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Stop being petty, Raila tells Kenyan legislators over Mwende Mwinzi standoff



Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Saturday evening waded into the dual citizenship row facing envoy nominee Mwende Mwinzi.

Mr Odinga accused legislators of having “petty” beefs against her. Ms Mwinzi, nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta to serve as Ambassador to South Korea, has faced pressure to renounce her US citizenship before taking up her appointment.


Already approved by Parliament, she has instead sued to challenge the demand by arguing she is a citizen of both countries (Kenya and US) by birth and is unable to renounce any.

Mr Odinga said the legislators should allow Ms Mwinzi to take up her new appointment.

“Other than petty vendetta and a refusal by our Parliament to rise above partisan interests and act in the interest of the nation, there is no reason whatsoever for MPs to maintain Ms Mwende Mwinzi cannot be our ambassador abroad,” he said.

“I appeal to our MPs to always stand up for the nation. Both the law and the interest of the nation allow Ms Mwende Mwinzi to represent our country abroad,” Mr Odinga said.

Mr Odinga, a former Prime Minister at the time the new Constitution was passed in 2010, said Parliament’s stance risks discriminating the diaspora who he argued was a useful community to the country.

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His entry in the issue has increased the number of those opposing the legislators’ stance.

The case, to be heard on Monday before Justice James Makau, has already attracted diaspora lobbies.

On Wednesday, the Kenya Diaspora Alliance and the Diaspora Centre, both of who say they represent Kenyans abroad, applied to be enjoined in the case, saying its determination will affect the entire Kenyan community living abroad.

Now the judge will have to rule whether Ms Mwinzi can take up the job, while still holding on her two passports, something MPs have opposed. Parliament has also been enjoined in the case.

Last week, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission announced it will investigate claims some MPs have dual citizenships. Dual citizenship is illegal for MPs since they are state officers.


Mr Odinga, who is also the African Union Special Representative for Infrastructure and Development, said the Constitution allowed dual nationality to tap into the skills and resources the diaspora provide to the country.

He specifically vouched for her, saying she became a citizen by birth, which wasn’t her personal choice to make.

Ms Mwinzi was born in the US of a Kenyan father and an American mother in 1971. Her family later relocated to Kenya where she has two other siblings.

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In 2017, she was allowed to contest for the Mwingi West parliamentary seat but was unsuccessful.

Last week, her lawyers challenged the demand that her name be removed from the list of approved ambassadorial nominees.


Prof Tom Ojienda and Associates say Parliament’s role stops at approving or disapproving, not giving conditions on nominees.

“The mandate of the National Assembly is to either approve or disapprove the nominees of the President. The National Assembly had accomplished its role as at that point and cannot purport to review it,” they argued in the motion.

“The move is sub judice (seeking to undermine the authority of the Court) and parliament should not try to usurp the power of the judiciary to rule on this matter,” they said in the motion.

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Kenyans in the diaspora sent home ksh280 billion in 2019 




According to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) new annual record in 2019, Kenyans living and working abroad sent home approximately $2.7 billion (KSh280 billion).

The amount shows a 3.7 percent growth compared to the previous year, whose remittances roughly $2.6 billion (KSh272.3 billion). The lowest remittance was in 2015.

A weekly report bulleting from CBK that was released on Friday shows money sent by Kenyans in the diaspora increase to $250.3 million (KSh25.2 billion) in December 2019. An increase from $218.8 million (KSh22 billion) in November. 

Kenyans in North America accounted for the most substantial part of the remittance in December at 50 percent. Following closely was Europe at 20 percent and 30 percent from the rest of the world.

However, the 2019 total remittances did not meet the World bank’s target of Sh285.5 billion. The target amount would have achieved a five percent growth. “The rate of growth of remittance inflows will rise by just 5 percent compared to a 39 percent growth between 2017 and 2018,’’ World Bank said in December.

World Bank sees the reduced growth in diaspora remittances is due to the increasing economic concerns in the US and the United Kingdom, where a recession may be setting in despite strong employment data.

”With the world slipping into a recession, it is feared that remittance inflows may suffer as companies’ layoff staff in the developed world even as employers and employees adopt austerity measures,” World Bank’s report said.

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Miguna Miguna urges Kenyans in diaspora to stage protest against Uhuru as he visits the UK




Kenyan-Canadian lawyer, Miguna Miguna, is urging Kenyans in the United Kingdom to partake in a protest against President Kenyatta as he plans to visit the country this week.

Miguna, through his twitter page on Saturday, addressed his supporters, asking them to stage a protest where President Kenyatta will be staying during his visit to the UK. The protest is to demand that the president obeys court rules requiring the government to allow him to enter the country. 

“Red Alert! Notice to all Patriots in London! Uhuru Kenyatta will be in London, UK, from January 20, 2020,” wrote Miguna.

He added: “He will be shuttling between the Town House located at 66 Lowndes Square, Kensington, and 10 Downing Street. Find him. Show him that No One is Above the Law!” 

The president is set to attend the UK-Africa Investment Summit in London from Monday, January 20th, former Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma confirmed.

“Arrived in London, ahead of H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta who, at the invitation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will join other leaders for the Africa-UK investment summit on 20th January 2020,” Dr. Juma wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

Miguna is currently stuck in Germany after his return to Kenya on January 7 th was rendered impossible by the Kenyan Government that issued a red alert warning airlines not to fly Miguna to Kenya or any African nation. 

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VIDEO: New laws which could have US Green Card holders deported take effect as thousands rush to acquire Citizenship



If you are a Green Card holder in the US and you  think you can do whatever you like without running into  the risk of deportation, then think again. There are some new laws going into effect that could get permanent residents deported.

Under the newa Trump rules, a simple mistake is no longer an excuse and simply not knowing what the new rules are could get someone holding a green card kicked out of the United States for good. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has instituted some new rules that will take effect in 2020.

Some of the new green card rules for 2020 which could get you in trouble if not obeyed are:
  •  Failing to admit you’re an immigrant on your tax returns or failing to report some of your income could get you deported
  • Men between the ages of 18 and 25 who hold a green card must register with the U.S. Selective Service; failure to do so could lead to deportation
  • An extended overseas vacation could cost someone their green card – it could be considered “abandonment” of the green card. WATCH:


Young men between the ages of 18 and 25 who hold a green card and do not register with the Selective Service could also be deported.  Even a vacation overseas could cost someone their green card.

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Some are no longer willing to take the chance by simply holding a green card, which must be renewed every ten years, and instead they’re becoming U.S. citizens to avoid deportation.
She says calling these infractions a mistake is no longer an option.

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