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Ineos1:59: The six wise men handling Kipchoge



Armand Bettonviel (Nutrition Expert)

PHILOSOPHY: “Be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become.”

PERSONAL GOAL: To further optimize Eliud’s metabolism so he will physically be able to execute the INEOS 1:59 challenge.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: To execute the drinking plan with Eliud running at such a high average speed. Furthermore, the fact the event date is not fixed presents challenges. Any delay will challenge the optimal metabolic preparation.

PERSONAL CONNECTION: Determination, sacrifices, focus and 100 per cent commitment are key elements in such a project. I personally strongly identify with these elements so that’s the reason I’m fully committed to Eliud.

Armand Bettonviel studied physiology, exercise and nutrition at Stirling University. His academic interest and expertise is in the exercise biochemistry and translating this knowledge into nutritional strategies for elite athletes.

Valentijn Trouw with Eliud Kipchoge in a past training session. (Photo: Courtesy)

Valentijn Trouw (Athlete Manager)

PHILOSOPHY: “A pyramid you build from the base to the top.”

PERSONAL GOAL: To create positive energy by setting an example to think in possibilities rather than in obstacles

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: To stay focussed on key areas and not get carried away by side issues

PERSONAL CONNECTION: To help to bring the real Eliud Kipchoge coming forward, both as an athlete and as a human being, and in doing so to enable him to inspire others

Valentijn Trouw started working for Global Sports Communication (GSC) in 2003 as an Athlete Representative and Elite Athlete Coordinator and now has a senior role within the company as Athlete Manager.

Valentijn has helped to build the careers of Olympic and World Championships medallists Eliud Kipchoge, Tsegaye Kebede, Faith Kipyegon and Geoffrey Kamworor among others.

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The main focus of his job is to build and then guide a strong team of professionals around an individual athlete to help them perform to the best of their ability.

Patrick Sang is Eliud Kipchoge’slead coach. (Photo: Courtesy)

Patrick Sang (Lead Coach)

PHILOSOPHY: “Trust is everything”

PERSONAL GOAL: To see Eliud run under two hours in Vienna.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: The biggest challenge is the things that you are unable to control.

PERSONAL CONNECTION: I have been the coach of Eliud since 2002 although now I say that is me who is the student and Eliud the coach.

Patrick Sang is Eliud Kipchoge’s coach and before that was an Olympic medal-winning athlete himself. Sang was born in Kenya and won a track scholarship to the USA where he attended the University of Texas and Iowa State University. Sang went on to represent Kenya and won three silver medals in the 3000m steeplechase at global championships: the 1991 and 1993 World Championships and the 1992 Olympics.

Sang started coaching in 1995, three years before he retired from competing himself. He met Kipchoge in 2001 and became his coach in 2002, helping him to a World Championships gold medal in the 5000m a year later. He has been with Kipchoge ever since through his success on the track right up to his Olympic gold medal and world record in the marathon.

Sang has also coached a host of Olympic and World Champions including Bernard Barmasai, Richard Limo, Ruben Kosgei, Brimin Kipruto, Hyvin Kiyeng and Geoffrey Kamworor.

GSC CEO Jos Hermens (Photo: Courtesy)

Jos Hermens (GSC CEO)

PHILOSOPHY: “What you reap is what you sow”

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PERSONAL GOAL: To see a sub two-hour marathon.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: To get all the details ready in the right moment and the right place.

PERSONAL CONNECTION: I have had the honour of working with Eliud and his coach Patrick Sang since 2001. Since I broke the one hour world record with 13,01 miles (20.944m), I am fascinated by one hour and two hour running events. I worked with Haile Gebrselassie when, in 2008, he smashed the marathon world record and became the first athlete to break the 2:04 barrier. Since that moment I wondered whether it was possible to run a sub two-hour marathon. I am convinced Eliud is the man who can.

Jos Hermens is a former athlete who is now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Sports Communication (GSC.)

Jos won the Dutch Sportsman of the Year title in 1975 and 1976 and improved the one hour record twice. He retired aged 28 due to injuries and in 1985 started his own company, Sports Communication Services, later to become GSC. This company helps athletes with coaching, competitions, sponsorship, medical care, marketing and PR.

Peter Vergouwen is Eliud Kipchoges physician (Photo: Courtesy)

Peter Vergouwen (Physician)

PHILOSOPHY: “Think different; never give up.”

PERSONAL GOAL: To contribute to and advise on the development and improvement of all physical and mental attributes Eliud will need to complete the INEOS 1:59 Challenge.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: The biggest challenge is to keep Eliud healthy, injury-free and in top fitness throughout the whole preparation period and to ensure recovery and body care are just as important as training.

PERSONAL CONNECTION: From the start of my physical education and sports medical career I have been fascinated by people and elite athletes, who want to break through barriers in their own lives and careers. Pushing boundaries is an ultimate challenge for everyone who wants to achieve something with their own life as Eliud says, No Human is Limited.

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Peter Vergouwen started his career as a PE teacher, then became a sports medical doctor and then, as a sports physician, managed to create an ideal combination of both jobs.

Since 2003, Peter has worked for the Department of Elite Sports Medicine in Hospital in the Netherlands, next to the national sports centre, Papendal.

Eliud Kipchoge’s physiotherapist Peter Nduhiu (Photo: Courtesy)

Peter Nduhiu (Physiotherapist)

PHILOSOPHY: “Just follow your passion”

PERSONAL GOAL: To make sure we support Eliud to achieve his goal and his dream to be the first human being to run under two hours for the marathon.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: For me the biggest is challenge is to keep Eliud healthy, but I am very confident about that.

PERSONAL CONNECTION: The fact that I am the main physiotherapist and that I have to carry through Eliud’s dream of running 1.59.

Peter Nduhui is Eliud Kipchoge’s physiotherapist, working full-time at the Global Sports Communication (GSC) camp in Kaptagat. After studying in Havana, Cuba, he came back to Kenya and started working in Kenyata National Hospital in Nairobi as a General Practioner.

Nduhiu joined Athletics Kenya in 1998 and in 2003, while working with the Kenyan team preparing for the 2004 Olympic Games, he first met Eliud Kipchoge, starting a relationship both with the athlete and GSC.

Nduhiu has attended Olympic Games and World Championships with the Kenyan team.

By Game Yetu

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Trump confirms he is adding Tanzania, Nigeria to No-Travel list



President Donald Trump has confirmed that he is adding seven countries to his US travel ban, including -surprisingly – Tanzania.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is also on the list.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in an interview from Davos, Switzerland, that he plans to extend the controversial ban citing the need to curb terrorism and discourage illegal immigration.

but declined to name the countries to be added to the list.

Several media outlets reported Tuesday that the 7 countries are Nigeria, SudanBelarusMyanmarTanzaniaKyrgyzstan and Eritrea.

Sources told that the list will be formally announce on Monday next week, on the third anniversary of the introduction of the original ban that targeted majority-Muslim countries.

The inclusion of Tanzania came as a surprise to many. However, analysts opine that it could have been targeted targeted because of its high number of citizens who have overstayed their US Visas.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with terror,” said a political analyst who did not wish to be named.

“But I can confirm to you that Tanzania is on the list of countries with high numbers of Visitors who have overstayed  their Visas.

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In 2018, The US Supreme Court, in a 5-4  ruling, upheld a version of the ban that blocked nationals from five Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. The ban applies to people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.

The ban had been challenged a few times in lower courts.


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It’s brother versus brother in Sh20 billion city estate fight



They are among the most elegant residential estates in the country, with residents expected to enjoy the serene environment presented by the beautiful trees surrounding them.

But, for a few months, homeowners in two city estates have not known peace as they fight with their developers over unfulfilled promises such as a gym, swimming pool and other amenities.

What was thought to be a done deal has now spilt to the corridors of justice as owners demand what they were promised on buying their homes.

One of the estates is Kihingo Village, also known as Waridi Gardens in Kitisiru, Nairobi, while the other is Oryx Villas in Lavington.

One pits a brother against his younger sibling supported by homeowners, while the other features eight buyers, among them a sitting MP, a judge and the property developer.

While obtaining an order blocking the development of an empty plot in Lavington, Senior Counsel Paul Muite told Justice Elijah Obaga last year they were apprehensive that they might wake up one day to find a septic tank built on the disputed plot gone.

He said the tank and soak pit for the nine maisonettes in the compound is erected on a disputed plot, with both properties accessed through a common gate.

According to Mr Muite, when his clients purchased the maisonettes known as Oryx Villas, they were promised that a piece of land adjacent to the homes would be amalgamated into one.

He further said the deal would have seen the developer build a gym, swimming pool, gardens, driveways and other amenities on the empty plot. Buyers were also entitled to apply for membership and ownership of one share of Muthangari Gardens.

It is this claim that they have kept reminding the developer to comply with as agreed.

All was well until September 24 last year when they were served with an order from the county government stating that they had illegally blocked an access road to the second plot.

The director of planning, compliance and enforcement at City Hall issued an order allowing Guangzhou Villas, a new developer, to remove a gate and wall blocking an access road to the plot within 48 hours.

The county government is supporting the developer and wants an order blocking the planned construction lifted.

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In a response filed in court, Ms Beatrice Kimathi, the planning compliance and enforcement officer in charge of Dagoretti North, wants the order obtained by the homeowners lifted, stating that it was perpetuating an injustice.

But buyers, led by Angela Musimba, Justice Joel Ngugi, Jane Sigilai and others stated that they were facing the danger of being deprived of their means of sewage disposal if Guangzhou Villas Ltd is allowed to proceed with the planned construction.

The entry of Guangzhou into the dispute, they say, is a sham and intended to defeat the course of justice. This was because Ms Patricia Mwihaki, a major shareholder in the company and the wife of Fred Rabongo, is also a director and shareholder of three other companies involved in the dispute.

Mr Muite said the incorporation of Guangzhou Villas was for the sole reason of defrauding them of the property.

Guangzhou Villas, which wants to develop the disputed plot, told Justice Obaga that they were suffering losses with the order stopping the development still in force.

Through lawyer Mwenda Royford, the company told the court that the order should be vacated because it was issued based on an agreement that they were not privy to. He also said Guangzhou has been sued wrongly.

The homeowners, including Musimba, Stephen Githinji, Charles Njuguna, Evans Sigilai and Janet, Justice Ngugi, Sylvia Kang’ara and John Wachira, obtained orders stopping Guangzhou from accessing and developing the plot.

They have sued Mr Rabongo and his wife Mary, Daniel Ogola, Impulse Holdings, Muthangari Gardens Management Ltd and Dayax Investments Ltd.

It is their contention that none of the defendants has given them copies, despite requests, of the intended developments, on the nature of the developments and there has been no consultation regarding the same issue.

“It is, therefore, amply clear that Impulse Holdings fraudulently held itself out as the registered owner of the subservient property, when it well knew that the said property was not registered in its name,” stated Ms Sigilai in an affidavit.

Guangzhou, on its part, said it is the rightful owner of the plot, pursuant to a transfer registered on May 7, 2019.

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In an affidavit sworn by Patricia Mwangi, a director of Guangzhou, she said Impulse Holdings or Oryx Villas have never owned the second plot.

“The plaintiffs are neither the registered owners of the property registered under Guangzhou Villas nor do they have any beneficial interest in it. The applicant is a stranger to the plaintiffs’ allegations on purported amalgamation of two parcels of land,” she said.

According to Guangzhou, the only common interest is the access road and the shared boundary.

In Kitisiru, Nairobi, Kenyans have been treated to theatrical scenes as two brothers battle for control of an estate estimated to be worth Sh20 billion and known as Kihingo Village (Waridi Gardens) Ltd.

The upmarket estate has 55 palatial houses and the two siblings are battling for control of the multi-billion-shilling property inherited from their father, the late Joseph Augustine Gethenji.

The dispute stems from the control of a Sh4 billion club house, which offers various recreational services to homeowners, including a swimming pool, steam bath and jacuzzi.

The club house, popularly known as Bustani building, is managed by the developer of the estate of Kihingo Village (Waridi Gardens) Ltd-KVWGL.

Homeowners are the only ones who enjoy the facilities at a certain rate.

KVWGL is managed by Kihingo Village (Waridi Gardens) Management One Ltd (KVWGMOL), whose shareholders and directors are Fredrick Gitahi Gethenji, former Tetu MP James Ndung’u Gethenji and Chacha Mabanga.

Through a Memorandum and Articles of Association, KVWGMOL is the controlling shareholder of KVWGL, with a total of 117 shares.

The manager or developer of the estate has two subscribing shares, leaving 115 shares and KVWGMOL, popularly known as Management One, with 60 shares while the house owners have 55 shares.

The brothers have disclosed to the High Court in their various cases that during the voting to pass resolutions on how the managing company will carry out its affairs, the controlling shareholder board of directors appoints a proxy, who votes on its behalf. This has 62 shares and, therefore, has the swing vote.

According to court documents and those filed at the Company Registry in the Attorney-General’s Office, Mr Gitahi resigned on September 20, 2011 and ,after 19 months, he was replaced by Mr Mabanga as a director in Management One Ltd with effect from March 13, 2013.

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In his resignation letter, Mr Gitahi alleged: “Despite several warnings by legal counsel of the illegality of the company structure it continues to be run by only two directors instead of seven as stipulated in law. I cannot and will not be held liable against any legal action.”

The board of directors of KVWGL are Mr Ndung’u, Mr Gitahi, Naresh Mehta, Eric Govani, Mr Mabanga, Amee Chalishazar, Sheetal Khanna and Muhib Noorani.

After his resignation, Mr Gitahi lost the powers to manage the company and the firm is now being overseen by Mr Ndung’u, who is also the chairman of KVWGL.

Because of the constant wrangling police have, on two occasions, picked up Mr Ndung’u and once charged him in court.

In a bid to wrestle control of the multi-billion-shilling estate from Mr Ndung’u, some homeowners held a special general meeting on April 13 last year, where changes were made in the management by removing Mr Ndung’u.

Judges Loise Komingoi, Margaret Muigai and Wilfrida Okwany have given orders to maintain the status quo, keeping Mr Ndung’u at the helm of the estate.

But homeowners, through Kifaru Investment Ltd (KIL), Wanjiru Shinga, Kishorkumar Dhanji Varsani, Harji Dhanji Varsani, Samuel Wambu Mwangi, Mohan Singh Panesar and William Pike, are opposed to the move, claiming that the court should allow them to appoint a reputable agent to manage the estate.

Among the orders they seek is one compelling KVWGL and KVWGMOL to immediately restore utilities and services to all residents of the estate at their expense.

The seven are also seeking to compel the Registrar of Companies to effect changes in the company register and records in accordance with the award of July 28, 2016 and the decree dated February 15, 2019 by removing all reference to Class B shares (the 60 controlling shares held by KVWGMOL in KVWGL).

They are also seeking to remove all purported Class B shareholders (Ndung’u, Gitahi and Mabanga).

The estate sits on 37 acres with self-contained houses, each standing on half an acre, but despite all this, peace still eludes residents.


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