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I cry for Mariam and Amanda wasting away in the cold sea



Eight days after his wife and child drowned, John Wambua and his nine-year-old son, Elvin, are clearly distraught.

The pain of not knowing when the bodies of their loved ones Mariam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu will be recovered is eating away at the family members.

Despite putting on a brave face, it is clear that the events of the past week have taken a heavy toll on Mr Wambua.

Wambua describes his 13-year marriage to Mariam as the best years of his life, even as he regrets that he was not there to save his wife and daughter “when they needed me the most”.

“It is a pain I cannot wish even on my enemies,” said Wambua in an interview at his Tudor estate home yesterday, where the family has started holding vigils.

Wambua revealed that a diver was scheduled to arrive last night from South Africa to join the Kenya Navy in efforts to recover the two bodies.

The family hired the diver at Sh2 million donated by Governor Hassan Joho.The family had earlier paid Sh100,000 to private divers from Mombasa. The divers had initially asked for Sh250,000.

Kighenda, 35, and Amanda, aged four, drowned after their car slid off a moving ferry, the MV Harambee, into the Indian Ocean.

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“We have been informed by experts that today is the end of the monsoon period and it will be easy to locate the wreckage and bodies. We have hope,” Wambua said.

At his home, worshipers from Winners Chapel Church described Kighenda as social and hardworking, and a “strong believer in family virtues”.

The vigil is being led by Pastor Samael Mwangemi. “We can only seek God’s hand to intercede and comfort the bereaved,” the pastor told the congregation.

Kighenda’s sister-in-law Roselyn Mutavi said the vigils started on Saturday.“She was my best friend. Ever since I knew her, she was like my sister. A very cheerful mother,” said Ms Mutavi.

She recalled that one week before the tragedy, Kighenda had attended a baby shower of their friend’s baby.

“She was jovial and charming, leaving everyone in stitches,” said Mutavi.

The family decided to shift their prayer meetings from the rescue centre at the beach after it became apparent the operation would take longer than expected.

“Since we moved home, we sing, pray and cry every day until morning,” said Mutavi, adding that she believed crying was part of the healing process.

She said some family members were still in denial, adding that they had said they would only believe Kighenda and Amanda were dead when they see their remains.

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“We are not happy and comfortable knowing that Kighenda and Amanda are still trapped in the cold on the seabed,” said Mutavi.

Wambua said their only wish was to retrieve the bodies of his wife and daughter and to give them a decent burial “so that their troubled souls can get warmth”.

He revealed that in the last eight days he had been approached by some people who advised him to slaughter a cow so that the bodies could be retrieved.“I have stood firm in my faith. The only blood I believe was shed to save life was that of Jesus. I have turned down such overtures,” said Wambua, who is an operations manager at Almar Containers East Africa in Miritini.

He said Elvin, the couple’s eldest child, had not stopped crying at the sight of pictures of his mother and sister circulated in the media.

“I broke the news to my son on Friday and since then it has been tough for him. It is a healing process,” said Wambua.

When The Standard  arrived at their home, Elvin and Kighenda’s parents, Elizabeth Mwaghogo and Peter Mwanyasi, were being counselled.

The boy was first counselled on Friday and was scheduled to sit through another session yesterday together with his grandfather and grandmother.

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The counselling is being done by experts from the Kenya Red Cross.For now, Wambua says what is keeping him going is his faith and prayers from the public.

By The Standard 


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I quit computers for my passion in beauty industry



Beauty and matters skincare are mainly associated with women with most men shying away from the fast-growing sector.

Mwangi Kamau has, however, gone against the grain and made a name in the female-dominated field.

Mr Kamau, who is the proprietor of Blush On Skincare Limited, a Nairobi-based company dealing with cosmetics, has been in the field for 10 years offering solutions to skin problems.

“I always wanted to be in the medical field dealing with human beings or animals, but along the way I found myself doing computer science. But I realised I did not have passion for computers. I really wanted to help for better health and wellbeing,” says the 37-year old cosmetologist and a skincare consultant.

In 2006, he joined a cosmetology college where he graduated with a diploma, enabling him to secure a job as a beauty consultant for eight years. This made him develop more interest. In 2015, he went to Italy to do a two-year course, specialising in skincare.

“After doing computer science I realised that I still wanted to be a health practitioner.”

Having sharpened his skills and knowledge in Italy, he returned home with a dream of stating a business.

“I started the business in 2017 August after getting disappointed by my employer and also realising that I would actually achieve my dream better if I had freedom to work round the clock and engage with clients who have issues in different parts of the world,” he says.

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Starting out, he tells Enterprise, was a big challenge as he didn’t have enough capital to run an office. This made him to start off online which was very tough. However, this was by no means easy.

“Online marketing also demanded money to be effective.”

His work as a skincare expert entails consultation, training and products. He also offers consultation to pharmacies and beauty clinics as well as training in makeup and basic skin knowledge.

“I also have a cosmetics line that I recommend to my clients,” adds Mr Kamau.

The entrepreneur says cosmetology is a well-paying career but depends on how one ventures into it; as a side job or full time occupation.

He makes between Sh80,000 and Sh120,000 monthly and has two permanent employees and four on temporary terms.

“For me, it’s the main deal and I get good amount that caters for my needs and also to save and invest for my family,” he notes.

Some of the charges for his services include skincare consultation at Sh1,000, facial treatments at Sh3,500, face makeovers from Sh3,000, depending on the event, personal make-up classes at Sh5,000 and professional types go for Sh5,000 per session.

He said his plan is to come up with better platforms to enlighten people on the best skincare to get when they are purchasing products and what ingredients to watch out for by also coming up with his line. This should be based on the safest but effective ingredients.

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“My advice to anyone with this kind of passion but lacks confidence is to always have integrity and honesty. Then the rest will play in line and follow suit.”

Mr Kamau also trains young people, mainly in makeup.

“It’s always good to work with the community; so, I have empowered a few young people by training them mainly in make up as we work together and in return they get a retainer,” he told Enterprise.

By Business Daily

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Nick Mutuma: I do romantic movies for my female admirers



Babe magnet, actor and film producer Nicholas Munene Mutuma better known as Nick Mutuma, has explained why he makes romantic movies.

The hunk, whose good looks drive many women crazy, says he develops such movies because of the ladies.


Drawing comparison from American rapper and actor 50 Cent, Mutuma has revealed that he studied his market and realised most of his clients are ladies and as such, he is compelled to create or feature in content that they like and would want to see from him.

“50 Cent has done the take. What works with 50 is that he tells stories that are relatable to his target market. He knows what people want to see. So even for me a very common question I always get is ‘why do I always make romantic comedy’, ‘why do you always make movies that are more female skewed’. You know it’s understanding your market. These are the people who put food on my table,” Mutuma explained in a conversation with radio presenter Shaffie Weru.


When asked how he keeps at bay ladies who are always thirsting for his attention the 6 foot lady-killer said he prefers staying at home if he ain’t working.

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He was however quick to put a disclaimer stating that he is in a relationship with actress Bridget Shighadi.

“Every time I talk about this stuff she is normally upset because she is a very private person. She doesn’t like her stuff out there. I’m in a relationship, I’m a dad and I’m gonna leave it at that,” the actor said.

Mutuma and Bridget have been together for years now and are blessed with a two-year-daughter Dua.

By Nairobi News

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Woman throws her three children into River Nzoia



A 24-year-old woman dumped her two children into River Nzoia in Lugari Constituency, Kakamega County last night seconds before jumping into the river with a third child on her back.

The woman who has been identified as Winnie, left her sister’s house where she had been staying at 9 pm duping her children that she is taking them to the shop. It is when they got to the bridge that she asked the children to close their eyes before pushing them one after the other into the roaring mass of water moments after taking the same leap to her death.

One girl survived after clutching on to a branch a distance from where she plunged into the water. The standard two girl explained the horror when she called for help holding on a weak branch.

“She grabbed our hands and jumped in the river. I reach in the middle of the river and got hold of a stick and lurched to it. I was crying,” said the little girl in tears.

According to Alice Magoma, the sister to Winnie, she had come to stay with her after some small disagreement with her husband.

“I didn’t see any problems with her. She had been staying with me for about a week and the husband even came to pick her up yesterday but they disagreed over a certain text message. I asked him to come another day when she has cooled down,” explained Alice.

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Alice explains that her sister was Okay in the evening, relaxing and chatting. She had left her to cook supper only to come back and find her and the kids not present in the house.

“That’s the last time I saw my sister. She didn’t tell me anything. She didn’t tell me her plan. I thought she was going to sleep at the neighbour’s place. I was wrong.”

The standard two girl who survived was found by Joseph Maleso, the chairman of the Nyumba kumi who took her to his home, gave her some tea and later took her to the police station where they recorded a statement.

The bodies of the woman and her two children are yet to be found.


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