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Sarah Wairimu now demands her husband’s body



Sarah Wairimu, a suspect in the death of her husband, Tob Cohen, on Wednesday wrote to Chiromo Mortuary demanding that the body of the slain Dutch businessman be released to her.

In a letter seen by Nairobi News, her lawyer Philip Murgor said that his client demands that after the postmortem exercise, the body of the late Cohen should not be released to anyone else.

“Our client demands that the remains are not released to Gabriele Cohen as she has no legal authority or mandate to take our client’s body let alone bury him,” reads the letter in part.

The lawyer further indicated that Wairimu is still lawfully married to the late Cohen.

He argues that Cohen’s sister was in a hurry to be given the body of their client and to quickly bury him at unknown place and thereafter leave the country.

“We have been instructed to object to the release of the remains of Tob Cohen to Gabriel Cohen, for whatever purpose,” the letter added.

He insisted that Ms Wairimu was innocent under the Kenyan Constitution and nothing has happened so far to take away her right to her husband’s body.


According to Murgor, the charge which is facing her shall be dealt with in court but it does not take way the right of a wife to a husband’s body and the right to bury it with the deserved dignity.

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“We therefore demand that the burial permit be issued to no one but herself, or ourselves on her behalf.”

He added that Ms Wairimu has undertaken to pay the preservation charges for the body.

Wairimu, who is the prime suspect and currently remanded at Langata Women’s Prison, was on Wednesday allowed to view the body of her late husband under tight security at the Chiromo Mortuary.

A Nairobi court had on Tuesday ruled that Wairimu be allowed to attend the postmortem of Cohen.

She is expected to take a plea on September 26. The body of the Dutch millionaire was found at his home on September 13 almost two months after he disappeared.

by Nairobi News

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VIDEO: Pomp and colour as Kenyan journalist receives coveted award in Washington DC



It was pomp and colour in Washington DC on Thursday as Kenya’s NTV journalist Rose Wangui, the winner of the prestigious 2019 Knight International Journalism Award, received the coveted trophy.

Wangui was awarded for her bold approach in covering sensitive topics and giving a voice to the voiceless, bringing their plight, hopes and dreams to the wider audience.

Speaking at the award event, she pledged that she will carry on with her outstanding work, giving a voice to the voiceless through her unique coverage of sensitive topics such as sexual bondage of young girls in Kenya.

“Each time I tell a story, I try to ensure that every word that I write bears the hopes and dreams of those people in the villages, towns and slums who may never have the opportunity that I have to reach a bigger audience, ”stated Wangui.

Rose Wangui at the awards gala
Rose Wangui at the awards gala

The scribe challenged journalist to have an impact in the society through unique coverage.

“Journalists should strive to tell stories that change people’s perception and make society better,” added Wangui.

Her outstanding works such as beads of bondage and schools of misery have had significant impact in the country and sparked a national conversation, prompting relevant authorities and well-wishers to address the situation.

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“I wanted to show viewers something they’ve never seen, something they’ve never had,” said Wangui. “I decided to focus more on human interest stories and to go to some of the most remote areas in Kenya.” Wanui revealed at a past interview.

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Norah Jelagat’s last video before her death emerges online



A video of a jovial Kenyan student Norah Borus Chelagat, 24, who was found dead in her room on the campus of Stanford University on June 14, 2019 has been shared online.

In the video, recorded before her death, Norah says that she missed Kenya, the food and people noting that “there is a feeling you get while in Kenya.”

“Before Stanford, I had never gone out of Kenya. People are nice but I miss Kenya, the food, the people. There is a certain feeling you get while in Kenya’ like people are waiting for you. I want to get some experience here and use it when I go back to Kenya,” she said.

An autopsy report released last week revealed that Norah had committed suicide.

The report released by the Santa Clara Medical Examiner’s Office showed Norah died by suicide from poisoning.

The Kenyan student was found dead inside her room at Stanford University in June this year.

Norah, who was the best girl in Nairobi County in the 2013 KCSE exams, joined the California-based University in 2014 to study Computer Science.

She was laid to rest on June 29, 2019 at her father’s farm in Ray Farm, Moiben constituency.


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Ali Kiba begs his estranged Kenyan wife to come back in his newly-released song



Bongo flava star Ali Kiba has released a new song that seems to be dedicated to his estranged Kenyan wife Amina Khalef.

The new song, Mshumaa, leaves little to the imagination how much the singer wants Amina back in his life.


Amina is rumoured to have recently left her matrimonial home and moved back to Kenya just one year into their marriage.

“Nakumiss…Tena! Tutonana, Hata Mungu akipanga leo nikufe kesho, tutaonana tena,” Ali Kiba sings in the song.

“Labda nikukumbushe, Nilipokuvisha pete, Ulisema machache, Hauniachi mpaka nife,” he goes in the song.

Over the last two months, Tanzania blogs have been awash with all manner of reports concerning the troubled marriage with almost all stating that the two are no longer together.

Some of those reports have claimed that Ali Kiba split with Amina after he caught her red-handed using voodoo to charm his family, claims the singer has refuted.

Others reports have also claimed that the Kenyan beau walked out of the marriage because Ali Kiba became a serial cheat.


Last month, the singer admitted that their marriage has been troubled, adding that they are working out on their issues.

He however insisted that they have not split and neither has he issued Amina with a divorce, as has been widely reported in Tanzania blogs.

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He also explained that he personally took Amina back to Mombasa so that she could get back to the work she was previously doing before they got married.

He added that he visits Amina frequently in Mombasa to check out on her and their baby and that she also flies to Dar es Salaam whenever she finds time to check on him as well.

At the time of their wedding ceremony back in April of last year Amina was working at the Mombasa county.

The couple welcomed their first child – Ali Kiba’s fourth – in September 2018.


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