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VIDEO: Uhuru reveals that a lot of money was “poured” in Kibra during the by-election, Tangatanga members look embarrassed



President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday took a swipe at his Deputy William Ruto’s side of Jubilee government following the events that unfolded in the just concluded Kibra by-election.

Mr Kenyatta touched on the political dynamics that were being played out by the parties who had favourable candidates at the contest.


He added in a rather cheeky manned how Kibra residents were enamoured by the money that thrown at them by politicians trying to win their votes in favour of their candidate.

However, he said although the money was sweet the voters had already made up their minds on whom they want to represent them in parliament.

“Usiku wa kuhesabu kura, kuna Mama mwengine rafiki yangu, ni kampena wangu, nikampigia nikamuuliza hali huko unajuwa sana sana wakati wa uchaguzi inakuwa tension juu. Nikamuuliza hali iko namna gani mko sawa? Akaniambia sisi tuko sawa. Lakini hapa Kibira ni kilio pekee yake. Nikamuuliza kwani kuna shida gani? Akaniambia jamani Uhunye wee mungeruhusu hii kampeni iendelee wiki ingine mbili jameni tukule mambo hapa, mambo ilikuwa mingi,” he said.

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“Kesho yake nikaambiwa askari wale wote walikuwa wanasimamia uchaguzi wote wamerudi kwao. Watu leo kila mtu ameelekea kwake kazi, wakupika samaki wameaanza, harufu ya samaki sasa inaskika huko mbeleni ilikuwa nyama kwa sababu pesa ilikuwa mingi, sasa ni samaki tuu,” said President Kenyatta.

Earlier on during his speech Mr Kenyatta reprimanded the legislators present for taking offence on matters that were inconsequential.

He said that it was time politicians mature up and not feel threatened when a person from one political side decides to become friends with another from the other divide.

ODM candidate Imran Okoth won the Kibra by-election beating Jubilee’s McDonald Mariga. Opposition leaders accused Jubilee administration of trying to influence the outcome with colossal amounts of money.


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‘She said bad things about me,’ Njugush speaks about his ex-girlfriend




Kenyan Comedian Njugush reveals that his ex dumped him because he did not have any money.

Talking to Dr King’ori on his wicked edition show, the couple recounted how they met.

Celestine says they connected well since they had just come from bad relationships.

Njugush said,

“I’m sure they are watching us today because they said bad things about me,” adding that he is grateful they broke up.

The comedian further explains how the break up was;

 “There are people in this life that speak things that they don’t know what they mean. When someone tells you that you are not headed anywhere in future. We broke up because of money, I had nothing at the moment, he said.


“I mean, those were tender ages and I blame her because you can’t judge a chick for not having wings yet it’s not yet a chicken.”

He says that hurt him because he took sometime before he could heal.

But now he is one of the richest comedians in town.


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Syokimau Commuter train stalls, again




Hundreds of passengers were stranded on Wednesday morning after the Syokimau-Imara Daima-Makadara-CBD commuter train stalled.

The first train left Syokimau station at 6:30 am the normal departure time but kept making random stops.

After leaving the Nairobi terminal, the train stopped near Imara Daima station.

The train Hostess said the train was experiencing a mechanical problem.

“You will have to wait for about 20-30 minutes for a rescue locomotive which is coming from Makadara,” she said.

Travellers got angry due to lack of communication.

More confusion was experienced when the 7:40 am train from Syokimau-Imara Daima-Makadara-CBD arrived since commuters did not know whether to board the train or keep staying in the stalled one.



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Traffic police officer dies after being hit by matatu he had flagged down




A Traffic police officer was hit by a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) that he had flagged down. He later died.

Mr Peter Perimoi Legetto was working at Lang’ata Police Station. He was hit by a matatu (KCH 796R) belonging to Aberdereline Sacco near the Lang’ata underpass area.

The victim was quickly taken to Nairobi West Hospital where he was being treated till his death.

“The officer met his death after being knocked down by a PSV motor vehicle a Toyota matatu of Aberdereline Sacco which he had flagged down at a road-block at Lang’ata underpass area along the Southern by-pass,” a police statement read in part.

His body was moved to Montenzuma Funeral Home in Nairobi.


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