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“Jeff was not raised with a silver spoon” Jeff Koinange’s mother clarifies



When we talk of Jeff Koinange, we see a man whose childhood was all rosy and future well secured, but that’s not it!


Jeff Koinange was born to a father, whose father, was a prominent Kikuyu chief during Kenya’s colonial period.

Therefore where Jeff falls in this lineage is, his grandfather, Koinange Wa Mbiyu was the wealthy one and probably that trickled down to the chief’s sons, including Jeff’s father, the late Fredrick Mbiyu Koinange.

However, things got worse after Jeff’s father passed on and left Jeff behind, in the hands of a single mom who raised them up in a normal family set-up.

This the aging mother revealed during Jeff’s recent event on Sunday hosted at Country Roads, Thika Greens Golf Resort, with both in attendance.


Mary Mbiu, Jeff’s 82-year old mother, took over the podium to clarify that her son was not born with a silver spoon as the world has grown to assume.

People should not associate the name Koinange with riches because Jeff was raised in a normal family set-up. I raised him like a normal child because his father died when he was still young.

Mary Mbiu, Jeff Koinange’s 82-year old mother speaking at the Country Roads’ event

Jeff’s dad, Fredrick Mbiyu Koinange was brother to Mbiyu Koinange, who was the eldest son of chief Koinange Wa Mbiyu.

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Mbiyu Koinange was a Kenyan politician who served in the government and cabinet of Kenya’s first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, for a whooping 16 years.

Jeff’s father on the other hand, was the first Kenyan to open a car dealership but later died in the year 1966, a time when Jeff was barely 2 years of age.

Additionally, Jeff’s mother pointed to the fact that young ladies should remain content with what they have and not blindly run after a man’s wealth like is the case today.

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Sarah Kabu’s big revelation



Bonfire Adventures co-owner Sarah Kabu has claimed that slay queens have been hunting for her husband Simon Kabu.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, Sarah revealed that since her husband gifted her a Range Rover SUV for her 39th birthday, “slay queens” have been sending messages trying to gain favours from him.

The SUV Simon gifted Sarah for her 39th birthday.

She also revealed that they know the passwords for each other’s phones and social media accounts and advised that couples should do the same.

“During the New Year’s, I was going through his Instagram account, I was going through his DM and a slay queen inboxes him, ‘Happy New Year Simon Kabu, this year my goal is to go out with you, please make it happen.’ I did not respond. We get those DMs almost on a daily basis. The only thing I do is I visit their profile,” said Sarah.

She revealed that she also gets passes from young men especially when driving around in town.

Mr and Mrs Bonfire.

The Bonfire Adventures co-owner gave some tips to struggling entrepreneurs. She revealed that it has not been all rosy through their journey in business.

“Through the internet we look happy and travelling to many destinations but the rest of the time we always work hard till we burn out. In December, we could work from 6 am to 12 midnight,” she added.

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Child birth is honestly a near death experience – Kate Actress cries out



December mom, Kate actress shed some light on her delivery experience which she believes was a miracle. Kate believes during delivery, one foot is in the grave and the other is hanging on, alive.

Child birth is honestly a near death experience😔 honestly have one foot n the grave, am still so grateful to God for my little miracle.

However, sharing her life stories and past experiences on her You Tube platform, the charming actress seeks to inspire and empower others whose circumstances, have deprived them of self esteem.

Kate actress speaks motherhood, weeks after successful delivery

Urging masses never to be afraid to ask God what indeed he has in store for them, as many times as they can because persistence wins.

It´s a beautiful feeling when your story continues to inspire, and empower others who because of many circumstances think so little of themselves! I keep saying God is not Man. Ask him what his plan for you is, he will guide you!

The beauty is now a proud mother of a daughter, whom she sired with hubby, Phil Karanja, after a long battle, trying to get pregnant.

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I’m not yet successful- Billionaire Chris Kirubi speaks




Billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi says he is yet to see himself as successful because he has not achieved his dreams.

He revealed this in an interview with Business Daily, DJ CK, as he’s popularly known, says in spite of battling a sickness this has not made him streamline his day to day activities as he still holds almost six meetings per day at his home. 

“…I’m not yet successful. I have a dream. I work more now in my home than I worked in the office. Many people come to see me because I’m sick. My people want to come and consult with me. I still run my companies. I’ve never switched off.”

Chris reveals achieving a goal and not money is his primary motivation. Though he considers himself a billionaire, he is yet to know how much he is worth. 

“I don’t know (my worth). I never count. Counting means looking back and I don’t look back,” said the Capital Group Ltd Chairman

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