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Yvonne Okwara narrates the day she goofed big time on live TV



Citizen TV’s news anchor Yvonne Okwara has come out to narrate how she messed up her very first interview on TV.

Yvonne made her revelation after the online community trolled Inooro reporter Victor Kinuthia after his live reporting went wrong.

Yvonne took to her Twitter handle and shared her first TV interview which happened in 2012 when she interviewed a Member of Parliament whose identity she did not reveal.

“The year is 2012/13. I’ve been doing prime time news for only a few months. My co-anchor is Ndungu wa Mburu. I have a very important interview with an MP on an issue that affects the media fraternity. The entire industry is watching my interview,” she narrated.

“Interview begins, and I can tell it’s going downhill from there. MP runs me out of town during the conversation. I was not as prepared as I should have been. I can feel my phone vibrating like mad. Twitter notifications in their hundreds. SMS coming through. Massacre!” she recalled.

According to Yvonne her colleagues were upset with her while those in other media houses were dismayed.

She instantly became the subject of discussion on Twitter as netizen started questioning her qualification for the job.

“I’m trending on Twitter. Words like “bimbo”, “slay queen”, “nothing between her ears”, “hired for her looks, not her brains”, she wrote.

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But after all the embarrassment, she still had to host the news bulletin that night.

“My Face is hot. I’m embarrassed but I push it through. It’s only Monday, so I will have to anchor news the rest of the week with this hanging over my head!” she said.

Realizing what was happening to her, her boss Joe Ageyo sent her an encouraging message to cheer her up.

“Bad day at the office. You will get through this. Learn from this, you will get better next time,” read the message from Ageyo.

Okwara said after that one TV interview she was given more chances and that is what made her to be where she is today.

By Nairobi News

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Meet Anne Okoth wife to Kibra’s new MP Imran Okoth



They say behind every successful man there must be a woman and for Imran Okoth that woman is his wife, Anne Ithara Okoth, his companion of many years.

Although not much is known about her she was seen by her husband’s side in the just-concluded Kibra by-elections.

Imran Okoth and his wife Anne

Many might wonder why Okoth is called Imran what many do not know is that he is a converted Muslim.

He decided to convert to Islam owing to his upbringing in Kibra where most of his friends were Nubians.

“He never left Kibra. He has spent his whole life there. He settled there and is married with children. The name Imran is not an alias. That became his name after he became a Muslim.”

Imran Okoth

Imran was declared the winner on Friday morning after garnering 24,636 votes to beat Jubilee’s McDonald Mariga.

Mariga conceded defeat when the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) figures from 40 out of 183 polling stations showed he was second.


By Mpasho

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“It was a mess” Willis Raburu and wife talk breakup before marriage



TV personality Willis Raburu and wife Marya Raburu had broken up while dating just before they got married.

Speaking to Rev.Kathy Kiuna on Women Without Limits, Marya revealed that Raburu was playing her with another woman while they were dating.

“We started getting into deep arguments. It was really crazy. It got to a place where we couldn’t move on. When he was dating me he had another girlfriend. I left and from there I became a very hard-headed woman. I moved out of my mum’s house and lived alone. “

Raburu, on the other hand, says he became a mess after Marya left her.

When we called it quits, I went into a downward spiral. Wasichana walinijua. I was hurt because everybody is reminding I can’t keep a girlfriend. For me, it was really painful. Then I became a workaholic. It was a mess.

Willis and Mary Raburu

Marya later confronted Raburu after he was late for church. Six months later she was selling cologne on facebook, an opportunity Raburu took to talk to her.

Later Raburu postponed three dates between them before they patched things up.

By Mpasho

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Kambua reveals her baby boy’s name on her birthday



Since motherhood came knocking on the door of gospel singer Kambua Mathu in August, she has stayed away from social media to concentrate on motherhood and her little bundle of joy.

But for the first time since she got the baby, Kambua has shared the name of her baby and why she has been away from social media.

“A Mummy. A whole mummy! Ain’t God good? Also, it’s my birthday 🎉 Aaaaalso, I have missed you all. But I took time to be fully present in the season God ushered me into. My current ministry is in changing diapers, warm snuggles, and wet kisses” she posted.

In one of her recent Instagram post Kambua revealed her son’s name while celebrating her birthday.

In the picture was a cake that was inscribed, ‘Happy birthday Mama Nate’.

Kambua gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, in August after struggling to have a child for seven years.

Two days ago Kambua also wrote a message thanking God for giving her a child.

“Ah! This. God. Is. Too. Much. Too much! God of Sarah, Hannah, Rebecca… Kambua. The God who opens wombs and causes the “barren” woman to sing! Covenant keeping God,” she added.


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