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At 57, Mary Wachira is Kenya’s oldest tennis player



Exercise, proper diet and involvement in any sporting activity top the list when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness regardless of your age.

These three factors have been part of 57-year-old Mary Wachira’s life as she continuously engages her muscles while playing tennis for the last 25 years.

This has immensely contributed to her physical, mental and social wellbeing as she puts the lessons of discipline, hard work and persistence into her daily life.

The naturally athletic mother of two was introduced to tennis in 1993 by current Kenya women’s coach Peter Wachira and former Tennis Kenya chairman Patrick Gichira while working at an office machine distributing company known as Copycat Kenya, where she was employed between 1988 and 1999.

This is after she had left Kenya Power Limited, where she worked immediately after high school between 1981-1983 actively participating in the 100 metres and 200 metres inter-branch athletics competitions.

Mary Wachira during her training session at Nairobi Club on September 18, 2019. PHOTO | SILA KIPLAGAT | NATION MEDIA GROUP

“Tennis was exciting for me because it was a sport that both my husband and children could join in on and make it a family bonding activity. I understood the health benefits that playing tennis would have on my family, hence I intentionally had them practice at least once in a week.

Although they later dropped out, I cherish the moments we spent on the court together,” said Wachira.

According to coach Peter Wachira, Mary showed great potential due to her athletic nature and drive of always wanting to try out something new and she was willing to learn the ins and outs of the game during their training sessions at the Public service Club in Nairobi, where they were both members.

Wachira, who is 5 feet tall, was first introduced to the sporting world through hockey, while in high school at Precious Blood, Riruta, but found a haven in tennis while in her mid-20s.

She has over the years featured in different tournaments within the country including the Kenya Open, Karen Open, Nairobi Club Open and Parklands Open, where she plays against players almost 20 years her junior.

Mary Wachira during her training session at Nairobi Club on September 18, 2019. PHOTO | SILA KIPLAGAT | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Wachira says her main aim is never to compete fiercely with the young players, but to encourage them on the opportunities available if one is healthy and fit.

In her most recent attempt at playing against the juniors in Kenya, she lost 6-1, 6-1 to 15-year-old Roselida Asumwa ranked 1704 in the world during the 2019 International Tennis Federation (ITF) Women’s tour held at Peponi School, Kiambu County.

In 2005, Wachira was honoured by Tennis Kenya with an award dubbed “For the love of the game”, as she continued holding the title of veteran tennis player making this one of her highest achievements in tennis, which is closely followed by the birth of her granddaughter who was named after her.

“I play tennis because it’s fun and I get to maintain my health and fitness at an age where almost every part of the body starts to slow down, but getting recognised by Tennis Kenya over the years has been a great motivation,” said Wachira.

However, her lowest moment in tennis has been losing people to other sports or other interests and also having to cut out certain categories in a tournament due to insufficient number of players.

Wachira also stated that losing her sister seven years ago was top of her lowest moment in life.

For a sports woman, she has maintained a clean plan on what she can eat and what she can’t with the aim of maintaining her fitness and good health.

Mary Wachira during her training session at Nairobi Club on September 18, 2019. PHOTO | SILA KIPLAGAT | NATION MEDIA GROUP

She also makes a point of exercising at least every day, specifically allocating three days of exercise to tennis.

“I intentionally stay away from fatty foods, curbs, caffeine and alcohol. My number one rule is to never overeat and always have a balanced meal consisting of fruits and vegetables and always taking at least more than 2 litres of water in a day.

“I do jogging and walks on Mondays, Zumba on Tuesdays and salsa dancing on Fridays and Saturdays, just to keep all my body parts in sync,” said Wachira.

When she’s not on the tennis court, Wachira manages Graceland Girls High school in Nyeri, where she also doubles as a tennis coach.

She also dedicates her free time to baking and meeting up with the junior players to teach them the importance of keeping fit and maintaining good health.

Wachira, who plays well with her backhand stabs using double fists, insists that everyone should strive to keep fit because ‘you’ll maintain reasonable weight and avoid unnecessary illnesses, you have enough energy to engage in physical activities and you are able to maintain good hormonal balance and can easily engage in the youthful activities.’

“Through my interactions with the young people, I hope that my story remains an inspiration to them knowing that tennis has no cut off age and they can play for a long time and I encourage them to be involved in at least two sporting activities at a time to fully explore their potential,” concludes Wachira.


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Court suspends Mary Wambui’s appointment as Employment Authority boss



Not so fast, the employment court has told politician Mary Wambui in her quest to take the job at the National Employment Authority.

Justice Hellen Wasilwa issued the order in Nairobi on Wednesday in a case filed by the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association.

In the case championed by the association’s chairman-cum-Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, the petitioners argue that Ms Wambui is not qualified under the law, policy and best practice, to be the chairperson of the authority.


Ms Wambui, Mr Sakaja’s team argues, does not conform to the provisions of Section 10 (2)(c) of the National Employment Authority Act and does not meet the threshold of having at least seven years’ experience in human resource management or its equivalent.

The qualifications of the chairperson of the authority, they say, are mandatory and not discretionary.
The association says Ms Wambui has on several occasions personally admitted that she possesses a limited education, which for all intents and purposes makes her unqualified and unsuitable to conduct the affairs of the chairperson.

The petitioners argue that her appointment would disfranchise the Kenyan taxpayer given the very strategic nature of the position.

“The directive of appointing the 3rd respondent, who is not qualified is not only retrogressive, arbitrary and stale, but also attempts to uncharacteristically undermine the principles of public participation and guiding principles of leadership and integrity,” the petition reads.

Justice Wasilwa certified the case as urgent and set the hearing for November 14.


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‘My addiction with strippers left me in debts worth millions,’ Robert Burale



Robert Burale has in the past been in debts running into millions but he managed to come out of it unlike most Kenyans who are still struggling.

In a past interview with K24 Faraja, Burale stated that his addiction to stripping and the pressure to keep up a facade of a flashy lifestyle pushed him into debts.

I used to live with both my parents during primary and secondary school but at some point they separated.

Life was good as we were living a high end life before I went to study marketing in London.

I enjoyed going to a new country and the freedom that came with it.

Robert Burale

Little did Burale know that some types of friends can either make or break you.

When I went there I made both good and bad friends.

I was lucky because everything was being paid for by my dad for during my first year so I had a lot of free time.

I started going to strip clubs while in London with the friends I had made.

He adds,

As an African man living abroad, every one wants you, so the attention started making us do things we would not consider doing before.

We started hoping from one strip club to the other.

At some point we got bored with strip clubs in our area and we started venturing to other areas.

He adds,



Burale adds it took time for him to accept his addiction.

It took time for me to know I am addicted. For three years I was just in strip club evangelism where we ‘recruit’ other people into the club.

When I came back to Kenya I found so many strip clubs had been opened and so I started going to savor their services.

Pastor Burale
Robert Burale’s book ‘From the strip club to the pulpit’

He adds

The problem was that when I was in London there was money but once I came back I had no money as my dad had passed away.

The family started fighting for what he had.

In a past interview with Radio Jambo, his ex wife Rozinah Mwakideu, had stated that one of the many reasons they broke up is the many debts he had.

I would receive calls now and then from people and police saying Robert had unsettled debts.

It was a character he had and I kept waiting because I thought he would change because he was born-again.

For example, the main reason why I left was after my friend came to visit me and after she left she wanted to sue him. I couldn’t handle that pressure plus other personal issues.

Robert Burale and ex-wife
Robert Burale and ex-wife Rozinah

Burale explains that his addiction to stripping was where his journey to debts began.

There is no strip club where a woman will give you a show with no money.

There are men who spend even 100,000 on a night.

I once did that and the sad thing is that it was borrowed money.

He adds,

I had to keep up a reputation. I had to go to big hotels and dress well so I kept borrowing.

With time my debts ran into millions.

It got so bad that I had to borrow *John to pay *Peter and the cycle continued.

I only accepted I had a problem after I tried committing suicide.

Burale is now out of debt and this he did by paying off debts slowly with the money he got from his jobs as a motivational speaker, actor and Image consultant.

His advice to people out there is

If you are broke accept it. Ask for help

By Mpasho

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Kenyan teen goes missing in Germany after quarreling with her parents



Police in Potsdam, Germany are looking for a Kenyan teen who went missing a week ago from her home after quarreling with her parents

The 15-year-old only identified as Britney, has been missing since Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

Mkenya Ujerumani, a local blog about Kenyans in Germany reports that the teen had a quarrel with her parents before she left their home in Drewitz in Potsdam.

At the time she is reported to have said she was going visit some acquaintances but never showed up nor returned home.

Her parents are worried since this is the first time Britney has been away from home for such a long time.

A day after she disappeared, a passerby walking by the banks of River Havel came across a bag with Britney’s personal belongings, identification and some clothes.


Upon reporting to the police, divers, a helicopter, a drone and search dogs from the coast guard were dispatched for a search operation in the river but nothing was found.

Police printed posters that were placed around all the major train stations in Potsdam but none of the four received clues brought them closer to finding the girl.

“The investigation team consists of ten police officers and will be headed by Commissioner Falk Heidke, who has substantial experience in the search of missing children and teenagers,” the spokeswoman for the Police Department West said on Friday.

Britney moved to Germany from Kenya with her mother and her younger brother about two and a half years ago. She attends a Gesamtschule in Potsdam.

By Nairobi News

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