesday, Mr Mwenda says his rights and freedoms under the Bill of Rights were violated after he was forced to spend a night outside Kianjai Police Station with his wife’s body in a casket.

He wants the court to find that he was treated in an inhumane manner despite having complied with Covid-19 travel regulations.


Lawyer Vivian Wambulwa who is representing Mr Charles Mwenda, the man who has sued the State after he was forced to spend a night in the rain outside a police station in Meru beside his wife’s body last month. The matter will be mentioned on July 6, 2020 for directions. PHOTO | CHARLES WANYORO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


He details how he, together with 31 other mourners, had been cleared to travel from Malindi in Kilifi County to Meru County for the burial of his spouse, Faith Mwende who died on May 24, 2020.

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However, on reaching Keeria market in Meru County, they were stopped and the 31 mourners, including his two children, ordered to return to Malindi, while being threatened to be subjected to forced quarantine at their own cost.

A battalion of armed police officers then ordered the traumatised widower to board a police vehicle together with the casket. The officers took him and the coffin to Kianjai Police Station where he was forced to spend the night.


He recounts how, during the night, he pleaded in vain with the police to be allowed to transport the casket to his home which is only five kilometres away.

And as the night grew, rains pounded the area, leaving him and the casket soaked.

“Police left me alone in the rain. I dragged the casket all alone and sheltered it under a lorry which was parked near Kianjai Police Post. Stagnant water entered the casket,’’ Mr Mwenda claims in his affidavit.

He says the police acted extra-judicially and in breach of fundamental rights while all the respondents, through their agents, violated his rights under Article 28 of the Constitution of Kenya which requires that he be treated with human dignity.

“The petitioner was an innocent victim being stigmatised against on reason of having come from a Covid-19 affected area and his only sin being his beloved wife died during this period,” his lawyer says.

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“The respondents and their agents treated the petitioner with total indignity by transporting the petitioner and his deceased wife and dumping him in the middle of the night by the roadside while it was raining without care as to his security and well-being and without any legal basis,” adds Ms Wambulwa.

Mr Mwenda, who has enjoined the Law Society of Kenya, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority and the Kenya National Commission of Human Rights is seeking general and punitive damages against the State.

Legal Aid Clinic, an NGO which promotes access to justice is also listed as an interested party in the suit.

Meru Resident Judge Alfred Mabeya Wednesday ordered the petitioner to serve the respondents and interested parties with suit papers.

The matter will be mentioned on July 6, 2020 for further directions


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Teacher Wanjiku’s husband dismisses claims he’s behind comedians’ woes



Victor Ber, husband to popular comedienne Caroline Wanjiku alias Teacher Wanjiku has refuted allegations leveled against him by Churchill Show comedian Zainabu Zeddy. Through social media, Zeddy accused Victor Ber of frustrating comedians to the point of pushing them to give up on their dreams.

In a long post shared on her Instagram account, Zeddy described Ber as ‘depression maker’ thanks, to his tough words during auditions.

“Here is the guy behind the artists’ woes @VictorBer24 creative director at Churchill Show “Depression maker”. If you have been to Churchill Showauditions, you know this guy. He will criticize you with his tough words,” she wrote in part.

The mother of one pointed an accusing fingers at Ber for the death of two popular comedians who are believed to have suffered from depression during their last days.

“Ber, how many times did Njenga cry to you before his death? How many times did he call you? After I posted I’m looking for Kasee you all looked for him and lied to him that he will be performing during the show and he came for rehearsals but you told him he was going to perform during the Machakos show. When he came you denied him an opportunity,” claimed Zeddy.

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Responding to the accusations, the father of two in an interview claimed that he is not responsible for anyone falling into depression and if anything, Zeddy is just going through grief.

“I am not the reason behind anyone’s depression, I understand where Zeddy is coming from and it is okay for her to speak her mind. She is grieving and we are all grieving. We have done our best to ensure that every Churchill Show member is doing just fine,” he said.

Zeddy’s accusation come barely a week after the death of Churchill show comedian Joseph Musyoki Kivindu popularly known as Kasee.

“The question is, for how long will you continue to make artists suffer? For how long will artists live with depression? Comedians please do not comment because you will not be allocated slots. I have already burned the bridges. The day it will down on you that God is the provider and giver, you will never beg anyone for such opportunities,” she added.

However, Ber has dismissed Zeddy’s accusations and further added that Kasee was his neighbour and they always spent time together in Kinoo.

He added that the comedian had reformed and believed that he did not commit suicide, but his drink could have been spiked.

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“We really do not think that Kasee committed suicide. His drink might have been spiked for he was doing very well. He fell on his way home and by the time we received a call, he was being taken to the morgue. We are waiting for the postmortem results as his body lies at Chiromo mortuary.”


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Churchill Show comedian Othuol Othuol set to undergo brain surgery




Churchill Show Comedian Othuol Othuol is set to undergo a brain surgery after being diagnosed with a growth in his brain.

Churchil creative director Victor Ber disclosed that the comedian called him seeking financial help and support.

“A few weeks ago he collapsed in the bathroom. He was rushed to hospital where he has been up to now. Othuol was diagnosed with a growth in his brain and he called me on Wednesday, July 1, to let me know,” said Ber.

Ber also disclosed that Othuol who needs brain surgery will stay in the hospital for not less than six months until he is fully recovered.

It is not yet clear how much money is needed for the surgery or the actual date it is expected to happen.

“He is gonna be in the hospital for six months. Churchill is on it. Othuol called me yesterday to convey the message. He needs brain surgery.

“As per now, we do not know how much it will cost and when the surgery is scheduled,” Ber added.

Othuol was admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital on the morning of Wednesday, June 24, where he had been referred to from a Kitengela hospital.

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The comedian’s latest condition comes about seven months after beating Tuberculosis.

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