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Kamanda: We won’t be forced to back Ruto- VIDEO



Nominated MP Maina Kamanda has said that Mt Kenya region will not be forced to back any political leader in 2022. The legislator said that the region did not owe anybody and debt.

In a thinly veiled attack on Deputy President William Ruto, Mr Kamanda criticised politicians using ‘force’ to sway voters, saying “no one will use threats to get votes”.

“We will not be forced to give you votes even at gun point, our leader President Uhuru Kenyatta, will give us direction when the time comes,” Mr Kamanda said at St Paul’s African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa in Nanyuki, Laikipia County on Sunday.

The former Starehe legislator criticised leaders who think that they are owed political debt saying that no voter in Mt Kenya region will be manipulated or arm twisted to vote for anyone.

“We don’t have anyone’s debt, the only debt that mankind had had been paid by Jesus Christ. Let you not feel threatened by anyone, we don’t owe anyone anything,” he said.

The lawmaker hit out at Jubilee politicians allied to Tanga Tanga group. He accused them of undermining President Kenyatta by engaging in early campaigns.

Mr Kamanda said that Kenya has a single elected president who should be given time to focus on service delivery, especially on the Big Four Agenda.

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“Let President Kenyatta be given time to serve his second term as he focuses on development and service delivery,” he said.

Mr Kamanda called for political tolerance. He urged fellow politicians, especially those in the Tanga Tanga political wing of Jubilee, to desist from politics of violence.

On September 8, a church fundraiser at Gitui Catholic Church turned chaotic in Murang’a County after Kiharu MP Ndindi  Nyoro stormed in and vowed to preside over the ceremony which was attended by Jubilee Party leaders affiliated to the Kieleweke group.

Mr Nyoro belongs to the Tanga Tanga faction which supports Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

“Some politicians go to church not to pray but to cause chaos, we do not want to witness such incidents in church again,” he said.

“The church must be respected and if anyone wants to play politics, let us go to a stadium,” he added.

On the ongoing debate on calls for referendum, Mr Kamanda said that Kieleweke will support Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), an initiative birthed by the March 9, 2018 handshake between President Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He tore into Thirdway Alliance’s Punguza Migizo constitutional amendment Bill.

“The initiative has so far been rejected in many counties such as Nyandarua and Kirinyaga and I know it will be rejected across Central Kenya. We are waiting for BBI report and when it comes out, we will go through it and sensitise our people and then agree if its contents will help Kenyans,” said the lawmaker.

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Mr Kamanda’s assertions were echoed by the 2017 Laikipia Woman Representative aspirant Mary Miano who supported BBI.

“We should listen to elders like Maina Kamanda, I am sure he cannot lead us astray. I have gone through Punguza Migizo bill and there is nothing good about it. Let us support BBI,” said Ms Miano.


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Secrets from the grave! Juliani opens up about Bob Collymore



Robert 'Bob' Collymore

Contemporary artiste and rapper Juliani has opened up about a painful part of his life.

Juliani has spoken about his relationship with the late Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore.

Their friendship was so tight that Juliani was one of the few people invited to Collymore’s wedding to Wambui Kamiru, in Naivasha.

Months after his death, Juliani has now spoken about how the death of Collymore has affected him.

“You know when you are doing things people see like you are going crazy. But one needs someone to affirm them that they are fine. This is the role Bob Collymore played on my end,” said Juliani to Betty Kyallo on her Friday TV show Upclose with Betty.

Collymore’s death sent shockwaves through his personal and professional life.

Juliani added, “You know those kind of people who in case you get into something they are the first ones to look up and they won’t let you. I could tell him Bob send me KSh 1k and would do so without probing a lot.”

He continued, “If I was in a problem, I only made a call to him and he was quick to respond. He was the kind of person that did not ask a lot of questions.”

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By Mpasho

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VIDEO: Pomp and colour as Kenyan journalist receives coveted award in Washington DC



It was pomp and colour in Washington DC on Thursday as Kenya’s NTV journalist Rose Wangui, the winner of the prestigious 2019 Knight International Journalism Award, received the coveted trophy.

Wangui was awarded for her bold approach in covering sensitive topics and giving a voice to the voiceless, bringing their plight, hopes and dreams to the wider audience.

Speaking at the award event, she pledged that she will carry on with her outstanding work, giving a voice to the voiceless through her unique coverage of sensitive topics such as sexual bondage of young girls in Kenya.

“Each time I tell a story, I try to ensure that every word that I write bears the hopes and dreams of those people in the villages, towns and slums who may never have the opportunity that I have to reach a bigger audience, ”stated Wangui.

Rose Wangui at the awards gala
Rose Wangui at the awards gala

The scribe challenged journalist to have an impact in the society through unique coverage.

“Journalists should strive to tell stories that change people’s perception and make society better,” added Wangui.

Her outstanding works such as beads of bondage and schools of misery have had significant impact in the country and sparked a national conversation, prompting relevant authorities and well-wishers to address the situation.

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“I wanted to show viewers something they’ve never seen, something they’ve never had,” said Wangui. “I decided to focus more on human interest stories and to go to some of the most remote areas in Kenya.” Wanui revealed at a past interview.

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Kambua reveals her baby boy’s name on her birthday



Since motherhood came knocking on the door of gospel singer Kambua Mathu in August, she has stayed away from social media to concentrate on motherhood and her little bundle of joy.

But for the first time since she got the baby, Kambua has shared the name of her baby and why she has been away from social media.

“A Mummy. A whole mummy! Ain’t God good? Also, it’s my birthday 🎉 Aaaaalso, I have missed you all. But I took time to be fully present in the season God ushered me into. My current ministry is in changing diapers, warm snuggles, and wet kisses” she posted.

In one of her recent Instagram post Kambua revealed her son’s name while celebrating her birthday.

In the picture was a cake that was inscribed, ‘Happy birthday Mama Nate’.

Kambua gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, in August after struggling to have a child for seven years.

Two days ago Kambua also wrote a message thanking God for giving her a child.

“Ah! This. God. Is. Too. Much. Too much! God of Sarah, Hannah, Rebecca… Kambua. The God who opens wombs and causes the “barren” woman to sing! Covenant keeping God,” she added.


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