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Two students killed in US school shooting



A second student has been confirmed dead following a shooting at a high school near Los Angeles on Thursday, the county sheriff said.

The deaths were confirmed after a boy opened fire on his 16th birthday at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, 40 miles (65 kilometers) north of Los Angeles.

“I’m saddened to report that we have confirmed a total of two fatalities this morning. One female and one male,” tweeted Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Three other students were wounded before the suspect shot himself in the head. He is described in US media as being in a “grave” condition.

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How I survived ordeal in the hands of a vicious gang



For close to seven hours, Rebecca, 23, a Sudanese living in Nakuru, was held hostage by a criminal gang that has been terrorising the town and its environs for more five years now, despite being outlawed in 2016.

She narrates her ordeal.

On Monday, June 6, I left my house in Park View estate to deposit some Sh25,000 for my brother at a local bank in Nakuru town.

It was around 2 pm. I flagged down a boda boda outside my home. Little did I know that I was being taken to my tormentors. The boda boda operator started behaving strangely. First, he claimed his motorcycle did not have enough fuel and that he wanted to fuel at a fuel station in the neighbouring estate.

Then he started heading full speed towards Bondeni slums. He was speeding so much that I started bleeding because I was yet to recover fully from birth complications after delivering my baby a week earlier. My pleas to the rider that the speeding was causing me discomfort fell on deaf ears.

He told me to shut up, and that if I said anything else he would kill me. My thoughts I thought about my week-old baby and his four-year-old brother back at home and kept quiet as the boda boda weaved around the rough roads at break-neck speed. The boda boda stopped outside one of the shanties at Bondeni slums. Three men were waiting. They were armed with machetes, clubs and all manner of weapons.

Before I could alight, one of them pulled me down and I landed on the dusty ground-injuring my head. I started bleeding again. I tried to struggle, but they pinned me down and threatened to kill me. One of them snatched my handbag, opened it took the Sh25,000 inside. They sarcastically said I was ‘rich.’ They were so sure of themselves that they kept on sipping alcohol and smoking bhang as they divided the money among themselves.

Then they started demanding more. One of them gave me a mobile phone and told me to call my husband. He gave me instructions on what to say, including a Sh50,000 ransom for my freedom. They threatened to kill me if my husband failed to send the money to the phone. One of them started asking me why and how I came to Kenya and what I have been doing for a living, and details of my family.

At around 4pm, I started pleading with them to allow me go back home to breastfeed my baby, but one of them retorted that I had “a very uncooperative husband.” At around 7.30pm, they asked me to chose how I wanted to die because my husband had not sent the money. All I could say was “I do not know, only God knows.”

One of the gang members was kind. He argued that the Sh25,000, was enough and pleaded with his accomplices to allow me go back home to breastfeed my baby.

They then ordered me to leave, warning of dire consequences if I ever reported the incident to the police.

I walked home, stopping to take breaths along the way because I did not have much strength left. I later learnt that about the time the gang released me, my husband was working with the police to trace me through the mobile phone they made me use to make the ransom demand. By the time police, led by Nakuru Town East DCI Benson Mutie, got to the scene, the gang had vanished.


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VIDEO: Gigantic Security Light Being Installed at the Gate of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace



As a follow up to our recently rolled out Sustainable energy agenda, we have started installation of an enormous Solar powered Security Light at the main gate of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace.
This security light, which will be strategically located at the gated community main gate will have 8 lights of 180W and will be raised 10 Meters high. It will also be near the Fountain of Peace: 
The significance of this strategic installation is that the light will not only serve as a security boost but also will be a symbol of abundance to all the families that will settle at Amani Ridge the place of Peace. It will also be a symbol of Light & Brightness in each individual living in, raised or retiring at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace.
Besides, it will also be a symbol that families will not only live at Amani Ridge but that they will THRIVE in a BIG way.
Other than this ongoing security solar light installation, we thank God that the following has been achieved too for the last 60 days:
1. Wall of Peace (800 meters long & 9 feet high) now completed ✅
2. The Wall of Wisdom (700 meters and 12 feet high) now completed ✅
3. The Green Razor wire on Wall of Peace is now completed ✅
4. The Fountain of peace is now done. We allow photos for free on this unique, inspiring Fountain that is a symbol of Peace and our Green Energy commitment at this top Gated Community.
What is ongoing today?
1. The Steel Galvanized 100,000 Litres Tank that will be elevated 15 meters above the ground to enable good water supply
2. We shall commence the Wall of Happiness (700 meters long, 9 feet high)
3. Water draining master idea in the offing. We shall reclaim 5 acres using modern technology
What can you do as a customer?
1. Plant trees or fruits on your plot
2. Fence your plot
3. Bring us a referral – We have less than 40 properties remaining
4. Keep paying your Installments so that you get your title deed
We look forward to an amazing gated community where families will thrive, live abundantly and Enjoy boundless Peace. A place where people will enjoy their retirement years as they walk in green environment, congregate at a state-of-the-art club house and bask under the Kiambu sunshine along the Crescent Avenue. With my plot No 301 already secured, I am going to be one of those people who will enjoy all these abundance.
Your good friend can be your neighbor too. Guide him/her to call Optiven or share their number with us and they will forever remember you. 
Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 Email: Website: George Wachiuri Blog:  

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Zari Hassan thanks Diamond Platnumz for newly acquired Bentley




South Africa-based socialite Zari Hassan has added another ride to her fleetnof cars.

The mother of five thanked her baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz for making the purchase possible.

Zari shared photos of her new Bentley via her insta-stories and Snapchat and later on put up a short video while cruising in the expensive car with her family.

“Asante Baba Tee (Tiffah0 for the Top Up,” wrote Zari.

The Brooklyn City Colleges CEO boasts of an impressive collection of multi-million cars both in South Africa and Uganda.

In South Africa alone, Zari the Boss Lady’s parking lot constitutes of a Black Mercedes Benz E250, An Audi Q, Range Rover Evoque and her latest purchase Bentley.

Zari bought the Range Rover Evoque back in 2018 and she said;

“Good morning to all. From last year I knew I wanted to buy this car. Been working so hard waking up at 4am at times, even taking gigs I shouldn’t have but I knew every cent will count. I don’t have a sponsor nor am I dating.

“I earned it, I paid it!!!!When am ready I’ll open up to the next person but right now it’s just me and my babies.”

While in Uganda the mother of five owns the following cars; Mercedes Benz Convertible, a Chrysler and a Hummer.

Looking at her car collection it’s not hard to see why Ringtone was barking up the wrong tree with his car gift to Zari in 2018 during her visit to Kenya.

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