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Orengo ‘prophetic’ warning which Jubilee lawmakers failed to heed – VIDEO



In 2017, Siaya Senator James Orengo stood on a Point of Order and offered free advice on leadership, fame and fortune to the Leader of Majority in the Senate, Kipchumba Murkomen.

At the time, Jubilee legislators had tabled a contentious Election Laws (Amendment) Bill that the opposition was fighting against.

A clip of that moment in the Senate has now resurfaced in the wake of claims by Jubilee politicians from the Tanga Tanga faction that they are being ‘victimized’ by the government.

In the clip, Senator Orengo schooled the Jubilee lawmakers on how governments in power behave, warning them that they would one day pay for their ‘sins’.

“Sometimes revolutions eat their own children, governments eat their own people, and this government is going to punish you more than they will punish me. I’m telling you, in another one year, you will be crying in my office for me to come and represent you. I know, I can tell,” Orengo said back then.

Jubilee legislators who backed the amendments overwhelmingly said the Bill is meant to seal legal loopholes that led to the nullification of President Kenyatta’s win in the August 8, 2017 Presidential Election.

One of the key provisions of the Bill is a clause that would render it impossible for the Supreme Court to nullify results of a presidential election based on minor discrepancies.

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Team Tanga Tanga, which openly supports Deputy President William Ruto’s bid for President in 2022, is locked in fierce succession war with the rival Kieleweke faction which rallies behind President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The wrangles largely developed following the famous ‘handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga on March 9, 2018, a peace pact that effectively ended the animosity between the two political leaders.

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Anne Kansiime’s sweetheart shares details of their love life




Anne Kansiime celebrated Ugandan comedienne, and her musician boyfriend Tukahiirwa Abraham, aka Skylanta have been dating for almost a year now. 

The union is still going strong 11 months after the comedienne divorced with her ex-husband, Gerald Ojok.

The chemistry between them in undeniable, especially on social media, and netizens are obviously envious, and they have also wondered what it is like to date someone like Kansiime; the funny, bubbly and vocal lady. 

Skylanta spoke to Pulse Uganda, and shared on his experience dating the top-billed comedienne and likened it to scrutiny.

“I want to tell you this from my heart, out of love for Anne, dating her is an examination I face on a daily basis. Imagine doing a mathematics paper every day, and on a weekend, they give you physics and chemistry, that is Anne,” he said

He further adds Kansiime’s intellectual character has made him grow and be a better person and they can engage on important aspects of their lives.

“There is a beautiful side of all this. She challenges me to be better. She challenges me intellectually, and we talk about important things,” 


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VIDEO: Ruto’s bead quickly grows grey even as he denies he is frustrated and under pressure



You may or may not jhave noticed. Deputy President’s beard is going gray and his hair is thinning fast. Not that there is anything wrong or even unusual with that..but keen observers have noticed that the country’s number two has been in deep thought lately, something that seems to take its toll on him.

Interestingly, asked how he lets off pressure, Ruto says he has no pressure.

“I sleep well. I sleep for eight hours a night and you won’t believe it but I don’t feel any pressure,” he told NTV’s Ken Mijungu . during an interview on Thursday at his Karen home.

The DP had earlier dismissed an assertion that he is a frustrated man – politically speaking that is.

Recently in Machakos County, Ruto was pictured looking tired and lost in his thought.

Despite denying that he is under a lot of pressure, political pundits say he is the number one politician who is under a lot of pressure right now.

“He puts on a brave face but mambo kwa ground ni different,’ says John Makanga.

In other news, after promising Kenyans nine stadiums in 2017,  Ruto  has now said the stadiums could not be built because the money set aside for them was directed to other government projects.

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The DP said the stadiums promise was not a personal promise but a government’s one.

“You make it look like I was to get money from my pocket to build the stadiums, this was a Jubilee administration pledge,” he said.

Ruto denied that they lied to Kenyans saying, they have delivered on other projects like electricity, housing, roads and rail.

In a clip dated 2017, Ruto who had admitted that they had not delivered on the five stadiums project they pledged in 2013, said plans were underway to construct 11 world class stadiums.

“In six months’ time, the stadium in Wote will be complete as will that one in Chuka. In three months, the stadium in Moyale will be complete. In six months, another stadium in West Pokot will be complete and that will be historic. In a couple of months the stadium in Kiambu will be done. In a couple of months Nyeri stadium will be done.

In Kisumu and Mombasa we have a few challenges, but once sorted, the stadiums will be ready, so instead of five (we promised in 2013), we have gone for 11 just to make it better,” Ruto had said in the viral clip.

In another interview on K24 TV last year, Ruto said the stadium pledge was on course and that the government was now working on 11 stadiums instead of nine.

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“We will built 11 stadius insted of nine in two years’ time,’ said the DP.

Ruto also accused the media of only asking him the stadiums which are yet to be completed while ignoring other areas where the government had achieved like roads and rail.

“Why are people just asking about the stadiums as if it is the only thing we promised? Is it because others have been fulfilled? It is unfair,” he said.

The DP also appeared to blame the handshake and Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) for stalled Jubilee projects, saying the government had directed its energy and resources to the unity initiative at the expense of development.

“I think the handshake has also slowed down development because the government has channeled funds and energy towards that direction,’ said the DP.

Ruto, however, vowed to make sure that the promised stadiums are built before 2022 to end the debate once and for all.

The DP said there is ongoing work on the said stadiums with Wote Stadium in Makueni County almost complete.

“I will make sure that we deliver on these stadium promises so that you get another thing to ask in 2022,” he said.

Standard Digital has confirmed that there is very little going on the 11 stadiums promised by Jubilee and it would take a miracle for the government to build and complete them before 2022 as promised by Ruto.

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I have to pay to urinate: My life without kidneys




Many people aim to get material things and power in life, but for 37-year-old Emmanuel Gitau from Mugumo, Kiambu County says he would wish to go for a short call in a usual way before he dies.

Emmanuel is living his life under dialysis. “I have to pay to urinate. So I go for dialysis twice a Week-Tuesday and Friday-five hours per session,” he says.

Dialysis is an alternative way of removing body waste and excess fluids in a case where the kidneys fail. 

He is a caterer by profession, where he sells Crips to make a living. Gitau was first diagnosed with kidney disease when he was a teenager.

Before the kidney failure, he could manage the condition by regular hospital visits, special diets and medication. His condition worsened, and the doctors realized when it was too late, the kidneys were failing in 2001. 

His parents have donated their kidneys, but they failed a few hours after the transplants, his sister’s kidney worked for seven months before failing. 

“My father later passed away as his kidney kept deteriorating, but we had remained hopeful as he was also on dialysis just like me, He said.

Dialysis helps in prolonging survival, but it’s also a burden because of traveling to a clinic twice a week.

“A dialysis is a life-changing event, it is a very demanding form of treatment. It involves medical issues, spiritual issues, quality of life. It’s a big decision,” he says.

Having to live without a kidney now, Gitau has to deal with permanent dialysis.

He had written a book “My life without kidneys,” a book about his life that he hopes to sell and earn daily bread and also be an inspiration to Kenyans.


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Gitau’s prayer is to get a deep-fryer (it costs Sh95,000) to be able to expand his potato crisp business and get money to cater for his medication.

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