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I’ve killed, caller told police in mother and daughter murder



The killer of a 73-year-old retired Treasury staff and her 47-year–old daughter called the police and taunted them.

The revelations on the South B murders came as shock gripped Rurii village in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County after a couple was found murdered inside their house yesterday afternoon.Michael Gitonga, 38, and Wanjiku Kiburi, 32, were stabbed to death by unknown assailants.

Their bodies were found in different rooms.In the South B murder, the assailant used the cellphone of the elderly woman to call the police on the toll free line 112 on September 21.

Police believe the caller was a woman. ”Nimeua. Sasa kujeni muniue (I have killed now come and kill me)“ the caller said.

Recorded a statement

The call to the police came hours before a relative and the police found the bodies of Judy Wanjiku Mwai and her daughter Catherine Nyaguthii Mwai inside their house in the Golden Gate estate in Nairobi.

An audio recording of the conversation between the caller and the police officer on duty was yesterday handed over to Nairobi area DCI officers probing the murder.

Last evening, the investigators summoned a relative of the the slain women who gave their opinion on the identity of the caller.

The caller told police she was in South B. The cop asked her if she knew the police post in South C and she answered in the affirmative. The conversation ended with the officer advising the woman to present herself to the police.The conversation lasted for about one minute and 10 seconds.

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The officer, who has been identified through the police duty rooster is, however, yet to record a statement over the matter.The bodies of the women were found in separate bedrooms.Yesterday, police summoned a sister to the late Wanjiku to help with the investigations.

The woman, who discovered the bodies, has also recorded a statement with the police.She told police that she last spoke to Wanjiku on September 21 at around 9.45pm.They spoke on a wide range of issues including the health of the deceased’s (Wanjiku) husband who is admitted to a Nairobi hospital.

On that night, Wanjiku spoke to about five people including her sister, a taxi driver and family friend.Call data shows that her (Wanjiku’s) phone was in communication up to around 9.53pm.A postmortem examination on the body of Wanjiku showed she was strangled.Postmortem results of Nyaguthi are yet to be released.

Pathologists have collected food samples from her intestines which will be subjected to toxicological analysis together with her kidneys and lungs.

Nail samples have also been collected for examination.Pathologists want to establish whether she consumed poison after they observed that her body did not have any injuries.A police report on the incident said Nyaguthi’s body was found lying on the floor of the bedroom while the mother’s body was on the bed in her bedroom.

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Makadara DCI chief Henry Kiambati last evening said investigators had made good progress but declined to comment on their findings.In the Ol Kalou matter, the man had failed to report to work where he sells potatoes which prompted colleagues to search for him.

“Their phones were off, prompting us look for them at their home. That is when we found the house open and upon searching, we found the body of our colleague lying in on the bed in his bedroom. It had deep cuts on the head,” said James Njuguna.

The immediately called police to report the incident.“It is then that the unexpected happened.The police upon searching the other rooms found the body of his wife lying in a pool of blood with stab wounds,” he said.

Nyandarua County commander Boaz Cherutich said police had launched investigations.“We are yet to establish the motive. We urge anyone who has information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators to inform the police. We will not rest until we establish the motive,” he said.


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Amina Mude changes tune on break up with Ben Kitili




Amina Mude wife to KTN news anchor Ben Kitili has recanted breakup break up statement, saying one moment of anger prompted her to write something stupid that was quickly blown out of proportion.

In her update, Mude made it clear that she is still married to Kitili and its her duty to respect and protect her husband.

She further stated that she has learnt her lessons the hard way, reminiscing on Kitili words when they got married that “marriage is not a bed of roses”.

“Hey babe @benkitili I remember when we got married, you told me ‘listen Mulky after all is said and done, marriage is not a bed of roses’ I just smiled and thought ni zile advise zako mingi za life.

“But last week it was so clear that you were right, one moment of anger made me write something stupid and the bloggers blew it out of proportion. I have learnt my lessons the hard way. As a wife, it’s my duty to respect and protect my Husband.

“And so, I want to clear the air, Ben and I are married. He will always be the man i love and honour all the days of my life,” shared Amina Mude.

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The mother two went ahead and deleted almost all her photos on Instagram, leaving only 7 pictures that captures her weight loss journey.

Amina Mude’s clarification comes days after she raised eyebrows with her statement that she had broken up with her husband barely after two years in marriage.

“Ben and I are currently ‘separated’. I don’t know what the future holds but am grateful for the beautiful memories and definitely the beautiful kids we made. It’s been one month of pain and tears but I know that one day the light will shine,” wrote Amina Mude.

Ben Kitili and Amina Mude made their union official in November 2018 at the Attorney General’s office before they hosted a reception party for their close friends and family members.

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Kirinyaga MCAs head to the High Court to challenge Senate rulling




Kirinyaga MCAs have filed a Petition to challenge the Senate ruling on Ann Waiguru’s impeachment case at the Kerugoya High Court.

The ward reps through their lawyer Ndegwa Njiru want the county boss to be charged afresh stating the upper House did not adhere to Constitutional requirements in handling the impeachment case.

Confirming the filing of the petition on Tuesday, July 7, the lawyer said the court should counter-check the report presented by the select 11-member committee that was chaired by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala as it was a “pure mistrial”.

“Let the court decide on the legal propriety of this Senate report on the impeachment of Governor Anne Waiganjo.

“We cannot allow state organs funded by greengrocers to abdicate on the Constitutional duties with impunity. We are filing today,” Njiru argued.

Njiru wondered why the Senate cleared the governor despite the massive evidence on corruption presented to the committee.

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“How can the Senate find that money was lost in the county and fail to punish those responsible?,” he posed.

The MCAs want a three-judge bench to hear their petition.

“We shall ask the Chief Justice to set up a three-judge bench once we are given a hearing date,” the lawyer said. We shall raise issues which have never been raised in this country.

“My clients were not satisfied with the trial so they will continue fighting until justice is served,” Njiru old the press after filling the petition.

Waiguru was impeached on Tuesday, June 9, after 23 out of 33 MCAs voted to kick her out of office.

After the Kirinyaga County Assembly speaker notified Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka, the House voted to have a 11-member select committee to probe the allegations levelled the governor.

The team in its findings cleared the governor saying the impeachment did not meet the threshold to impeache her.

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Shock as mother plunges children, herself into river



Luyekhe village on the border of Kakamega and Bungoma counties is still in shock after an expectant mother threw her three children in to a river and then jumped in.

Winny Kulangwa, 24, threw the children into River Nzoia at Mikua area about 9pm on Sunday. Luckily, one of the children survived to tell the story.

By last evening, search for bodies of Ms Kulangwa and her two children aged one and four, was still going on.

Villagers joined divers deployed by Kakamega County to look for the bodies in the swollen river. The woman is said to have to have taken the children to the nearby Nzoia Bridge and threw them into the water, one after the other, starting with the eldest, a seven-year-old girl, who survived.

The woman lived with her elder sister Alice Matende at their parents’ home. The girl who survived is a pupil at Mbaya Primary  in Kakamega. Locals described her survival as a miracle. Kulangwa’s relatives said she returned to Luyekhe a week ago from her matrimonial home in Mautuma, Kakamega and showed no signs she was disturbed.

The girl said her mother asked them to accompany her to the shop.

However, when they got to a certain shop, she insisted that they proceed to a different one.

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“It was dark and when we reached the bridge, my mother asked us to close our eyes for a surprise. She then grabbed me and threw me into the river. I was swept away by the water. I clutched onto some roots on the edge of the river,” the traumatised girl said.

She continued: “I struggled and got myself out of the river. I walked back to the bridge and I found no one. I broke down. Moments later, a man picked me up and took me to his house.”

Mr Joseph Chom, a resident of Mautuma who found the girl, said he had seen light from a spotlight coming from the bridge before he heard a child cry.

“She later explained to me what had happened,” he said. “I called my village elder and area chief before reporting the matter to the police.”

Residents said Kulangwa’s spotlight and a handbag were found at the bridge. Matende said she left Kulangwa and her children in the house but did not find them when she returned.

At first, I thought she had gone to a neighbour’s house only to learn later that her children were also missing.

“I had left her with my daughter. When I returned, I asked my daughter where she had gone, and she said she left with her children. We were later informed that she had drowned her children and herself,” she said.

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Kulangwa’s grandfather Moina Omutoko,73, said she never complained about anything. Mr Martin Anyonge, a local Kenya Red Cross officer, said it has been a challenge retrieving the bodies because the river is swollen.


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