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‘Starehe za nyani ni kukalia mkia jangwani,’ says Samidoh over viral photo



Mugithi’s new age musician Samidoh has created a niche for himself. The Wendo wi cama hitmaker has amassed a huge following on social media and he’s giving his counterparts a run for his money.

Samidoh was recently in Mombasa on holiday with his family and as usual, he did what Nairobians do best.

They took photos on the beach with different poses but one, where he was seated on top of his wife’s behind left tongues wagging.

Samidoh and wife
Samidoh and his wife

Starehe za nyani ni kukalia mkia jangwani,’ Samidoh captioned the above photo.

Reactions include;

Loise Mamake Lucky 😂😂😂😂😂Jesus it’s being inama kidogo shika magoti nima ndure mutwe mwega

Anne Waweru Waweru I think you are very romantic, nginya kukuru kakara mbarathi kanyangia hapo, underline


Wanjiru Nash Kweli dawa ya ballon ni sindano 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sarah Muchemi Kwa ground vitu Ni different Mimi naona ile wimbo ya sailors

Suzy Terry Maina Hii kweli ni farasi on a venye umeka poa

Dickson NW Riding your horse. Lovely..!

Gikungi Mum Sam Ni kubeba wallet.Its the wish of every woman! Only that wishes were not horses

Liz Liza Lakini usijaribu kumwambia umbebe juu she will break your bones na ziwe separated tuanze kutafuta Charles kigori aimbe mahidi momu🙄🙄🙄🙄

Calvin Takeo Nilienda kupanda hivyo akarusha mateke kama funda…..siri ni??????

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Felly Shish Samidoh Huyo ni bibi unafanya farasi??? Much love guys?

Betty Kithinji Jaribu kubeba a broke man like these,,you break your backbone then no even hospital bill, Samidoh she knows what she’s carrying ….wallet. Hehehehehe account hacked.


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PHOTOS:Raila preparing fish excites Kenyans



Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Sunday, January 19, 2020, excited several Kenyans on the internet after he posted photographs of himself preparing fish.

The photos contained images of Raila and his wife Ida Odinga standing next to a sink holding a knife and fish while surrounded by other people.

The two were dressed in kitchen attire.

In the post, Raila boasts that he is teaching his wife how to prepare the fish.

“Ida thinks she was teaching me but really I was teaching her. Happy Sunday from the Odinga’s!” read the caption.

Kenyans online were quick to react with a majority expressing their excitement.

Gideon Kitheka – Hahaha Hahaha, next time invite me Baba. Blessed Sunday Sir.

Mbuku Michael – Jakom Kumbe unajua kupika Samaki na Omenga Pia Mimi Napenda Samaki Kama wewe Ukimaliza kupika Tupe….

Salama – Well done sometimes a man has to get to the kitchen and make a meal for his family.

Simon Omondi – Who am I to refuse preparing a dish if baba can.

Wesley Cheruyot – why do I have a feeling that you were doing nothing but just dressed and holding kitchenware for photo session?

On Christmas in 2019, a video went viral of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader preparing breakfast for his family.

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Betty Kyallo´s mystery man unveiled but Kenyan still have doubts



Over the weekend, TV Queen, Betty Kyallo and her alleged ´Somali´ lover took a road trip to lake Naivasha Resort for what she termed as ´a business meeting´.

The beauty could not get over the fact that her lover was driving her all the way, all she had to do, was fasten her seat belt, get sun-kissed and slay all day.

On her Insta pages, she sweetly captioned:

When bae drives on a road trip, you sit back, look hot and take hot selfies 😂😂😂 but Yes, I’m a diva🐾

View this post on Instagram

Sundowning 🔭

A post shared by Betty Kyallo 🇰🇪 (@bettymuteikyallo) on

Before adding:

All we do is win win win no matter what! Anyway Random work vacay. Happy Sunday Evening my lovelies ❤️

This somehow got confusing because first, she was on a road trip with bae. However, soon after their arrival, it became ´work vacay´.


Anyway, the leaked photos of Betty and her mystery man were captured by Kenya´s funny man, Eric Omondi who was on a mission to show off the lovebirds to the world.

Betty Kyalo’s somali guy finally found

411Kenya 发布于 2020年1月19日周日

In an outdoor setting, a number of people converge in some sort of semi-circle seat-setting and we can spot Betty and her lover from a distance.

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Eric uploaded videos of the two on Twitter before bringing them down an hour later but Nairobi News were able to capture a couple of screenshots from Instagram user seth_gor´s updates.





By Ghafla

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‘Keeping up with the hippos, do you fit in your bed?’, Terence and wife Milly reveal worst trolls



Social media is cruel and Terence Creative aka Kamami and his wife Milly Chebby have confirmed this. It can leave one depressed if you don’t have a thick skin.

Terence with his wife Milly

The couple featured on Upclose with Betty and talked about how they met, their blended family and the cheating scandal.

Terence with his wife Milly
Terence with his wife Milly

Terence and Milly recently embarked on a weight loss journey and during the interview, she said that they’ve learnt to survive trolls.

You need a thick skin and God’s grace,’ the mother of one said.

The couple narrated how they are often trolled because of their weight.

..I’m here keeping up with the hippos,’ Milly said.

She revealed that she battled with postpartum depression hence the reason why she gained weight.

A postpartum (or postnatal) period begins immediately after the birth of a child as the mother’s body, including hormone levels and uterus size, returns to a non-pregnant state.

The famous couple has been body-shamed online and is no longer bothered. Speaking about worst trolls, the father of three said the meanest words he has heard are;

kitanda inawatoshanga (do you fit in your bed?), how do they nini (have se3). People think we have a metallic bed.

By Mpasho

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