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Photos of fibroid removed from Grace Msalame after her surgery



Media Personality Grace Msalame has for the first time shared a photo of fibroids that were removed from her body after a myomectomy last year.

The mother of two said that the recovery journey has not been easy but at least she is not where she was before.

Taking to her Instagram to share her journey, Grace wrote

‘On this date last year 2018, my first walk outside to get some Sun after a myomectomy procedure to remove fibroids.

I can’t describe how difficult, painful & long the recovery process was.

I Can’t even equate it to a CS, but a year later I am truly grateful because I’m back to a semblance of normalcy😊God is good🙏🏾 Lessons from my experience; .

Grace Msalame


‘You have options of treatment, you can either have laparoscopic surgery which is less intrusive than an abdominal myomectomy.

We opted for the open surgery though, because the fibroids were quite large so just to be sure we got them all out, we did what we had to do.’

Fibroid removed from Grace Msalame during her surgery

Grace added that at some point she had gotten tired

‘That said there are natural treatments that shrink fibroids with time.

In hindsight a part of me wishes I had given that a shot because surgery is always the last resort, but I’m still grateful because I had gotten to the point where I was tired!

grace msalame

Diet & Lifestyle go a loooong way! What we eat will either make us healthy, or make us sick in the long run, so it’s prudent for us to be more mindful about our diet.

Am work in progress for me here🙈Also learn to let go! Don’t carry unnecessary baggage, that stress to your body will have to come out one way or another so let it go sis & seek peace🙏🏾’

Her advise to other women going through the same is

‘Listen to your body. It will always communicate when something is off! For about a year I was constantly lethargic &amp.

This was due to my low blood count which only got worse because of the very long periods. So don’t ignore when you’re body communicates & the sooner you act the better. ‘

In conclusion Grace said

‘Lastly the post surgery belly is better than before but the fupa is still present😩Vision 2020 is to completely eliminate it👊🏾😊 Signs of Fibroids;

– Long painful periods
– bloated belly – Painful intimacy – Lethargy (for me at least).

Visit your gyna regularly, hormonal changes & imbalances can also contribute.’

grace msalame

By Mpasho

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Betty Kyallo responds to ‘unanona juu unakula kwa wenyewe’ remark



Kenyans have called out Betty Kyallo for her unending love for food when shooting her show Weekend with Betty which airs on K24.

For those who might have watched the show, Betty has a tendency of asking if there is food, be it lunch or breakfast before the shoot begins.

In instances where the guest does not cook, they always end up eating out and the fans have noticed that owing to that, Betty is supposedly gaining weight.

One fan wrote

‘Huyu @BettyMKyallo ananona juu ya kukula kula kwa wenyewe.’

To which Betty responded.

Kwani sikulangi kwangu?

Below are some more reactions with some people coming out to defend Betty

@SamStep27927131: Yaani Betty akiingia tu kwa mlango ye huuliza ama kuna chai ni ukweli mwili huwa hujengwi na mawe.

@AgapetusWamalwa: Mwambie hata mwili haiendi na kukula au kutokula. Yote ni mapenzi na maumbile ya Mungu.

@Amosdigitals: Betty tell him you know how to cook. Then invite the niggar to a restaurant near you and buy him a lunch.

@oeclaver: Dem akipigwa shtiki poa….pia yy hunona.

@KenyaaObama: Na imgne mi naona kama ni kionjo…bado utaongeza my friend.

@CarlitozCyrus: Betty usiwe na makasiriko cha muhimu ni kujenga mwili

Personally, I think people should just let Betty be, akiskia atanona mpaka apasuke, it’s her life.

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By Mpasho

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Student dies in Bahati PCEA dorm fire



A Form Three student has died in a dormitory fire at Bahati PCEA Secondary School in Nakuru County.

Education director Lawrence Karuntimi said the girl was pronounced dead on arrival at the county hospital following the incident on Saturday night.

Mr Karuntimi said the cause of the fire was yet to be established.

“The only thing we know is that there was a girl in the dorm, which had been closed. When the fire was put out and the dorm opened, it was found that she fell and was overwhelmed by the smoke. Investigators are gathering more information,” he said.

“The scene was processed today. A team from the public works department will do its assessment tomorrow and [report on whether] the place can be inhabited. They will look at the structure and advise us.”

Earlier, Nakuru North deputy divisional police commander, Mr Francis Mwangi, said the girl was the only one in the dormitory when the fire started.

“The dorm had been locked from outside but the girl was left inside … It is a puzzle we are unravelling,” Mr Mwangi said.

“She inhaled a lot of carbon monoxide and was taken to Bahati district hospital but was referred to Nakuru Level Five Hospital. She had no burns on her body, which means she only inhaled the smoke.”

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He noted that the school had enough extinguishers to put off the fire.

The officer said all the other students at the school had been accounted for.

Several were injured while trying to remove their belongings from the building.

Some were taken to the Bahati facility and others to Mediheal Hospital in Nakuru town.

“The other girls who were treated for shocks and pains are stable,” Mr Mwangi said.

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Probe on after patient ‘stuck in hospital lift’



The Health ministry on Sunday ordered an investigation into The Nairobi Hospital after a patient was allegedly stuck in a lift for an hour and 15 minutes.

In a statement, outgoing Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki said the patient was being transferred on Sunday from the Intensive Care Unit to the High Dependency Unit.

“The hospital administration failed to find an immediate solution to the grave situation,” Ms Kariuki said.

The minister said she had been informed that this was not the first such case at the hospital.

She said she had therefore ordered the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council to immediately investigate the matter and submit a report in two days.

“The hospital management is hereby directed to ensure patients at the facility are not exposed to similar situations in future,” Ms Kariuki said.

Reached for comment on Sunday, the council’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Daniel Yumbya, said he was at the hospital for a meeting on the matter.

Mr Yumbya told the Nation by phone that the meeting was of the hospital’s management and the patient’s family.

The CEO, who said he was with council chair Eva Njenga, noted that he could not give details.

A source told the Nation that the patient, a 46-year-old man, was stable.

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The source said the council was assessing the impact of his long stay in the lift to establish if his vital signs, and therefore wellbeing, were affecte

By Nation

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