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Woman jailed for injecting toddler with HIV-infected blood acquitted



High Court in Gulu, Uganda has overturned a ruling in which a woman was convicted and condemned to prison for injecting a baby with blood which was infected with HIV.

On July 6, this year, a lower court in Kitgum District presided over by Chief Magistrate Hussein Nasulu Ntalo sentenced Ms Sylvia Kyomuhangi, 32, to two years in jail for injecting a six-month old baby with blood infected with HIV and Aids.

In his ruling, Mr Ntalo said the evidence adduced by the seven witnesses that included a doctor who examined the toddler and tested the suspect, was enough to conclude that the accused committed the offense.

“The babysitter, the crime officers who visited the scene and many others, all testified against Kyomuhangi. Also, DNA blood samples taken from her at the government analytical lab in Kampala and the blood-stained clothes all indicated she was the actual offender,’’ the magistrate ruled.

After her conviction and sentencing, Ms Kyomuhangi’s lawyer Immaculate Owomugisha of UGANET (Uganda Aids Network) appealed the ruling at the High Court.


Before a jam-packed courtroom on Thursday, Justice Stephen Mubiru of the High Court in Gulu, evaluated the evidence and ordered for the immediate release of Ms Kyomuhangi. The judge explained that the evidence availed was insufficient and weak to incriminate the suspect.

Justice Mubiru said that there was no sharp object recovered at the scene of crime and that there was no traces of blood to prove that the baby bled after the pricking.

“This case is based on a series of inference which seemed to support one another which makes it very hard to justify she (Ms Kyomuhangi) injected her blood into the baby. Her conviction is therefore, squashed and I order her to be set free,” Justice Mubiru ruled.

In his ruling, he also stated that the forensic tests showed that DNA traces found on the cloth she used to wrap the baby were hers but did not contain any blood.

“I could not find any connection between her piece of cloth and the blood said to have been injected into the baby because the swelling found on the baby could have been a mere rash,” he added.

Ms Kyomuhangi’s case is among the 66 criminal and civil cases Justice Mubiru is expected to rule on.

In her submission, Kyomuhangi’s lawyer Ms Owomugisha stated that setting her client free was a victory to the community of people living with HIV/AIDS since some of them are stigmatized.

“We commend court for restoring Ms Kyomuhangi’s dignity by setting her free because the case was full of assumptions,” the lawyer said.

The High Court in Gulu initially set Thursday August 15 to deliver a ruling on the appeal, but it was adjourned to August 29 after padlocks to the court cells failed to open.


Prosecution states that on December 26, at about 9pm, Ms Eunice Lakot, the victim’s mother, had left the child with a baby-sitter Ms Aneno, before Kyomuhangi carried him away to the bedroom as Ms Aneno watched. She had spent a night in the House as a visitor. She was to proceed to Kidepo national park the following day.

Kyomuhangi later returned the baby crying. When Ms Lakot examined her baby after the accused had left, she found he had small swelling in both armpits.

She took the baby to Kitgum Hospital where the doctors confirmed the swellings were as a result of an injection. The child was put on PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis), an antiretroviral medication that prevents infection after being exposed to HIV.

Ms Lakot reported the matter to Mr Ronald Okot, the village chairperson of Gangdyang Cell, before she recorded a statement at Kitgum Central Police Station.


By Nairobi News

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Ida: Baba will be back home soon



Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga is expected back in the country soon after undergoing surgery in Dubai recently, said his wife Ida Odinga.

Speaking at Jaramogi Odinga Foundation offices in Nairobi yesterday when she received food and sanitisers for distribution to vulnerable members of the society in Nairobi’s 17 constituencies, Mrs Odinga said Raila underwent a successful surgery and would be back in the country to continue with his work.

“Baba will be home soon. He is recuperating well and he will be back to join his people,” she said.

She thanked well-wishers who donated food, masks and sanitisers to be provided to people, mainly women, who had been hard hit by coronavirus outbreak.

“Majority of them are women who lost their jobs after restaurants they were working in – and several companies in Industrial Area – were shut down. This will be a relief to them,” she said. She called on well-wishers to help the needy in society during this difficult period of coronavirus pandemic.

Her calls were echoed by Makadara MP George Aladwa who attended the brief ceremony.

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VIDEO: Kenyan social media star Alvan Gatitu kicked out of his house by landlord



Kenyan internet star Alvan Gatitu was forced to sleep in the cold on Saturday night, July 4, after being locked out by his landlord.

Alvan said that he had fallen behind on his rent for a couple of months due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on his job.

The former Tusker Project Fame contestant took to his Facebook page at around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 5, to narrate how he came home only to find the gate locked, with calls to both his landlord and estate custodian going unanswered.

“My last resort is right here where I found a place to sleep. I thought that this friend of mine could help me but as soon as I got to her gate, she told the security guards not to let me in. I then explained my situation to the guards who laid out a carton for me in their storeroom and gave me a duvet as well,” he explained in disbelief.


He had tried to reach out to his friends to accommodate him but none was in a position to, “they also have their own problems,” be stated.

Luckily, his call to his church was answered and they were able to send him Ksh2,000 to find a place to rest for the night, however, after the lady friend he mentioned agreed that he could come over, he took a boda boda that charged him Ksh1,000 as it was past curfew hours.

Alvan made it clear in the video that he was sharing his Covid-19 story so as to encourage anyone in a similar situation that it was okay to fall.

“There is a day that comes when you can’t put 2 and 2 together and even your friends will fail you, even the brightest fail at times. This is a message to everyone out there, I am here to remove the whole celebrity facade by keeping it real,” he asserted

The singer and content creator even cracked a few jokes in between his narration, stating that he was feeling ‘vulnerable’ alluding to one of his Tik Tok videos that went viral.

He went on to reveal that he was waiting for sunrise so that he could find a place to have some tea and contemplate his next move.

Alvan’s video has since gone viral and sparked a conversation on social media platforms, with hundreds of Kenyans reaching out to lend him a hand.

The majority of the responders lauded his strength stating that not many would have the courage to come clean on financial problems, especially personalities well known in the public domain.

The TPF star’s story revived a previous recording by comedian Eric Omondi who revealed that most upcoming ‘celebrities’ were living in depression while trying to maintain an illusion of non-existent success.

Speaking during a show Radio Milele, in November 2019, Omondi opened up on the troubled life of the late Churchill show comedian Njenga Mswahili.

He went on to lament on how Mswahili had been crying out for help in his battle with depression for over three years but no one came to his aid.

“I also blame myself for assuming he will be alright especially due to the natural habit of assuming men can battle themselves out of any situation,” Omondi regretted.

He further added that individuals in the public limelight battled serious depression on their own, in fear of judgment and that having a mentor to help one navigate the murky water of life on the fast lane could be the difference between life and death.

Watch Alvan’s sad story below:

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Tim Rimbui parts ways with wife after 10 years



Multiple award-winning Kenyan music producer Tim’ Timwork’ Rimbui has confirmed rumours of his separation from his wife Wandiri Mugambi of more than ten years.

Quoting on his Twitter a story done last week by a local website, Tim said, “It’s out. Msinipigie,”

It is not clear when the couple separated as they have been known to keep their personal life extremely private.

Before Tim tweeted, his publicist Bilha Ngaruiya had already confirmed the rumours.

“Both Tim and Wandiri have amicably agreed to divorce and live their separate lives,” Ngaruiya said.

Wandiri married Tim, a record producer, sound engineer and songwriter, on July 5, 2008.

Together, they co-founded Ennovator Music, a recording studio and production company. However, she insists on keeping her family life private.

Wandiri, a guitarist, musician and lawyer, is also the Director Kenya Conservatoire of Music Intellectual Property Expert.


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