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Inside terror machine that stunned Ruto men in Kibra



The Orange Democratic Movement is on the spot over its links to a team that terrorised individuals suspected of voter bribery in the Kibra by-election last week.

The rowdy group of youth unleashed fear by harassing, intimidating and beating up political opponents suspected of bribing voters at polling stations.Some MPs were also attacked by the group. Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale were some of the victims of the group that claimed to be protecting ODM votes from manipulation.

Dagoretti South MP Simba Arati was captured in a video recorded at one of the polling stations asking a terrified Mr Barasa if he wanted to “run again”. Barasa had been attacked and chased from Mashimoni Polling Centre alongside his Kapsaret counterpart Oscar Sudi.

Barasa is heard in the clip pleading with Mr Arati, and telling him that “we are colleagues; we are friends” before the youth descended on him.

Further beatings

Arati has, however, denied unleashing the group on his colleague, saying he is the one who protected the Kimilili MP from further beatings.

At Old Kibera Primary School, an unidentified man was descended on by the group after he declined to identify himself on the day of the by-election last Thursday.The rowdy youth claimed that they had spotted him at three other polling centres, and demanded he identifies himself. The swelling group of young people soon landed on him with kicks and blows.

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The beating went on for close to three minutes before the police at the centre rescued him and drove him away.At Ayany Primary School, a Jubilee agent lost his phone after he was beaten up by the youth before officers at the polling station intervened.And at DC grounds, another group spotted two men and claimed they had been sent to bribe voters.

The two were roughed up before they ran into a polling station for police protection.At the same centre, Jubilee Party candidate McDonald Mariga was chased away by the same group when he visited to monitor the exercise. One of the youths shouted at Mr Mariga to “now leave”, before the others joined in.The police were forced to shoot in the air as the group charged towards the ex-footballer, who dashed into his car and fled the scene.

The Jubilee candidate was also confronted at Ayany Primary School in the evening by rowdy youths who stoned his car. The police had to shoot in the air, again, to save Mariga.In yet another polling station, the gang engaged Dr Khalwale in a stone-throwing battle. At one point, he found himself cornered and the visibly-shaken Khalwale was forced to drop the stones he was carrying. The police later ordered him to leave the area to avoid provoking the youths further.

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Over the weekend, Deputy President William Ruto demanded that ODM leader Raila Odinga apologise for the chaos created by the group, which he described as a militia.“As Kenyans, we demand that Tinga, his party unconditionally, unequivocally and publicly renounce the culture of violence, chaos, terror and gangsterism that is their signature modus operandi as witnessed in Kibra, and unreservedly apologise to victims past and present for the hurt and loss,” said the DP.

Court charges

But ODM has dismissed claims it deployed militia to intimidate those who had turned up to cast their votes in the by-election, and said it did not owe anybody an apology.ODM Chairman John Mbadi said it was ironic that Ruto was demanding an apology when he has not condemned the chaos in Ganda Ward, Kilifi County, where one person was shot dead on the eve of the by-election.Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa, a close Ruto ally, was linked to the chaos and is facing court charges.

Mr Mbadi maintained there was no violence, and that ODM supporters were only protecting the party’s candidate Imran Okoth, who won the by-election.The ODM chair, who was speaking at a funds drive in Busia County yesterday, said the party would use its die-hard supporters in the future to protect votes in elections or referendum.“After losing the seat, they said their percentage had gone up, but that did not sell. They then shifted to the imaginary narrative that there was violence in the Kibra mini-polls,” said Mbadi.

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“Only those who were caught on camera were violent. Us we carried brains to Kibra and remained peaceful to the end.”MPs Otiende Amollo (Rarieda), Christine Ombaka (Siaya), Walter Owino (Awendo) and Florence Mutua (Busia) echoed his sentiments. Mr Amollo said Kibra residents exercised citizens’ arrests by confronting and arresting those who engaged in voter bribery.And in another statement signed by ODM Director of Elections Junet Mohammed, the party accused the Deputy President of being behind the chaos in Ganda and Kibra.

“In both elections, Deputy President William Ruto, who is leading a splinter group in Jubilee, built a trap against himself, vowing to use the polls to teach a lesson to ODM and its leader, Raila Odinga,” said Mr Mohammed.He added that Khalwale was photographed armed with stones and trying to cause mayhem.

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Nelson Mandela’s eldest daughter Zindzi Mandela dies aged 59




Former South African President and anti-apartheid crusader Nelson Mandela’s daughter is dead.

Zindziswa Mandela died on Monday morning aged 59 years.

Her death was confirmed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the country’s Department of International Relations.

She was serving as South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark at the time of her death.

Just like her parents – Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela, – Zindzi cut a figure of anti-apartheid freedom fighter following the footprints of her parents who suffered in the hands of the white government.

The late diplomat bore the brunt of the harsh regime after her father was imprisoned when she was only 18 months old.

Thereafter, her mother would also be in and out of jail often letting her be taken care of by her elder siblings.

In 1977, her mother was taken to Brandford and later to Orange Free State jails. Zindzi supported her and acquired her education culminating it in Degree in Law at Cape Town University.

This enabled her to emerge as the spokesperson of her parents.

The family have not given the information on the cause of her death.

She is survived by a husband and four children.

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See photo of exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna looking worn out that has worried netizens



An post meeting photo of Kenyan exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna with a friend in Canada has left his online followers asking government to allow him back.

Miguna had a joint photo with one Jackson Igbinosun at the Black Gold Think Tank but it was his apparent unkempt beard and now slender body that many netizens noticed.


Miguna Miguna.Miguna Miguna and his friendJackson Igbinosun at the Black Gold Think Tank. Photo: Miguna Miguna.
Source: Facebook

According to the online community, the firebrand politician looked weary, fatigued and much older, joking that he was aging before he could liberate them from “despotic jaws”.

“You are getting older each day general before you liberate us from the despots. We still believe, hope and trust in you,” joked Olleta Dennis.

Miguna Miguna.Miguna Miguna when he stranded in Berlin after the government issued a red alert against his flight back to Nairobi. Photo: Miguna Miguna.
Source: Facebook

Some even chided him that he was no longer the self-declared general they knew two years ago on the night of his deportation when government authorities allegedly sedated him.

Miguna was kicked out of the country in 2018 after his involvement in the infamous swearing in of the ODM party boss Raila Odinga as the ‘people’s president’.

He made several futile attempts to fly back home in January 2020, but the government issued a red alert to block his return.

After his last deportation on March 28, 2018, he continued to live in his adopted country Canada.

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What killed popular televangelist Morris Cerullo



One of the most celebrated televangelists Morris Cerullo has died.

The evangelist has been battling pneumonia over the past few days.

On July 9, a message posted on his Facebook page revealed that not all was well and the end was nigh for the preacher.

“Urgent Prayer Request: Dear Friends, we would appreciate your immediate prayers for Dr Cerullo who is being treated for pneumonia at the hospital. Please also pray for Theresa who has been working around the clock to assist in his care. She needs your prayers too for extra strength at this time. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for Morris and Theresa!” read the post which attracted over 32,000 reactions, 14,000 comments and 3,500 shares.

Born 88 years ago in Passaic, New Jersey, US, Cerullo grew to become one of the most listened to and watched preachers of all time, perhaps in the league of renowned televangelists like Billy Graham.Young Cerullo grew up in orphanages after his parents died in a road crash. Having been born into a Jewish-Italian family, he converted to Christianity at the age of 14, a move which is said to have not gone well with the owners of the Orthodox Jewish orphanage.

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He ran away and started preaching at the age of 16. He would later conduct several open-air crusades and ministry meetings across the world. His ministry was premised on healing and miracles. At the age of 59, he bought the assets of the bankrupt ministry of Jim Bakker.

An astute businessman, Cerullo invested in media and bought a cable news network called PTL which he later renamed INSP-The Inspiration Network of which one of his sons would become CEO and later chairman. The evangelist got married to Theresa in 1951 and were blessed with three children, David, Susan and Mark.

His ministry went beyond the US and to various continents in the world including Africa. He came to Kenya in August 2017 and paid a courtesy call to President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi. He also visited Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia during that tour.

But Cerullo has had his own fair share of controversy. At one point he was accused of tax evasion in California but the charges were dropped. In another incident, the preacher was accused of having underrepresented his income between 1998 and 2000 but on August 8, 2007, a court in California ordered the indictment to be dropped. In 2001, a group calling itself UK Apologetics took on the preacher accusing him of what they called ‘Massive Distortions’, questioning his mode of preaching.

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The group charged: “Cerullo, who is widely-known to be fabulously wealthy, has claimed many miracles but many observers strongly question the validity of some of these claimed ‘miracles,’ indeed, a few of these are genuinely tragic. One such case is the case of the little girl, riddled with cancer, who is informed by Cerrullo that she is “healed.”

Tragically this poor little girl was dead within weeks.”In 1991, he was accused for airing miracles he claimed to have performed, leading to the suspension of the license of a TV station or broadcasting a programme dubbed Victory with Moris Cerullo, until the station agreed to place a disclaimer stating, “Morris Cerullo World Evangelism cannot substantiate the claims made by participants featured in this programme.”

His death was yesterday received with an outpouring of grief on social media. John King’oo, a Nairobi resident, wrote on Facebook: Rest in power Dr Morris Cerullo. Immediately after high school, I attended your meetings in Nairobi.


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