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I think of suicide daily, troubled detective says



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Mr Jones Nyamu Muthui, a criminal investigations officer based at Kapsabet Police Station in Nandi County, is a depressed, suicidal man.

He says that every day, he thinks of how he can kill himself in order to escape from his mounting tribulations, a situation he links to his boss.

In letters seen by the Nation and which he sent to his bosses in Nairobi recently, the officer clearly indicated that he is depressed and is giving up on life.

In a tell-all exclusive interview with the Nation that shows what officers investigating big cases involving millions of money go through, Mr Muthui said he had decided to speak out following advice by some of his colleagues who were worried about him after he revealed his suicidal thoughts to them.

Mr Muthui, a police corporal, has been the lead regional investigator in the suspected loss of millions of shillings from the Sh15 billion compensation kitty established by the Jubilee administration during its first term for the internally displaced persons including the 2007/2008 group.

The officer, who joined the police service in 2002 after high school, said he had cracked a cartel in early 2018 that was swindling money from the vulnerable displaced persons by using their IDs to siphon millions of shillings in collusion with top managers of a local bank that was the custodian of the money.

Early last year, upon thorough investigations, he established that a Ms Margaret Wangoto Gathoni was allegedly leading an extortion ring that was going around the country taking money from IDPs with a promise to put them in a genuine list of beneficiaries.

He said she was using the identification documents of the IDPs to generate a list that would then be presented to the bank and the money would be released to her to take to them, which never happened.

Ms Gathoni is a former member of the National Coordination Consultative Committee on Internally Displaced Persons chaired by Mr Adan Wachu.

Ms Gathoni has vehemently denied the extortion accusations.

But having established the case, Mr Muthui decided to summon her last year.

However, unaware that he was about to open the gates to hell on earth, Mr Muthui asked her to appear in his office in Kapsabet in March 2018 where he took her statement and fingerprints in preparation for arresting and presenting her in court.


“That was the beginning of my troubles,” he said.

He said in July 2018, as he was putting together the evidence before finally presenting her in court, Ms Gathoni approached him, asking him to drop the case with a promise of a bribe, which he declined.

“She promised me Sh300,000 to drop the case. Later she promised Sh3 million so that the file could disappear fully. But having taken the oath at Kiganjo to obey the Constitution, I declined once again and told her I would not be intimidated by anyone,” the officer said, adding that despite Ms Gathoni claiming she was related to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family, he soldiered on with the investigations.

Not long after, he was summoned by his boss, the Nandi County Criminal Investigations Officer Sammy Mukeku, who asked him to hand over the file.

Mr Muthui declined to do so.

This marked the beginning of his troubles.

“When I decided to take her to court, my boss summoned me and asked me to hand over the file. I declined and requested him to make it formal. I asked him to do a memo to me requesting the same and also that we do an inventory of the file because it is the procedure required when handling over high-profile cases like the one I was on,” he said.

As things got thicker, he suddenly received a transfer letter which he interpreted as aiming to cripple the high-profile case.

“When I refused, my boss threatened me, saying he would take stern action against me. This February I was maliciously transferred to Lamu which was occasioned by my boss. I have requested for the transfer to be rescinded for at least three years for me to complete my master’s degree because there is no Jkuat campus in Lamu,” said Mr Muthui.

He is pursuing a master’s degree in Information Technology at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (Jkuat), Eldoret campus.

Upon his refusal to go to Lamu, he was reported to the police headquarters and his salary was immediately stopped.

“I have not received any salary since April. I have a feeling I’m being transferred to Lamu so that I can be eliminated and the same blamed on Al Shabaab operatives there (sic),” he told the Nation.

Other than failure to get his pay, he said he has since been locked out of office for close to a year. His firearm has also been taken away.

After being declared an outcast in Kapsabet, he decided to write to the Internal Affairs Unit, the police department that handle officers’ affairs, requesting for its intervention.

In a letter dated April 25, 2019, he set out his case against his boss, requesting the unit to intervene and ensure his job is safeguarded and justice served.

He clearly indicated that he was thinking of taking his own life to escape from the troubles he was facing in the course of his duty.

“I am hypertensive and Mr Mukeku’s actions have made me sink to depression, hopelessness and on the verge of giving up on life, a matter which has also negatively affected my family,” he said in the letter.

After he wrote the letter, officers from the unit visited the station and recorded statements from him and Mr Mukeku.

Nothing has happened since then.

Unsatisfied, Mr Muthui sought the assistance of the National Police Service Commission last August but he is yet to get any response as well.

“I have incurred huge debts and at the same time I have not been able to adequately provide for my family. All these has made me to feel suicidal most of the times. It is only by the grace of God that I have been able to write this letter. My family has been organising for my counselling but I am on the verge of giving up on life instead of going through all this trauma and pain caused to me as a result of my performance of my duties as per the law,” he wrote to the commission on August 27.

“The said Gathoni, together with members of her cartel, have been traversing Nandi, Siaya, Nyandarua, Kiambu, Uasin Gishu, Trans Nzoia and Laikipia collecting millions of shillings from vulnerable, needy and ignorant members of the public for the purpose of registering them with a promise that the national government will compensate them by giving them monies and allocate parcels of land,” he indicated in the letter to the police headquarters.

The officer, who joined the DCI from the General Service Unit, has pleaded with his bosses for understanding for breaking protocol, saying he did not have other options but to speak out.

“This is a high-profile case. I ask my President, CS Matiang’i, IG Hillary Mutyambai, to kindly forgive me because I am not supposed to speak to the media but the only other option I had today was to commit suicide. I have been suicidal most of the time. I have been on anti-depressants most of the time,” said the father of three.

In his response to Mr Muthui’s accusations, Mr Mukeku, the Nandi criminal investigations boss, denied that he was trying to interfere with the IDPs’ case, saying that as the boss, he was only interested in knowing its progress.

He said the case was on its infancy and that nothing much had come from it.

He also added that he was aware that Ms Gathoni had been summoned to record a statement by Mr Muthui.

“As the (officer) in the charge of the office here, I am supposed to get the progress of all investigations because I am the one monitoring them. I was the chairman of the multi-agency team that handled the case. The corporal initiated the investigations but the multi-agency team soon took over from him.

“I know he summoned a lady called, Gathoni. The lady came to my office with an advocate and other four suspects. I called Muthui to bring the file but he declined. I ordered him to record the statements from Gathoni and the others but he became elusive. The file was becoming problematic. A case of such a nature must be properly done before it is forwarded to the State office for directions. I have no authority to close an investigation until it goes full circle,” the DCI boss said.

On the transfer, Mr Mukeku said he does not have the powers to do so, saying it is the decision of the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti.

“It is the prerogative of the director of DCI to transfer officers. I played no role in the transfer of this officer. He was transferred with other 348 officers across the country. There was no specific case which I know of which caused this transfer,” Mr Mukeku said.

He said the officer is only frustrating himself by refusing to obey matching orders and going to Lamu immediately.

“This officer is frustrating himself. We are working in the disciplined service. He signed a contract with the government that he can work anywhere. The director saw that he is fit to work in Lamu where his services are required. He is frustrating himself by failing to obey police orders. If he cannot obey orders who is he accountable to? There is nothing special here,” Mr Mukeku added.

And speaking to the  Nation, Ms Gathoni said she was aware of the investigations and that Mr Muthui had questioned her, promising to take her to court.

She said she is ready to face him in court and defend herself.

She added that she has never offered anyone a bribe and will not do so in the future.

“I do not have such kind of money to give to anyone. He should stop spoiling my name with these claims. He is just interested in soiling my name through the media. I am ready to take him to court for doing that, tell him so,” she said when the Nation reached out to her.

She said her tenure at the IDPs commission ended in 2017 and she is now focusing on her timber business.

“I was not so poor when I was appointed. I had already bought a car. Some people have been claiming I used IDPs’ money to buy a car. Let them know I was not that poor. I am a business lady who has earned from her businesses,” she said.

Ms Gathoni accused the officer of becoming a “coordinator of IDPs” instead of an independent investigator.

“Mr Muthui has taken me through so much troubles. I have only been praying to God to protect me,” she added.

by Nation

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Man whose son died at concert asks police to arrest his killers



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Earlier this month, when Geoffrey Gikonyo began the search for his missing son, 17-year-old Stephen Munga, he prayed and hoped that they would find him alive and safe.

But this was not to be.

On November 12, the family’s search for Shanty, as Stephen’s friends fondly called him, led them to the City Mortuary in Nairobi.

Munga said that they were shocked to stumble upon Shanty’s battered body, a heartbreaking indicator that their last child and only son had died a painful death.

“His body seemed okay from the neck down but his head had a lot of injuries.

“It felt mushy when I touched it and one of his eyes had been perforated.

Stephen Munga aka Shanty

“I know my son died in a lot of pain,” Munga said.

In a desperate search for answers, Munga sought an explanation from the mortuary workers how his body ended up there.

“They told us that Shanty was beaten up by unknown people at the event, Nai Fest, held at Ngong Racecourse,”  Munga recounted.

A post-mortem showed that Shanty had died of severe head injuries. His family, which struggling to come to terms with his murder, says nothing was out of the ordinary when Shanty left home earlier that day.

Munga said together with his wife, they granted Shanty permission to go spend time with his friends since he had consistently demonstrated he was a responsible young man.

He left home on the afternoon of Saturday, November 7, and this was the last they saw him alive.

Filled with teenagers

This was not the first time Shanty went out with his friends and would always return home on time, his father said.

This time, he failed to return home two nights in a row, something he had never done before.

It is still not clear how the 17-year-old Form Three student gained entry to Nai Fest, a music event meant for adults. But what is certain is that on November 7, the day of the concert and the day Shanty died, he was last seen alive at the event.

However, witnesses claimed that the event organisers knowingly admitted teenagers as IDs were not a requirement to be allowed in.

“The event was filled with teenagers. People were being attacked and molested.

“There weren’t any police officers at the gate,” Dennis Mbugua, who attended the event between told the Saturday Standard.

Other witnesses corroborated Mbugua’s claim said the event not only admitted teenagers but also sold them alcohol.

Revelations by the concertgoers, both through social media posts and interviews, painted the gory picture of a concert characterised by drug use, violence and outright disregard of Covid-19 safety measures.

Witnesses questioned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers at the Kabete Police Station where Shanty’s case is being handled said they saw him at the event.

One of the witnesses, Maria Njeri, told Saturday Standard that she saw Shanty being beaten earlier during the event only to stumble on his battered body on the ground on her way out of the venue.

“Around 8.30 pm, bouncers pulled Shanty from the crowd. One of them held his hands.

“I don’t know what happened after that but two people followed them outside, one of them in tears,” Njeri recalled the events leading up to Shanty’s death.

She said when the duo returned where they were seated, she heard one of them say, “I hope they won’t hurt him.”

Njeri and her friends found Shanty’s body at around 9.40pm, just over an hour after he had been dragged out of the concert.

She recalled police officers arriving at the scene and ordering them to leave.

Later that evening, Njeri shared information about Shanty’s death on social media.

Last week, a video emerged of two men violently pounding and kicking Shanty while dragging him outside a tent at the venue.

The police are yet to arrest any suspects in relation to Shanty’s death.

Bridget Achieng, the event organiser denied that Shanty died at Nai Fest saying they found him injured backstage and rushed him to hospital.

DCI officers said they have commenced investigations into Shanty’s death after witnesses recorded statements on Wednesday.

Singers Francis Amisi (Frasha) and Hubert Nakitare, also known as Nonini joined Shanty’s family in seeking answers over his death.


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Cry of a Kenyan man whose Multi-Million-Shilling Apartments have gone unoccupied for 4 Years



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A landlord in Kenya has been left counting losses after his real estate retirement plan goes down the drain.

85-year-old David Ndolo from Kitengela told the media that he had lost more than Ksh10 million in rent after his multimillion apartment block stayed unoccupied for 4 years.

Ndolo says he built the multi-million-shilling property in Kitengela, Kajiado County through his pension savings. Its construction was completed in 2014.

The building consists of five bedsitters and 19 two-bedroom houses, which should earn him a total of Sh250,000 per month.

“I have watched helplessly as my retirement investment crumbles,” he lamented.

According to neighbors, his tenants started fleeing due to sewer water suspected to be coming from an adjacent building linked to a retired government official.

Ndolo’s troubles began in 2014 when over 200 tenants occupied the adjacent building and sewer water started seeping into his apartments.

He says he reported the matter to the National Environmental Management Authority and public health officials but the authorities closed the building instead.

His daughter Roselyn Ndolo said that officials ordered the closure citing that the apartments were a health hazard.

When contacted by journalists, Kitengela Public Health Officer Benard Kiluva stated that he did not have enough information on the matter since he was recently posted to the area.

Kajiado NEMA Director Joseph Kopejo promised to visit the site to probe the matter.

Government officials say Many landlords in the country have been contravening these provisions by either discharging untreated effluent into a public sewer or discharging it into the environment without an effluent discharge license.

“According to Kenyan law, it is illegal for  any person from discharging any effluent from sewer treatment works, industry or other sources into the environment without a valid effluent discharge license issued by the authority,” said a NEMA official.


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VIDEO: Kenyans in Diaspora reject BBI report, referendum



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A lobby for Kenyans  in the diaspora is urging voters to reject the  Building Bridges Initiative report in the  referendum being championed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

According to Commonwealth Voter Privileges Right Association (COVPRA) the report is being imposed on Kenyans after the views of  certain groups and  elected leaders views were rejected..

Uhuru and Raila have rejected amendments to the final report saying those opposing it had time to give their views to the fourteen member committee they appointment.


The lobby avers that the recommendations in the final report do not represent the position of all Kenyans and a contested referendum would divide Kenyans.

“Kenyans should reject the BBI report. It is two man initiative that is being imposed on the people. The clergy have rejected it, several groups have rejected it. It’s not a Wanjiku Initiative. A few people and their surrogates want to change the Constitution for their personal gain,” Mr David Kimengere Waititu, the association’s Organising secretary told the Nation.

“It would have been  necessary to allow debate on all the issues that  arose in the final report  before coming  up with a bill. Kenyans are being taken for a ride,”  he said.

In June the group petitioned the committee  led by Garissa senator Yusuf Hajji to allow views from all dissenting voices saying all Kenyans should be allowed to participate.

“Freedom to Assembly, Freedom of expression and Freedom to political participation are so important in a  process like this one. It would be a sham  if the BBI Team was to ignore the views of some Kenyans. During the  meetings to sensitize the public on the initiative,” Kimengere said.

Leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto and civil society are opposed to some of the proposals in the final report.

The group says a contested referendum would leave the country divided.

“We do not want a process that would leave Kenyans more divided. Let all Kenyans reject this report in a referendum to save their country from a few people who think they own Kenya.  We in Covpra, have our motherland at heart,” he said.

 Covpra said that the future of Kenya lies in the hands of the hollo polloi and not it’s leaders.

“ We call upon the Kenyans poor not to buy to the schemes of the dynasties. Let us protect our country by rejecting this monster called BBI if it goes to the referendum.

The group said in a statement that Kenyans should reject plots by politician to engage in chaos.

“At the end, this might result to   a badly contested referendum and  create a poisoned society ahead of the 2022 general elections. Let’s refuse any incitement to violence and stand up against the dynasties to shape the future of Kenya,” he says.

In their June petition, the group cited the strained relations between the Executive and the Judiciary and the fall out in the ruling Jubilee party over the process as a matter of concern.

“Our position stands that there is no proposal  to fix the simmering tensions between the two arms of government and between the two leaders of the Executive,” Mr Kimengere stated.

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