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Optiven Launches A Revolutionary App that Enables You Buy Land and Earn at the Touch of Your Smart Phone



Optiven has just made owning property much easier with the introduction of a new Mobile App that will now enable Kenyans in Africa and Diaspora to interact with real estate products at the touch of their mobile devices.

Named OPTIVEN, the app is available on both Google  Play store for android users and Apple’s App Store for Iphone users.

Amongst the key features of the App is that it will allow members of the public to earn money from Optiven’s aggressive vision of economically and socially Empowering and Transforming the society. All
that members of the public need to do is just to register through the App and become automatic Optiven

From your account on the App, you can then refer relatives, friends and colleagues to buy Optiven

“The App keeps all the input records and it is able to alerts the account holder when referrals
have bought a property and it automatically credits Kshs20, 000 to Kshs50, 000 to the registered account.
The amount squarely depends on which project the customer likes. This will provide passive income to the
owners of the Optiven App,” says Mr. George Wachiuri, the CEO, Optiven Group.

What’s more, this App has been designed with global standards, meaning that data security is guaranteed.
The App is able to provide customers peace of mind.

“You need not send anyone to view your property as the app is able to locate the property coordinates
through the use of Google Earth facility incorporate on the App. The customer is able to communicate on
the app, view the statement, get updates and get inspiration nuggets. The app will reduce customers’ stress
by providing all the information on customers’ hands. You only need smart phones to own a property.
Land ownership is now made easier,” says Mr. Wachiuri.

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The Group’s CEO notes that this App is set to drastically change the way Optiven does its operations.
“The App will catapult Optiven to a league of visionary companies dealing with Big Data. Optiven is
expected to grow more than 5 times and life is going to be easier for staff. Staff will get more time to
innovate and think as the customer loyalty increases due to the ease of transacting business. This is a
major milestone not only for Optiven but to the real estate industry,” he notes.

Members of the public have now been given capacity to enjoy and eat the Optiven cake. This is actually
taking Optiven to the public. The digitized Optiven will deliver more efficient services to customers, staff
and other stakeholders.

For property buyers wishing to buy land with Optiven, they are now more at 100% peace. All you need is
to download the Optiven App from Google Play and App Store. You search properties under the many
projects available in several counties and make a selection. You can pick and the property goes to your
shopping basket or to the wishlist. You then register your details as you book a site visit (online). The
App gives you options on the day and dates that you are available for the visit.

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While choosing the date you can reserve for 48 hours and the plot finally becomes available for the market
after 48 hours if you do not pay. If you pay, the plot moves out of the property list automatically.
At the same time, the App gives you options to enter the deposit and shows you the monthly payments. It
also has an inbuilt calculator to make it easy for you to get the actual figures.

Once you pay, it will show you the statement, send you a receipt and it will remind you when the next installment is due. The App will be able to update the customer on hot deals, Optiven Philanthropy works and give our
customers some constant flowing life-charging nuggets.

Going into the near future, Optiven projects that this App will be among the most preferred Apps in
Africa. “I see it as an Earning App or an Investment App. This is one App that every Kenyan worldwide
will like to have on their phone.

It is a download that gives you money when you least expect. You only
need to keep updating on all those interested on property ownership and investment. We plan to develop
this App to Phase 11 and Phase 111,” says George.

He notes that at phase 111, it will be an App that connects the market and the buyer’s. “We shall allow
other credible real estates to use our platform. This is why we said that, the App is the new disruption to
the real estate industry. It is no longer business as usual. Optiven believes in the power of innovation that
disrupts the industry,” he says.

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Optiven Group is a leading brand in the African real estate sector whose main objective is to empower property investors and transform the Society. Optiven Group also has a soft arm, which undertakes charity works, by the name Optiven Foundation.

The Foundation has so far been involved in numerous philanthropic works in its quest to transform the social wellbeing of thousands of Kenyans. Optiven Group is captained by its Founder and
CEO, George Wachiuri, and is rightly living up to its mission, which is to create an environment that positively
transforms its staff, customers and all its stakeholders through offering state of the art products and services.

The Group was recently singled out as one of the companies that will inspire Africa in 2019, by the London Stock
Exchange. Optiven also took home two winner’s trophies for the Land Agent of the Year and the Best Value Added
Land Selling Company during the 2nd Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards, 2019. As a market leader in the
property sector, Optiven scooped the best employer in East Africa 2019 by East Africa Best Employer Brand

Optiven also scooped the overall winner’s trophy in Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies Survey, 2014/2015 by
KPMG and Nation Media Group. The Group also won the Best Company in Customer Orientation & Marketing in
Kenya (COYA AWARDS) – 2015.

For more Information Visit:

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Plane capacities will not be reduced for social distancing, Transport CS says



Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia has said airline capacity will not be reduced to observe social distancing rules once domestic and international flights resume.

The CS made the announcement while outlining the protocols the ministry has come up with to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country during a press briefing on Wednesday at Transcom House in Nairobi.


This comes at a time the country is preparing to open its airspace for domestic and international flights in the next few weeks.

Macharia said airlines will not have to drastically reduce the number of passengers for them to fly, adding that if they carry less than 75 per cent in their flights, they would incur losses.

He said this will help in revamping the tourism sector, which has taken a hit since the pandemic struck the country in March this year.

“The passengers must go with Covid-19 free certificate. I would expect that if you are flying out, it would be prudent for you to be tested because you may not be allowed into other countries,” he said.

The CS also said an exception would be made for passengers who have to catch a late-night flight.

“If you are flying at night and you show the boarding pass/ticket, you will be allowed to go to the airport with your driver,” he said.

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The CS, however, discouraged travellers from having many people escorting them to the airport.

In May, Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer Allan Kilavuka said the price of air tickets will most likely be hiked if the government allows the national carrier to resume flights.

He indicated that air travel would completely change as every country comes up with new plans and policies to be adapted post coronavirus.

He noted that 55 to 65 per cent of people travel for leisure, which means between May and December airlines are missing out on this big business and income.

“Travel is not going to be cheap. 55-65 per cent of people travel for leisure. Therefore we are going to lose 51-76 per cent of our market between now and December as business travellers are the ones that are going to travel first,” Kilavuka said.


The KQ boss noted that among other measures wearing of masks will be mandatory for passengers and crew while airport staff will be required to wear protective gear.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday announced that all international flights shall resume from August 1.

The President also announced the resumption of local flights from July 15 under strict guidelines in the country’s planned phased reopening.

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The move comes after three months of suspension of all travels in and out of the country.

The global aviation industry has been massively affected by the coronavirus pandemic with most countries having suspended international flights.

By Nairobi News

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A Breath of New Life at the Fountain of Peace with a Novel Shoal of Fish



Gated Communities are supposed to offer absolute life.

We thank God that Amani Ridge the Place of Peace has some brand new occupants in the name of thousands of fish that were recently introduced at the Fountain of Peace water feature adjacent to the magnificent project’s gate.

And now you have a number of things that you can opt to do with this great place that is easily accessible from either Thika Super Highway, Kamiti Road or Kiambu Road:

1. Come and enjoy the great features on this Fountain of Peace. You will enjoy the feeling of the trickling waters on this Fountain. Do not forget to carry your camera.

Take a photo and tag Optiven and you will have a chance to get a free ticket to swim on a warm pool in Kitengela (

2. Come with children for them to view the lovely fish whirling leisurely at the base of this Fountain:

This will mesmerize your children as they unwind from their current home environment.

3. Come with your teenagers, carry bikes as Amani Ridge the place of Peace is ready to accommodate you. There is a massive Crescent Avenue where teenagers can really ride as they enjoy the view of Mt. Kenya plus excellent fresh air of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace.

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4. Come with your pet dog. Walking your dog at Amani Ridge could just as well end up being an excellent experience.

5. Finally carry the elderly, your parents or your friends. Amani Ridge the place of Peace is not the usual property but it’s a place to unwind and to enjoy tranquility of fresh air. Even if you are not buying, just visit and we will give you a tour around this awesome place in Kiambu.

In case you want to buy one of these prime value added properties, we will give you a solid 6 months interest free window and allow you to pay within 24 months.

Call us today & occupy the best gated, green & fresh environment.

Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 Email: Website:

George Wachiuri Blog:

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VIDEO: Gigantic Security Light Being Installed at the Gate of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace



As a follow up to our recently rolled out Sustainable energy agenda, we have started installation of an enormous Solar powered Security Light at the main gate of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace.
This security light, which will be strategically located at the gated community main gate will have 8 lights of 180W and will be raised 10 Meters high. It will also be near the Fountain of Peace: 
The significance of this strategic installation is that the light will not only serve as a security boost but also will be a symbol of abundance to all the families that will settle at Amani Ridge the place of Peace. It will also be a symbol of Light & Brightness in each individual living in, raised or retiring at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace.
Besides, it will also be a symbol that families will not only live at Amani Ridge but that they will THRIVE in a BIG way.
Other than this ongoing security solar light installation, we thank God that the following has been achieved too for the last 60 days:
1. Wall of Peace (800 meters long & 9 feet high) now completed ✅
2. The Wall of Wisdom (700 meters and 12 feet high) now completed ✅
3. The Green Razor wire on Wall of Peace is now completed ✅
4. The Fountain of peace is now done. We allow photos for free on this unique, inspiring Fountain that is a symbol of Peace and our Green Energy commitment at this top Gated Community.
What is ongoing today?
1. The Steel Galvanized 100,000 Litres Tank that will be elevated 15 meters above the ground to enable good water supply
2. We shall commence the Wall of Happiness (700 meters long, 9 feet high)
3. Water draining master idea in the offing. We shall reclaim 5 acres using modern technology
What can you do as a customer?
1. Plant trees or fruits on your plot
2. Fence your plot
3. Bring us a referral – We have less than 40 properties remaining
4. Keep paying your Installments so that you get your title deed
We look forward to an amazing gated community where families will thrive, live abundantly and Enjoy boundless Peace. A place where people will enjoy their retirement years as they walk in green environment, congregate at a state-of-the-art club house and bask under the Kiambu sunshine along the Crescent Avenue. With my plot No 301 already secured, I am going to be one of those people who will enjoy all these abundance.
Your good friend can be your neighbor too. Guide him/her to call Optiven or share their number with us and they will forever remember you. 
Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 Email: Website: George Wachiuri Blog:  

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