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I’ve killed, caller told police in mother and daughter murder



The killer of a 73-year-old retired Treasury staff and her 47-year–old daughter called the police and taunted them.

The revelations on the South B murders came as shock gripped Rurii village in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County after a couple was found murdered inside their house yesterday afternoon.Michael Gitonga, 38, and Wanjiku Kiburi, 32, were stabbed to death by unknown assailants.

Their bodies were found in different rooms.In the South B murder, the assailant used the cellphone of the elderly woman to call the police on the toll free line 112 on September 21.

Police believe the caller was a woman. ”Nimeua. Sasa kujeni muniue (I have killed now come and kill me)“ the caller said.

Recorded a statement

The call to the police came hours before a relative and the police found the bodies of Judy Wanjiku Mwai and her daughter Catherine Nyaguthii Mwai inside their house in the Golden Gate estate in Nairobi.

An audio recording of the conversation between the caller and the police officer on duty was yesterday handed over to Nairobi area DCI officers probing the murder.

Last evening, the investigators summoned a relative of the the slain women who gave their opinion on the identity of the caller.

The caller told police she was in South B. The cop asked her if she knew the police post in South C and she answered in the affirmative. The conversation ended with the officer advising the woman to present herself to the police.The conversation lasted for about one minute and 10 seconds.

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The officer, who has been identified through the police duty rooster is, however, yet to record a statement over the matter.The bodies of the women were found in separate bedrooms.Yesterday, police summoned a sister to the late Wanjiku to help with the investigations.

The woman, who discovered the bodies, has also recorded a statement with the police.She told police that she last spoke to Wanjiku on September 21 at around 9.45pm.They spoke on a wide range of issues including the health of the deceased’s (Wanjiku) husband who is admitted to a Nairobi hospital.

On that night, Wanjiku spoke to about five people including her sister, a taxi driver and family friend.Call data shows that her (Wanjiku’s) phone was in communication up to around 9.53pm.A postmortem examination on the body of Wanjiku showed she was strangled.Postmortem results of Nyaguthi are yet to be released.

Pathologists have collected food samples from her intestines which will be subjected to toxicological analysis together with her kidneys and lungs.

Nail samples have also been collected for examination.Pathologists want to establish whether she consumed poison after they observed that her body did not have any injuries.A police report on the incident said Nyaguthi’s body was found lying on the floor of the bedroom while the mother’s body was on the bed in her bedroom.

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Makadara DCI chief Henry Kiambati last evening said investigators had made good progress but declined to comment on their findings.In the Ol Kalou matter, the man had failed to report to work where he sells potatoes which prompted colleagues to search for him.

“Their phones were off, prompting us look for them at their home. That is when we found the house open and upon searching, we found the body of our colleague lying in on the bed in his bedroom. It had deep cuts on the head,” said James Njuguna.

The immediately called police to report the incident.“It is then that the unexpected happened.The police upon searching the other rooms found the body of his wife lying in a pool of blood with stab wounds,” he said.

Nyandarua County commander Boaz Cherutich said police had launched investigations.“We are yet to establish the motive. We urge anyone who has information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators to inform the police. We will not rest until we establish the motive,” he said.


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African immigrant student shocks everyone in US, makes history by earning 6.9 GPA in US



A student from the Alvin High School in Texas, is making history as the first black valedictorian in her school’s history of 125 years. Tobechukwu ‘’Tobi’’ Phillips has earned a 6.9 GPA, Phillips earned all A’s throughout her high school career and took advanced placement (AP) courses. She opened about achieving academic success during a recent interview with Because Of Them We Can.

Originally established in the year 1894, the school was integrated with African-American students in 1965.

Maintaining the highest GPA in her class was difficult task. It truly takes time management but more importantly acknowledging what you do it for. She knows that she is no longer representing herself but she is representing her entire community.

A well rounded student she plays volley ball, runs track and is a Sunday School teacher at the church. She is also a member of the Rho Kappa Honor Society, the president of the National Honor Society and an AP Ambassado.

Tobi earned a 6.9 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale, placing her at the top of her class. 🇳🇬

View image on Twitter
She is a very proud student who realizes that she is a lone representative of her society which is the black community of the country. The blacks have been kept in very low esteem for a long time due to the color discrimination and have been down trodden due to their dark color of the skin. But now due to the persons like Phillips the blacks are gaining back their lost honor in the country.

Phillips has made proud her community and will continue to keep achieving big targets yet to come in her long life and will bring many more honors to her black community. We wish her good luck and best wishes in whatever she pursues in her life and may the God give her success in all her future ventures. Such girls are not only the pride of their own community but they also bring proud to the entire women’s community of the world.

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Monica’s brother recounts finding her body in bathtub



A court heard Thursday that a suspect in the murder of 28-year-old business woman Monica Kimani last year offered to have a security company help find her killers.

While testifying before High Court Judge James Wakiaga, Mr George Kimani, a brother to the deceased, said that Mr Julius Irungu, aka Jowie, asked him to allow a security company help them solve the murder.

Mr Kimani disclosed that he had contacted Mr Irungu while seeking to be connected to the media so as to have his sister’s murder reported. However, he said, Mr Irungu advised him to consider the help of a security company instead of involving the media.

“He asked if we knew who had done it, he said the case won’t go far if media is involved, he said a security company could help but we felt we needed the media,” said Mr Kimani.

The court also heard that despite the fact that both Mr Kimani and Mr Irungu were known to each other as friends, Mr Irungu did not mention to Mr Kimani that he was present at his sister’s house on September 19, 2018, the night she was killed.

Mr Kimani gave a harrowing account of how he had to break into his sister’s house, together with the caretaker, gardener, landlord and finding the body of the deceased lying in a bathtub. He told court that his mother was frantically looking for the sister on phone on the morning she was found dead.

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When the mother could not get her daughter on phone, she contacted him to find out why she was unreachable. While he tried to call and text her without success, he drove with his girlfriend to Monica’s house.

He said they found her door locked and had to get the landlord’s permission to have the door broken. But before breaking the door, they asked the gardener to jump into the house through a window so as to open the door and find out the whereabouts of the deceased.

The gardener returned looking confused and asked them to just break the door from outside in order to get in.

While they were standing outside the house after finding the body of the victim, the court heard, a neighbour came by and disclosed that he was at the house together with Mr Irungu and another man identified as Owen the night before she was found dead.

Mr Kimani told the court that he contacted their father who came along with an uncle who later notified the media about the gruesome murder.

Mr Kimani said that Owen, who has already testified before court, had tried reaching out to him through another person identified as Jimmy, but he advised him to simply record a statement with the police instead of talking to him.

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He said that he only tried to find out who was present at the house on the fateful night and never pursued communication with Jimmy or Mr Irungu.

When prosecution showed him photos of his sister’s house, he could not hold back tears as he gave his testimony.

Mr Kimani described the deceased as hardworking, open-minded, someone who trusts easily, a good boss and a dear friend to him.

He also said Monica was to fly out to Dubai to meet with her boyfriend, Yasir Mohammed, on the morning she was found dead.

Thursday, Mr Irungu pleaded with the court to consider freeing him on bail but the judge said the matter will be determined when the trial resumes hearing on November 26.


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VIDEO: US-born Kenyan actor Ronnie Kariuki stars in popular TV Show “Trap House”



Actor Ronnie Kariuki has joined the talented cast of  The Trap House, a weekly TV Show that airs on NTV, one of the leading Kenyan TV stations every Wednesday at 7:30pm.
In a nutshell, the show which has entered its Fourth Season, focuses on the lives of 3 Kenyan university students with individual personalities brought together by financial circumstances that force them to stick together.

The show premiered in 2018 and took a break in August this year only to resume in November with a few changes in the cast.

Ronnie, who plays the part of Flexx, was born in the United States and has lived and studied in a number of States, including North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

He features alongside Mwachari Butiko as Don, Ella Maina as Shee, Ashley Kareez as Lady P, Zawadi Njoroge as Tasha and Aika Mwachia as Vee, among others.

The Trap House is a production of Kentv which is  directed by James Njamura, produced by Jacky Wamuyu and edited by Don Mbago.

Watch the latest episode in which the University students are rioting over the results of their campus poll. Who is responsible for the “rigged” election and what is next?


Some of the members of the cast. COURTESY PHOTO

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