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VIDEO: Give us a break na muache kutusumbua, angry woman tells Kenyans in US




A Nairobi-based woman is telling Kenyans in US to give the people back home a break. In a viral video posted on social media, the woman, who only introduces herself as Nana says she has had enough with the Showbiz that Kenyans in the US put on display.

“Acheni kutusumbua tafadhali, we are busy people,” she says. She says that contrary to popular belief, most of them are burdens to their relatives and friends.

“Wengine mmepata Geeen Card recently halafu mmenza kubrag. Mnatwambia tuwatafutie manyumba na magari halafu hamtaki kulipa.” Na muache kihelehele mingi ati Kenya kuna uchafu…mara hospitali ni mbaya, mara barabara ni mbaya. Mkienda America mliacha Kenya iko hivyo,’ she says.

“And then even those of you who went to America straight from Ushago and had never visited Nairobi before you got your Green Card and only passed through the City enroute to Jomo Kenyatta Airport ati sasa mnajifanya mnataka kukaa Kilimani area kwa sababu mmesikia watu wengine walikaa huko.”

She also takes issue with those Kenyans in US who complain that the people back home switch off their bundles and therefore can’t take Whatsapp calls. “Wachane na sisi. Bundles huku si free kama huko kwenu,” says the visibly agitated woman.

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Nana says many Kenyans come from the US and all they do is get drunk and crash rental cars…and later leave without paying.

Na muache kimbelembele ya kuwapa pesa mapoliticians wanaowatembelea huko na ili hali wako na pesa mingi kuwaliko. Halafu  mnapost mapicha kwa Facebook.

“Please please give us a break and use google to get rental cars and apartments,” she says. “But we still love you ma-Summer bunnies,’ she concludes.



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DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: Kenyan man passes away suddenly in St. Louis, Missouri



It is with heavy heart that we sadly announce the sudden passing of Jacob Simatwa of Endebess, Kitale-Kenya and a member of the Kenyan community in the United States.

Jacob died on January 24th, 2020 while living in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in a house he shared with another roommate. He spoke with friends and went to sleep that night but never woke up in the morning.

He was an alumni of Coastal Carolina University and is well remembered as a notable athlete. He was a member of the men’s cross country and track & field team from 2002-04.

Also a member of the 2003 Big South Outdoor Track & Field championship team, Simatwa was a four-time Big South Outdoor Track & Field individual champion in the 400 meters in both 2003 and 2004 and was part of the 4×400 meter relay team in both 2003 and 2004 as well.

The Funeral committee in the United States met on January 25th 2020 via teleconference call and received preliminary information on the death and committed to lead fundraising effort to repatriate the body back to Kenya following his family’s plea.

We are sincerely appealing to the Kenyan community and well wishers in the United States to assist in raising funds to send Jacob’s body back to Kenya. Prior to his death, Jacob was jobless and with no insurance coverage nor any personal reserve cash in the bank.

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Kenya Community in St Louis will hold a memorial service on Sunday February 2nd, 2020 at 5pm.
Venue: Christ Covenant church
465 Shackelford Rd, Florissant, MO 63031
Pastor Paul Macharia 314 2297708.

The funeral planning committee has come up with a budget of $17,000 to cover burial and funeral expenses from USA to Kenya. No amount is too big or small; any amount will be greatly appreciated. You can use any of the following

CashApp handles for those in USA:

  • Joe Kipnusu +15154478262 ($kipnusujoe)
  • For those in Kenya send contributions to Peter Simatwa MPesa # 0720 204350
  • You can also contribute using this GoFundMe

Please join this WhatsApp Forum to help us raise funds and get updates as we plan on sending our comrade back home.

Thanks and God bless you all, Funeral Planning Committee

For any further inquiry, Call or text any Funeral committee members below:

  1. Chair – Prof. Lewis Kwemoi Chongwony (USA): +174027415275
  2. Peter Simatwa (Jacob’s cousin in Kenya): cell # +254720 204350
  3. Prof. Paul Sabila (Maryland): +1 (860) 964-6011
  4. Faith Langat-Korir (Kansas): +1 (816) 529-1014
  5. Tim Sirkoi (Florida): 1 (802) 299-8591
  6. Lucy Sakura (Texas): 1 (817) 724-2781
  7. Joseph Kipnusu (Iowa): +15154478262
  8. Esly Kania (Minnesota): +17635684575
  9. Isaac Kibet (Missouri): (314) 255-8717
  10. Vincent Sambrir (Kenya): +254722 364714
  11. John (Jacob’s brother in Kenya): +254716822693.
  12. Timothy (Jacob’s brother in Kenya): +254720064730
  13. Cyprian Manyu (Texas): +1314 243-4303

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‘How did you interview cows?’: Kenyans online bash US-based CBS news over locusts’ Invasion Story




CBS News, US-based media house, is facing the wrath of Kenyans on social media after publishing an article on the locusts invasion in the country.

The media house on Saturday posted an article titled, Locust outbreak in Kenya is worst in 70 years: “Even cows are wondering what is happening.”

CBS News quotes a Kenyan by the name Ndunda Makanga explaining how the insects have wreaked havoc to the farmers’ crops including sorghum, corn, and cowpeas.

The media house claims the headline quote was gotten from Makanga but Kenyans online are not believing it, especially how they got the cows’ side of the story.

Below are some of the reactions from online users.

@OliverMathenge asked: “Did the Kenyan cows tell you so.”

@Okolowaka noted: “My cow was not interviewed & elects to distance itself from this report…this does not represent the viewpoint of all cows in Kenya.”

@gmwahome posed: “The current living cows were not alive 70 years ago! How many cows have you interviewed?”

@allhaggai wondered: “How did the cows express those views?”

@jacouf stated: “Now I know what CBS stands for…Cows Broadcasting Service. Now waiting for the interview with Kenyan cows.”


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VIDEO: Pomp and colour as Real Estate Developer ‘Mahiga Homes Ltd’ celebrates 2nd Anniversary



ADVERTISER’S MESSAGE: Your number one most trusted real estate developer in East and Central Africa Mahiga homes Ltd celebrated 2nd anniversary in pomp and colour, the event was marked with jubilation as every speaker praised the developer for the great achievements in just two years.

The developer has built and handed over 4 housing projects namely;

*Cornerstone I Estate
*Cornerstone III Estate
*Cornerstone IV Estate
*Kamulu Cornerstone Gardens
The celebrations were attended by several guests and clients who have invested with Mahiga homes.
Kikuyu Diaspora Media CEO Jeremy Damaris and Finance Director Josephine Wairimu graced the event.

Jeremy Damaris had this to say, ‘when Ruhiu told me that he has a project I listened to him and trusted him as my brother, its two years down the line and have never heard any complains from any client.
Mahiga homes Directors thanked and appreciated all the clients from believing in the developer.

Here are the current affordable houses that the developer is selling,
Rockvilla Annex located just 400 meters off tarmac at Joska long kangundo road, Kangundo rd is under construction to upgrade to dual carriageway,Spacious 3 bedroom bungalows master ensuite on plot size 40 by 80 kes 3.95m deposit kes 1.6m then pay the balance in 12 monthly instalments.

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