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Ida Odinga: Here’s my case against my son’s widow



Court filings have revealed the genesis of the multi-million-shilling tussle for the estate of Fidel Odinga, with his mother Ida and widow Lwam Bekele engaged in a vicious legal battle that has laid bare the secrets of Raila Odinga’s family.

In court papers seen by the Sunday Nation, Mrs Odinga and her daughter Winnie accuse Ms Lwam of omitting several properties in the inventory of her late husband’s estate.


They also accuse Ms Lwam of vacating the matrimonial home she shared with her late husband, who died in 2015, and withdrawing their young child from school, thus denying him he right to education.

“It is not in dispute that Ms Bekele was the legally married wife to the late Fidel (sic),” say Ida and Winnie in their affidavit. “But we are worried that the child Fidel left behind may not be adequately provided for.”

The Odingas accuse the widow of conniving with her mother and brother to petition the court to grant her the letters of administration despite efforts made for the two families to jointly seek the letters.

They say the widow deliberately and maliciously provided erroneous, incomplete and non-existent bank account details in an attempt not to be held accountable, and failed to fully declare and give an accurate account of Fidel’s properties.

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“The said grant was issued erroneously, as it unjustifiably locked out other interested parties from the estate of the deceased, his other children, his mother and sister respectively. The proposed administrators cannot be entrusted alone to faithfully administer according to the law the estate of the deceased and render a true and just account of such estate.”

Mrs Odinga further accuses Ms Lwam of keeping Fidel’s son away from the formal education system. She claims that while still married to Ms Lwam, Fidel had two other children from a different relationship, whom he supported during his lifetime, a fact she says was well-known to the widow.

“Ms Bekele has deliberately failed to include and provide or otherwise show intention of providing for the said minors, hence a red flag on her intention,” the two Odingas say.


Mrs Odinga and Winnie say the widow vacated her matrimonial home in Nairobi’s upmarket Karen area soon after Fidel was buried and cut all communication with the family.

“Though Fidel’s death remained a mystery and efforts were made to establish what suddenly transpired, the widow kept off from the family,” the two say.

Ms Odinga says it remains unclear why Ms Lwam ran away from her matrimonial home and there have been various efforts to establish contact so as to petition the court and jointly secure the future of the minors.

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“Her actions were all planned, deliberate and calculated to take advantage of Fidel’s family who are not aware when the plans were made.”

But, in a replying affidavit, Ms Lwam denies knowledge of the existence of the minors the Odingas claim were sired by her late husband. She, however, says that she has no problem including them as beneficiaries of her late husband’s estate if they turn out to be his children.

“I have never intermeddled with the estate of the deceased person either before or after being issued with the grant of letters of administration intestate,” she says.

She argues that the birth certificates presented in court by Mrs Odinga and Winnie do not disclose who the father of the twins is, adding that they were born six months after the death of her husband.


In refuting claims by the Odinga family that she excluded several properties from an inventory of assets her late husband owned, Ms Lwam says that her strained relationship with Ida is the cause of the succession dispute.

The alleged assets excluded, which the widow says she has no knowledge of, include three top-of-the-range vehicles, three bank accounts and her matrimonial home.

Ms Lwam says she is not aware of the Mercedes Benz her late husband allegedly owned, while one of the Range Rovers alleged to be in her possession in indeed owned by her late husband’s business partner only identified as Hossein, who claims to have bought it.

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The second Range Rover, she argues, is registered in the name of an individual identified as Yunis Muhammed.

As for their matrimonial home, Ms Lwam insists that its ownership was fully transferred to her upon Fidel’s death, hence it cannot form part of her late husband’s estate.

In her affidavit, Mrs Odinga says she is concerned about the future of her grandchild, who she fears may not be adequately provided for and may be disadvantaged in the distribution of the estate.

The Odingas want the court to nullify the letter of administration granted to the widow saying her intentions and actions are fraudulent and irregular and she misled the court that every person having an equal or prior right to the grant had consented.

Fidel died in January 2015 without a written will and had acquired several properties, among them their Karen Tipuana Park home, two pieces of land in Kisumu and another one in Kajiado, shares in Axum Investments Limited and Ambesa Investments Limited, and four vehicles, according to the court papers.

by Sunday Nation

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Retired architect found dead, lying behind sofa inside house in Tena Estate



A 70-year-old man was yesterday found dead inside his house in Tena Estate, Nairobi County.

The deceased, said to be a retired architect, was living alone in the house where he was found dead in the sitting room.

Huge smoke billowed from the two-bedroom house at 6am, raising suspicion among neighbours who were preparing to go to work. They called the police who broke into the house and found the body lying behind a sofa set.

His bedroom was intact, with his mobile phone fixed on the wall to charge. The entire Umoja Innercore Estate, which neighbours the area, had a power blackout the whole night.

Police suspect the deceased could have lit a candle and fallen asleep before it burnt out and started the fire.

The fire believed to have originated from the sitting room burnt three seats while the carpet and another seat remained intact.

According to the caretaker of the house, Charles Oyange, the man came in at 5pm on Tuesday, parked his Volkswagen car and had a hearty chat for about one hour before he retired to the house.

“Mzee was in a jovial mood and parked his car, which he bought a month ago,” said Oyange.

Buru Buru OCPD Andamson Bungei said the cause of the fire was yet to be established, but investigations had been launched.

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PHOTOS: Bizarre case as thief falls fast asleep after breaking into journalist’s house



In a bizarre case, a thief who broke into a journalist’s home fell fast asleep midway through his crime.

Confirming the incident in an interview with East Africa Radio, ITV Zanzibar presenter Farouk Karim said that the thief accessed his compound by scaling the perimeter fence.

According to the journalist, the thief stole shoes and clothes from the hanging line before setting his eyes on his car’s power windows. Recounting the fateful night happenings, Farouk said he’d left home early in the morning only to receive a call that a thief had been found at his home.

“I left my house for morning exercise and that’s when I received a call that a thief had been caught at my house; I was shocked. Some of the youths I was exercising with accompanied me and we found the thief was actually not in the house, but my car.

“We found him dead asleep in the car with all he’d stolen the previous night on his lap,” he said.

According to the journalist, the thief easily accessed the car as the doors were not locked and proceeded to steal the power window mechanism from the passenger’s door.

“I think as he tried removing the power window from the driver’s side and that’s when he fell deep asleep.”

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Fast asleep

Farouk further revealed that an angry mob gathered at the scene of the crime baying for the thief’s blood.

“I stopped them from beating him up as it was inside my compound; should anything have happened to him, I would have been held accountable.”

That’s when he called law enforcement officers who arrived and handcuffed the thief, who was still fast asleep. He was roused from his deep sleep and taken to the police station.

“We accompanied him to the police station as one would a bride on her wedding day. I think he fell asleep after getting contended with his loot.”

Responding to numerous enquiries from callers insinuating that voodoo had something to do with the incident, Farouk stressed the importance of prayer.

“The easiest way to make a thief fall fast asleep is praying to God to protect you and your home.”


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Woman with world’s longest nails reveals how she lost them



Lee Redmond hasn’t cut her fingernails since 1979.

She dips them in warm olive oil every day and uses bottle after bottle of strengthening and polish to keep them in top condition.

At their longest, her nails on both hands measured a staggering 8.65m in total – earning her the Guinness World Record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female).

She said: “It was just a challenge to myself to see how far they would go before they started twisting out of shape.

“I kept setting dates and dates that I was going to cut them and I just couldn’t do it.

“It’s strange how they become part of you.

“I think my fingernails defined me to a lot of people, I was known as the fingernail lady but to me, I would have to explain to them there really is more to me.”

She was devastated when she lost her nails [Photo: Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images]

But grandmother Lee, from Salt Lake City in the US, had her place in the record books cut short when she was involved in a terrifying car crash and her nails were ripped off.

She was sitting in the passenger seat when the car she was in crashed into another three vehicles, and she was thrown onto the road.

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She said: “The first thing I spotted was a fingernail and I started crying.”

She told a witness at the scenes that her nails were record-breaking, and the woman went around and collected all the pieces of nails – which Lee now keeps in a plastic bag to remind her of her time in the Guinness book of fame.

She said: “It was just something I had to accept because I couldn’t change anything.

“The thing that bothered me was, it becomes your identity. I felt I had lost part of that.”

The accident means that while Lee still holds the record for the longest ever, she doesn’t hold the current record – which belongs to Ayanna Williams.

But she looks back at her time with long nails with pride, even though there were many things she struggled to do due to her extraordinarily long nails.

She became known as “The Nail Lady” [Photo: FilmMagic]

One of them was going to the toilet on a plane, and the nails meant she didn’t fit into the small cubicles.

This meant she had to not eat or drink for 24 hours before every long flight.

But she says she could manage to do most other things, including looking after her grandchildren, washing up and writing.

She used to use long pencils with rubbers on the end to type.

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But the most common question she used to get asked? How she went to the loo.

Her answer: “Carefully”.


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