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Meet the Nandi soap-eating sisters



What is your favorite snack? I know you are thinking of crisps, biscuits, chocolate bars, cookies and the like.

But for two young women from Kibochi Village in Nandi county, surprisingly, a bar of soap is their favorite snack.

According to a story that ran on KTN News, Sharon Chepchirchir and her sister Lydia Chepkemboi have an insatiable appetite for bars of soap.

Chepchirchir said she has been eating soap since she was only five years old, and 19 years later it is still her favorite snack.

She thought she was the only one with the strange habit but six years ago she discovered her sister had the same secret habit.

“My younger sister lived with my aunt and we rarely met. One day, I noticed she had a bar of soap in her pocket. I asked what she was doing with it and she said she eats soap. This brought us closer because we borrow soap from one another,” she says, she told a KTN News reporter.

When Chepchirchir got pregnant she was worried that her soap-eating habits would affect her unborn child but she said she got an assurance from her doctor that her habit was harmless.

“The doctor said it was the first time he was encountering a person who eats soap. He also said he was unaware of any condition that makes people eat soap. He, however, said soap is not poisonous,” said Chepchirchir.

Chepchirchir has for the past two years sought to tame the urge to eat soap but she admits it has been a tough battle.

She said she even sought divine intervention but her efforts have proved futile.

Chepkemboi, on her side, said she enjoys eating soap and only a few of her friends know about her bizarre habit.

“I am also shocked that I eat soap. I have worked hard to hide the habit but some of my friends know about it. They say I am not normal. I want to stop but I just can’t,” says Chepkemboi.

Their mother, Monica Jebet, has expressed her frustration trying to stop her girls from eating soap without success.

“I even tried to apply pepper on the soap but they kept eating. They would steal other soap without pepper and eat,”  said Jebet.


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VIDEO: Why was Lee Njiru not on list of people thanked by Moi family, Kenyans ask



Was Lee Njiru ignored by the Moi family? That is the lingering question among Kenyans following the conclusion of several days of national mourning, a national memorial service at Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi and ultimately the funeral service and burial ceremony in Kabarak, Nakuru County on Thursday.

As Baringo Senator Gedion Moi read a long list of people who, according to him and the Moi family, had played a key role in terms of helping during his father’s illness as well as those who worked for him in his retirement, one name was conspicuously missing.

Lee Njiru, the long serving Press Secretary to former and now late President Daniel Arap Moi, was not among those mentioned by Moi’s last born and his daughter Lulu. Watch:

Hawk-eyed Kenyans – as expected – couldn’t fail to notice the omission especially because during the numerous interviews that Njiru did upon the passing of Moi, he came off as one  who had particularly gotten very close to the former head of state.

Why why why? Babake Lulu, why did you leave Njiru out?” Wondered John Njeru on Facebook.

KarisJoe wrote on Twitter: “Was it a deliberate omission or has Njiru been talking too much?”

Martin kk wrote: “Hata baada ya Njiru kusemekana ati anafanana na Baba Moi, hata hakutajwa?

JackDaniel tweeted; “I want to believe that they forgot to thank him along many many others who meant a lot to Mzee Moi. Nonetheless, God will thank Njiru for his service.”

According to Daily Nation, Kenya’s leading newspaper, Njiru is presumed to know the late Moi’s top secrets, having remained close to him until his death.

Njiru, who also doubled up as  President Moi’s personal assistant  for 42 years, recently declared: “Mr Moi was like a father to me.”

After President Mwai Kibaki took over the presidency, Njiru continued to work for Moi, growing even closer to the former Head of State who became “lonely and quiet”.

“We moved from the employer-servant relationship to more of a father-son one. He mentored me. He believed in hard work and did not like high-sounding ideologies,” Mr Njiru said at his Cherrynam Resort in Nakuru.

“As a PA and press secretary, I was also in charge of his public relations and corporate affairs. My job was not to say what the President said, but what he meant. I would formulate the information to the public, bearing in mind that it was from the presidency and not just from Moi,” he said.

Even after Moi’s retirement in 2002, Njiru continued to take care of his image. He even moved to Nakuru so that he could continue working for Mr Moi, who moved to his Kabarak home. The media continued to rely on him for information pertaining to the former President and his family. He was, for instance, the go-to person when Moi’s eldest son, Jonathan, died.

“I still hold the position of Moi’s press secretary, my contract ends on September 11, 2021,” he said.

The last time he spoke to the former President was late last year, before his health deteriorated.

“After that, he was unable to speak much but I would, once in a while, visit him in hospital and just see how he was doing,” he said.

Born in Runyenjes in 1949, he studied at Kangaru Boys’ High School where he completed his ‘O’ levels in 1968.

He was briefly employed by the National Cereals and Produce Board in 1969.

Mr Njiru joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communications in 1974 and graduated with a diploma.

He was employed the following year as an information officer in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Nairobi.

In early 1976, he was posted to Kakamega in the same capacity before being posted to State House later that year, where he spent the rest of his professional life until Moi’s retirement in 2002.

Mr Njiru was the longest serving head of the PPU and it is highly unlikely that any of his successors will ever wield the influence he had on the public and private media.

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Fire destroys building at Starehe Boys



Fire damaged a building at Starehe Boys’ Centre in Nairobi County Saturday night.

Acting Director Josphat Mwaura said it started in the workshop and then spread to the study block.

He said two Nairobi County engines were sent to the scene.

Mr Mwaura said they were conducting a head count of boys who remained at the school during the half term break.

No casualties had been reported by press time.

A mysterious fire destroyed two beds in a dormitory at Upper Hill Secondary School in Nairobi on February 6.

Principal Peter Muia said no one was injured and that the fire was put out immediately.

The principal said the cause of the fire was not established but assured parents of their children’s safety.

In November 2019, a Form Three student died in a dormitory fire at Bahati PCEA Secondary School in Nakuru County.

Nakuru North deputy divisional police commander Francis Mwangi said the girl was the only one in the dormitory when the fire started.

The officer said all other students at the school were accounted for.


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Sonko’s first born daughter Saumu Mbuvi is expecting her second child



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s first born daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, is expecting her second child.

The mother of one shared a picture of herself with a fan on Instagram revealing her protruding belly.

Saumu recently started dating Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, but the two have been silent about the nature of their relationship even as she has in the past shared posts expressing her adoration and love for the youthful senator.

Saumu parted ways with Ben Gatu, the father of her first born daughter, in March 2017, only days before she delivered her first born baby, claiming he was using her for political mileage.

Months later she started dating another man but she went the extra mile to hide his identity. The relationship lasted only ten months.

News of her new love interest, the Lamu Senator, started spreading like wildfire in June 2019, when the two were rushed to hospital after being attacked by unknown assailants at a popular nightclub on Thika Road.

Later Saumu started sharing post hints on social media on the rosy relationship she has with Loitiptip.

This included pictures of herself with Loitiptip locked in a tight embrace and in one photo she captioned “Hi Future, Thank you for putting your life before mine, For standing by me, Advising me and always being there for me …you will forever be my Best friend. Wishing you quick recovery hun.”

While in another she wrote, “Hisia hazifichwi..kipendacho roho hula Hata nyama mbichi. Hi Future.”

by NN

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