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Alliance Girls teacher exhumes body of husband in Ol Joro Orok, to bury it in Mavoko



A woman has shocked a village by exhuming the body of her husband from Nyandarua County and transferred it to Machakos County for re-burial.

Esther Wamuyu Gachanja, a teacher at Alliance Girls High School in Kikuyu, exhumed the body of Peter Njuguna Murai from Kiharo village, Gatubero location, Ol Joro Orok sub-county for reburial in her land in Mavoko.

The body was buried in Nyandarua five years ago after he died of natural causes. The deceased was a businessman in Kakamega.The location chief Lawrence Macharia said parents of the deceased, who live in Kitale, sold off the land where the body was interred and that was the reason the daughter-in-law sought to exhume the body of her late husband.

A village elder, Joseph Kiarie said the teacher and her children cried two months ago when they found that the land had been sold and the tombstone destroyed when they came to lay flowers on the grave to mark the fifth anniversary of Njuguna’s death.

The village elder said he was instrumental in helping the father of the deceased to buy two and a half acres in the area after they had fled political violence in Kakamega in the late 1990s.Kiarie said Mzee Stephen Murai, who is an Anglican Church elder, later sold the land in piecemeal until the half an acre where his son was buried remained.

“Later, he tried to sell the land with the grave but buyers shied away. So he decided to crush the tombstone and sold of the plot without informing anybody, not even the daughter-in-law,” the village elder said.

When the daughter in law learnt that the half-acre land had been sold off including where her late husband’s grave was, she went to court to seek orders to exhume the body. She obtained the order on August 9, this year.

“Order is hereby issued that body of Peter Njuguna Muari be exhumed from plot number Oljoroorok-Silent 8244 for burial at plot number 17 (one acre) Block MV/33614 belonging to the applicant (Wamuyu)”, reads the order issued by Senior Principal  Magistrate D.N Musyoka of Kikuyu law court.

In the order, the Magistrate also ordered that the local public health officer be present during the exhumation exercise.Yesterday the Ol Joroorok sub-county public health officer, Ezekiel Orina supervised the exhumation exercise.

The decision to exhume and take the body for burial to where the widow and children live was praised by women who witnessed the exhumation.

Charity Wanjiku challenged young women to learn a lesson from Ms. Wamuyu that love can outlive death.“We, women of Kiharo village have felt challenged by the action of this lady. She has shown love to his husband goes beyond death,” Wanjiku said.

An assistant village elder, Sarafina Wanjiku recalled how the widow and her children cried when they found the land where their father was buried was no longer theirs.  Wanjiku said the teacher wondered why the father-in-law did not offer the land to her.

She said the widow was willing to pay for the half-acre land to preserve the grave. The exhumation attracted many residents. They expressed disappointment with the old man for selling the land instead of bequeathing to the daughter-in-law and the grandchildren.

The body was exhumed by a team of workers of an Ol Kalou hearse company.The diggers took about three hours to reach the body as the soil was wet.The body, which still had the black suit and tie on, was put in a body bag before being put in a new coffin.


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Rashid Abdalla in mourning



Lulu Hassan’s husband Rashid Abdalla has remembered his late father in a touching post.

The father of three shared an old photo of him, his dad and siblings and captioned it

#sisemikitu THE TURNING TIDE. INSHALLAH SEE YOU IN PARADISE DAD. #imissyou #theredindian #smilewiththeangels #continuerestinginpeace.

Rashid Abdalla
Rashid Abdalla with his late father and siblings

Apart from Rashid Abdalla, other celebrities who’ve lost their fathers include; Kambua, Timeless Noel, Kanze Dena, Daddy Owen, Esther Wahome just to mention but a few.

Gospel artiste cum pastor Esther Wahome lost her father to cancer in July last year and in a lengthy post, she wrote,

RIP my loving dad EV. William Wahome Gikonyo
My dad,my mentor, my spiritual cover, my prophet, my friend, my greatest fan,my cheer leader.
Today is the second day since you were transferred to heaven, and though I know you are in a better place, the pain is unbearable.
You taught me the word, you taught me to be a prayer warrior,you made me understand my kingdom mandate, you taught me music, you taught me how to proclaim and possess all that is my portion, you taught me how to pull down strongholds, you taught me how to take charge! You taught me resilience, You taught me kingdom mysteries, You raised a kingdom giant in me!!!
You released a grace for nations upon me, and nations and kings received me.
Though we have walked a painful journey this year as you battled cancer, I never heard you complain a single time!! you said God is great and good all the time, and those were the words you uttered with your last breath
Iam grateful to have spoken to you in your last minute,to have been there holding you, and to have had you pass on a mantle to me, before you crossed over.
Rest in Paradise great revivalist. RIP Baba Esther Wahome, as you preferred to be called.
RIP EV. William Wahome Gikonyo.

By Mpasho

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VIDEO: Pomp and colour as Real Estate Developer ‘Mahiga Homes Ltd’ celebrates 2nd Anniversary



ADVERTISER’S MESSAGE: Your number one most trusted real estate developer in East and Central Africa Mahiga homes Ltd celebrated 2nd anniversary in pomp and colour, the event was marked with jubilation as every speaker praised the developer for the great achievements in just two years.

The developer has built and handed over 4 housing projects namely;

*Cornerstone I Estate
*Cornerstone III Estate
*Cornerstone IV Estate
*Kamulu Cornerstone Gardens
The celebrations were attended by several guests and clients who have invested with Mahiga homes.
Kikuyu Diaspora Media CEO Jeremy Damaris and Finance Director Josephine Wairimu graced the event.

Jeremy Damaris had this to say, ‘when Ruhiu told me that he has a project I listened to him and trusted him as my brother, its two years down the line and have never heard any complains from any client.
Mahiga homes Directors thanked and appreciated all the clients from believing in the developer.

Here are the current affordable houses that the developer is selling,
Rockvilla Annex located just 400 meters off tarmac at Joska long kangundo road, Kangundo rd is under construction to upgrade to dual carriageway,Spacious 3 bedroom bungalows master ensuite on plot size 40 by 80 kes 3.95m deposit kes 1.6m then pay the balance in 12 monthly instalments.

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Witchcraft or magic? Mysterious fraudsters causing panic in Limuru



Residents of Limuru are a perplexed lot following the emergence of mysterious group of defrauders.

The conmen are one-of-a-kind and are using peculiar techniques which can rival top-of-the-chart crime blockbuster series.


Fraud is not a new concept in the vibrant town in Kiambu county, which is only few kilometres from Kenya’s capital city.

But it is the puzzling incidents of residents who have been robbed – no, freely given out – their valuables to strangers in broad daylight, only to realize later when it is too late that is a cause for alarm.

It is little wonder then the normally welcoming, full of life residents, are now wary of greeting, let alone talking to strangers.

Nancy, a receptionist at a law firm, is incredulous when we visit her in her office.

She is still in denial that it actually happened to her!

These were things she has been reading on social media and brushed them off as mere chit chat.

“They were two men. It was in the afternoon and they wanted to deposit money and some legal documents including stamping. I calculated the cost which amounted to Sh30,000. They gave me the go ahead and paid in cash. I even counted the money a second time to ascertain it was the correct amount then put it in the cash drawer,” she recalls.

How she snapped out the stupefaction minutes later and realized she had actually received Sh40,000 old bank notes, remains a mystery.

But it was too late as the two strangers had already disappeared.


Kagendo, a house help, is at pains to narrate how she lost her entire savings of more than Sh20,000, including her phone, when she met the defrauders at Limuru market.

She had been sent by her employer to purchase groceries when she met the two women, who seemed to have sprouted from nowhere, as she tells us.

They requested her for directions to a certain building in the area. Since she was also new in the area, she could not help them, but not before she got a sudden urge to go for her money.

“I called a boda boda rider who took me back home where I collected all the savings I had kept for the six months I had been working there. I returned to the market and strangely met the two women again. The next thing I remember I was sitting under a bridge staring, blankly with nothing, not even my phone,” she narrates with tears welling up in her eyes.

For Jason, a second year student in a university in Nairobi, it was a normal day and he had it all figured out, or so he thought.

His plans for the day were going to school, paying school fees for the semester and preparing for his forthcoming end of semester exams.

All he remembers is encountering two women on his way to the stage who inquired for directions to a certain bank.

How he willing gave out Sh27,000 – money meant for his school fees – and his phone to the strangers is something he ‘will narrate in his old age’ as the locals say.


Cases of fraud are not new in Limuru. The region has witnessed, time and again, fraudsters who use all methods including pregnant women, children, and people pretending to be serious ailing.

In June 2019, two young women were reported to be targeting motorists along the Limuru-Nairobi road by masquerading as sisters with one of them pretending to be epileptic while the other feigning to carry her while stopping vehicles for help.

In 2018, a trader lost more than Sh450,000 to a man masquerading as a priest from Benedictine Monastery, but who was in fact a con man targeting business operators in the area.

There have also been cases of young fraudsters pretending to be house girls who end up stealing valuables from their employers.

It is such incredibly bizarre cases which have left some people wondering what could actually be wrong with Limuru town.

Whatever it could be, it has been claimed that the cold and misty weather which the area is famed for, also offers a perfect hideout for the criminals.


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