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IT IS NOW OFFICIAL: There are half a million more women than men in Kenya



The 2019 population and Census results are out and the Kenyan population has grown to 47.6 million with women marginally outnumbering men.

While releasing the results on Monday at State House, Nairobi, Director General of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) Zachary Mwangi said the total population of those enumerated was 47,564,296.

Men account for 23,548,056 of the population while women hit 24,014,716. Quick math shows women are more by a mere 466,660.

“We see that the female accounted for 50.5%,” said Mr. Mwangi while noting that the intersex population has declined from 10 years ago.

The Intersex population was reported to be 1,524 a decline from 10 years ago.

“The population has grown to 47.6 million in 2019 from 37.7 million in 2009 and the intersex population has declined to 2.2% in 2019 from 2.9% in 2009.

Kenyans are having less children with the Census reporting that the average household size has decline over the last 10 years.

“The average household size has decline to 3.9 in 2019 from 4.2 in 2009,” said Mr. Mwangi.

The most populous counties were listed as; Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kakamega and Bungoma while Lamu, Isiolo, Samburu Tana River and Taita Taveta are the least populous.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta said the numbers released will help guide the Government in planning purposes.

“The numbers released today will go a long way in guiding successive planning for the benefit of all Kenyans. I expect that KNBS will release the other census volumes and make them available to planners,” said Mr. Kenyatta.


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Plane capacities will not be reduced for social distancing, Transport CS says



Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia has said airline capacity will not be reduced to observe social distancing rules once domestic and international flights resume.

The CS made the announcement while outlining the protocols the ministry has come up with to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country during a press briefing on Wednesday at Transcom House in Nairobi.


This comes at a time the country is preparing to open its airspace for domestic and international flights in the next few weeks.

Macharia said airlines will not have to drastically reduce the number of passengers for them to fly, adding that if they carry less than 75 per cent in their flights, they would incur losses.

He said this will help in revamping the tourism sector, which has taken a hit since the pandemic struck the country in March this year.

“The passengers must go with Covid-19 free certificate. I would expect that if you are flying out, it would be prudent for you to be tested because you may not be allowed into other countries,” he said.

The CS also said an exception would be made for passengers who have to catch a late-night flight.

“If you are flying at night and you show the boarding pass/ticket, you will be allowed to go to the airport with your driver,” he said.

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The CS, however, discouraged travellers from having many people escorting them to the airport.

In May, Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer Allan Kilavuka said the price of air tickets will most likely be hiked if the government allows the national carrier to resume flights.

He indicated that air travel would completely change as every country comes up with new plans and policies to be adapted post coronavirus.

He noted that 55 to 65 per cent of people travel for leisure, which means between May and December airlines are missing out on this big business and income.

“Travel is not going to be cheap. 55-65 per cent of people travel for leisure. Therefore we are going to lose 51-76 per cent of our market between now and December as business travellers are the ones that are going to travel first,” Kilavuka said.


The KQ boss noted that among other measures wearing of masks will be mandatory for passengers and crew while airport staff will be required to wear protective gear.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday announced that all international flights shall resume from August 1.

The President also announced the resumption of local flights from July 15 under strict guidelines in the country’s planned phased reopening.

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The move comes after three months of suspension of all travels in and out of the country.

The global aviation industry has been massively affected by the coronavirus pandemic with most countries having suspended international flights.

By Nairobi News

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Tony Kwalanda lands new job weeks after K24 firing




Witty sports journalist Tony Kwalanda has landed a new job barely a month after being fired by K24 TV.

Through his Twitter page, Kwalanda revealed that he will now be working at Red Cross owned TV station, Switch TV.

Through his tweet, the journalist announced his new blessing in one of the wittiest ways.

”Tony Kwalanda is switchING to which TV station?” he tweeted.

However, it is not yet clear which show Kwalanda will be hosting at Switch TV.

Kwalanda joins Switch TV barely a month after he was shown the door at K24 where he was working as a sports news anchor.

He is among over 100 journalists who were mercilessly fired from K24 over alleged redundancy.

While most of the affected employees chose to start their private ventures, some like Kwalanda were lucky enough to find new jobs.

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Salim Nasir, fitness enthusiast who cycled Nairobi to Mombasa in two days



Salim Nasir caused a storm on Twitter last week as he shared his cycling journey from Nairobi to Mombasa, covering over 500kms in just two days.

Nairobi News caught up with him for an exclusive interview.

When did you start cycling as a hobby and why?

This began as a mere physical practise but with time, there was an innate passion and love for being on the wheels. I would say my first few months were mere baby steps to a great pinnacle of success.

How many days did it take you to cycle from Nairobi to Mombasa?

I took two days to literally cover 565 kilometres. The first day I did 365 kilometres from Nairobi’s CBD to Maungu in Voi Town. Seems easy but it takes a metallic heart to pursue such an uphill course. Imagine the wind, the trailers you meet on the busy road. It is absolutely scary but satisfying for any athlete.

What are the challenges you faced in this journey?

Resources – The high cost of maintenance with regards to the bicycle is almost every rider’s complaint. Maintenance cost is always high because of the mileage and distance covered. This is a cycling fraternity challenge that calls for action especially to those who would pursue cycling as a career sport. But I am grateful to God for my family and friends who many times come to the rescue.

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Safety – The bullying along the road is every cyclist’s challenge. We nearly meet death every time we are on the highways. This should inform of cycling sections on the road.

Salim Nasir at a stop over in Salama town during his 565km bicycle ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. PHOTO | COURTESY
Salim Nasir at a stop over in Salama town during his 565km bicycle ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. PHOTO | COURTESY

How did the idea to cycle all the way to Mombasa come up?

We had a consensus to do an awareness ride against road bullying of cyclists but since we live in extremely tough times, I did it with a colleague with whom we decided to take the challenge seamlessly and unequivocally.

What did your immediate family members and close friends think of it?

First when I shared the message with family and friends they had actually thought I was joking, it really sounded something so impossible to many after telling them I’m planning to ride within two days.

I had done a Mombasa-Dar es Salaam cycling challenge thrice and that was a focal point to confirm that I could do the recent challenge comfortably.

Did you need any special approvals to cycle all the way due to the Covid-19 situation?

Actually I would say a big thank you to our Kenyan police at specific roadblocks, they were so cooperative once we informed them we are riders and we were keeping fit during this tough period of Covid-19.

Salim Nasir (right) and his training mate Salim Hussein at a stop over in Mtito Andei during their 565km bicycle ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. PHOTO | COURTESY
Salim Nasir (right) and his training mate Salim Hussein at a stop over in Mtito Andei during their 565km bicycle ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. PHOTO | COURTESY

Will you cycle all the way back?

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Yes. I am ready anytime from now. I am planning to do a ride to Mecca in Saudi Arabia with other colleagues to go and perform the pilgrimage. But we need to put our house in order in terms of intensive training and other fitness arrangements. The distance is no longer a scaring part for me. With the right infrastructure and support, I am willing to ride around the world any time.

How many kms did you cover in total?

I did 565 kilometres to be precise.

What would be your word of advice for anyone who wishes to do the same?

It is all a mindset. Before you consult your heart, your mind must be very strong and daring to put the right energy to achieve your goals. Nothing comes on a silver platter. You have to be mentally strong to defy the odds. A thing that aches me is why didn’t I do the ride within one day. But I have in mind that one time I will be able to do it in just a single day. You must always be a record-breaker athlete every single day.

Salim Nasir (right) and his training mate Salim Hussein in Mombasa town after completing a 565km bicycle ride from Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY
Salim Nasir (right) and his training mate Salim Hussein in Mombasa town after completing a 565km bicycle ride from Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY

Which bike do you use?

Currently I’m using a Trek Madone road bike.

How many stopovers did you have along the way and where specifically?

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We had a total of seven stopovers throughout the journey. Our first stop was at Salama town for breakfast. The second one was at Mtito Andei and the final stop for the first day was at Maungu town.

On the second day we made our first stop at Taru town, then at Kaloleni, and yet another one at Takaungu. This town is very sentimental to me. I was raised and had early basic education years here. Then our final stop was at the elephant tusks in Mombasa town.

Had you planned beforehand in terms of accommodation along the way?

It was basically a freestyle ride because of lack of proper funding. We just had to sort ourselves out to get a hotel from our main stopovers point.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Cycling can be a hobby or favourite sport but with my little experience, I want to transform cycling as an avenue of humanitarian cause in society. We can comfortably run awareness campaigns like gender-based violence, drug abuse to our youths, mental health issues amongst other issues while we are comfortable on the wheel.

Another key issue, we can embrace cycling culture to fight lifestyle diseases that are daring and threatening a whole generation.

Interview by Jeff Kinyanjui Nairobi News

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