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Horror as soldiers force locals to swim in sewage



A tight security regimen, controlled by naval soldiers and police yesterday turned into a source of discomfort for Mombasa residents.

The soldiers barricaded all empty open spaces within Mombasa Island, and took over the Likoni ferry, as thousands of residents converged at the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park.

Infantry soldiers in trucks and armoured cars took over security in areas of Likoni like Shelly Beach on the opposite side of the park for the entire day.Most of the residents who were interviewed complained they were manhandled by some young, overzealous soldiers.

Most streets were empty, as soldiers tried to control entrances to places like Mombasa’s Old Town.There was also heavy police patrols in Old Town, Bondeni and Majengo areas of Mombasa.

Most hotels in Mombasa were filled by State and private guests from upcountry. Areas around the park were reported to have low cell-phone connection.

There were no reports of major insecurity incidents across Mombasa despite the many people who trooped to the celebrations.

Remained indoors

In Senti Kumi, Majengo Mapya and Dudus areas of Likoni, many residents remained indoors afraid of the military presence and masked soldiers.

The soldiers, in the pretense of keeping security, forced dozens of residents to sit in mud puddles, oblivious of the cold and general discomfort, they were putting them through.

Mwangole Chikore was accosted by two military officers in masks and forced to swim inside a sewer for about 10 minutes.

Mr Chikore, a 23-year-old salesman from Mwembe Tayari, said he was on his way to the Mashujaa celebrations when the soldiers stopped him and demanded to know why he was looking suspicious.

“They wrestled me to the ground and later forced me to swim inside a filthy sewage. I tried to run but they hit me with the butt of a gun,” said a tearful Chikore.

The officers later released him and ordered him to sprint away.Moses Juma, a resident of Jamvi la wageni and his girlfriend were crossing to Mama Ngina park.

They had patiently waited for the celebrations since last week.When they reached near the ferry area, they found soldiers on patrol.

They had taken over all routes through the main bus terminus and were not allowing anyone to pass.Mr Juma said he was asked to remove his clothes as his girlfriend watched in disbelief.

“They rained slaps on me while hitting me with gun butts. They later forced me and my girlfriend to sit on a sewer,” a shaking Juma said.

Left for dead

He said he and his girlfriend had decided to go for a medical check. Another resident Salim Matano said he was heading to Mama Ngina when soldiers attacked him and beat him, leaving him for dead.Mr Matano was forced to do 10 press ups inside a sewer.

When completed five, he got tired and fell.  The soldiers beat him as others searched his pockets. They took Sh350 from him.

Matano explained that the officers forced him to drink filthy water from a sewer.

During the interview, he kept trying to vomit the waste he had been forced to drink.

“This is needless terror. Anyway, I blame myself for trying to attend the Mashujaa celebrations. If I had stayed at home, I could not have been forced to drink from a sewer,” Matano said.

Maxwell Shiheho said armed soldiers forced him to remove all clothes and swim in a  sewer as they watched, mocking him.They later forced him to frog-jump inside the sewer and sing the national anthem.“God will punish them. I did nothing wrong. All I wanted was to attend Mashujaa Day,” Mr Shiheho said.

Sammy Gitonga, a safaricom agent said the soldiers forced him to swim inside the sewer and beat him when he protestedThis is unacceptable. How can the military beat people like they are terrorists,” protested Mr Gitonga.

Business at the ferry area was also affected as traders were forced to attend the Mashujaa celebrations.A woman who only went by the name Auma, a fishmonger, said she counted losses after the soldiers walk into her business premises and ordered her to pack her fish and go.

At the Mama Ngina park, thousands stood in sweltering heat to listen to speeches from national and regional  leaders.

Parallel rally

Police did not take chances however. They occupied all open spaces like Mombasa’s Treasury Square, Uhuru Gardens, Makandara and Tononoka Grounds to deter protests from activists who had threatened to hold a parallel rally.The activists were protesting the decision by the Government asking traders to ferry their cargo from the port to Nairobi only through the Standard Gauge Railway.

At the Tononoka grounds where the planned rally was to be held, the soldiers made it a no-go zone.A senior police officer who did not wish to be identified told The Standard that no one was being allowed access to the grounds.‘’We are not allowing any form of gathering in any of the public places in Mombasa Island,’’ the officer said.

Police took strategic positions at the Tononoka grounds as they lay in wait for the protesters.A spot check at three of the public open spaces at Makadara Grounds, Treasury Square and Uhuru Gardens revealed heavy police presence.

by Standard

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Benachi flaunts car in a warm message on his struggles in Nairobi



US-based Kenyan singer Benson Ongachi alias Benachi is having the time of his life in North America since relocating and getting married to his wife , Joan.

The Mwanake hitmaker star has in past years not shielded away from showing his ups and downs and finally making it in the United States.

Benachi still sings and is an occasional minister in Donald Trump’s new-age America and has a travel catalog that stretches through Dallas, Atlanta and New York among other cities.

He is happy with his achievements, he resides in a cozy neighborhood and once in a while shares bits of it and experience with his wife.

The recent post he shared how he struggled to break through the music industry while in Nairobi.

“Nilitembea sana nikihustle Nairobi,kupiga root 11 ju ya kukosa bus fare. I never thought that one day I will be able to own a car. Enyewe you don’t know about tomorrow. God is Good, God is faithful,” he wrote.

He added: “Struggles are part of life, but they are not a totality of what life entails. So we must remember to discover all the other ingredients that make life worth living. Victory belongs to Jesus.”

He hit the limelight when he did a collabo with the late Kaberere in 2014 following the release of mwanake.

The couple also has a daughter, Olivia.

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‘Help me beg for forgiveness,’ – Nyota Ndogo thrown out by her husband



Mombasa based artiste Nyota Ndogo spent the night in the cold after being thrown out by her mzungu husband over disrespect.

Nyota had told her husband to wear a dera, a unisex cloth worn by people from the coastal region but he did not take it lightly.

‘I gave my husband a dera to wear, I told him that here in Africa a dera is worn by both men and women. I did not even know how I found myself outside. I did not even know that I could run this fast, but it is so cold outside I can’t deal with it. Let me go and try beg my husband from the window. I was only joking, maybe I should tag him so that you can help me beg him to let me into the house,’ Nyota Ndogo said.

Her post, written in Swahili read: “Nimempa mume wangu Dera avae nimemwambia huku africa tunatumia dera kulalia waume kwa wake hata sijui nimefika nje vipi sikujua naweza kua na mbio hivyo lakini hii baridi hapa nje ndio yanishinda ngoja nikabembeleze kwa dirisha ilikua matani tu sijui nimtag munisaidie niingie ndani.”

Nyota Ndogo

Just days ago, she posted something on her social media that left more question than answers saying even if she got dumped she would get married over and over again.

‘I cannot stay in a marriage that has no peace.

I cannot stay in a marriage where I am constantly getting trouble just to show people that I am OKay.

I Cannot stay in a marriage where I am being oppressed just because I have a husband who has money.

If I am dumped I will get married again and again and again and again. Even twenty times if need be.’


‘Don’t be a person that constantly cries foul don’t mind being laughed at keep your happiness first.

At the end of the day I pray that God sustains my marriage for 100 years because I love this man.’

Nyota Ndogo

Her post continued, “Siwezi kukaa kwenye ndoa isiokua na Amani.siwezi kukaa kwenye ndoa ninayo pata tabu ili kuonyesha watu AM OK AND AM NOT.

siwezi kukaa kwenye ndoa ya mateso kisa nipo na mume mwenye pesa nikiondoka ntateseka sasa najiganda tu haponikionyesha watu tabasamu la uongo.ya mwisho NIKIACHIKA NITAOLEWA TENA NA TENA NA TENA NA TENA. HATA MARA ISHIRINI.usiwe mtu wa kulia lia usijali kuchekwa jali furaha yako.MWISHO WA SIKU NAMUOMBA MUNGU AILINDE NDOA YANGU MIAKA MIA MOJA COUSE I LOVE THIS MAN.

By Mpasho

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Guess the cost of Sonko t-shirt which was torn during his arrest



The t-shirt which Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko wore when he was arrested last week in Voi causing lots of chatter among netizens, and it’s not because of how good it looks.

Pictures of the governor standing with his shirt torn on the side after his arrest became a topic of discussion online.

However, it’s the cost of the t-shirt which has set tongues wagging.

That particular t-shirt that Sonko wore is from Italian luxury fashion house Versace.


According to a global fashion website Ikrix the t-shirt, which is already out of stock, goes for $531 which translates to Sh53,976 according to the current exchange rate.

Sonko’s love for the fine things in life is evident in his expensive taste that has earned him the title of the most flamboyant governor in Kenya.

In fact, a few weeks ago Sonko shared pictures of his expensively assembled dining room with gold-plated tables and chairs.


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