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Watch drama in church as two women interrupt DP Ruto’s speech



Deputy President William Ruto’s speech during a Sunday church service was interrupted by a woman who called out for his help from the crowd and eventually made her way to the front where the DP was.

Ruto was speaking at the Holy Spirit church in Thika on Sunday when the incident happened.

“Save my child, he needs urgent surgery. Mtoto amefanya mtihani akiwa kwa ward na sahi sina pesa,” the woman cried out while on her knees.

“Nimezaliwa kwa (Ndindi) Nyoro referring to Kiharu, the constituency where she was born,” she went on.

The DP helped her up and told her he would help her but looking at the video, it appears his security detail must have been caught unaware as they all rushed to pull the woman away.

But Ruto asked his security to let the woman to sit on the front pew where the VIPs were seated.

“We will sort out your issue, aketi hapa na mheshimiwa, aketi hapa dakika mbili ntamuona,” Ruto said as the crowd cheered.

The DP added they have to help her because of her effort of making sure she got to the him.

“Sasa unaona huyo mama amefanya hiyo bidii yote amefanya amefika hapa lazima utatue mambo yake,” the DP said amid cheers

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But just when he was about to proceed with his speech, a second woman rushed to him crying for help, saying her money had been stolen.

“Nimepoteza Sh3.8 million nisaidie,” she cried to the DP.

Ruto responded by asking her to sit and wait for him to finish his speech. “Keti hapo, nakuona,” Ruto said.


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I was scared my son would stop me from shining- Bridget Achieng




Bridget Achien’g, Kenyan popular reality TV star, is a happy mother since having her son. 

But before welcoming her son, the actor had fears concerning her career. She had doubts about whether she will remain popular or relevant after having the baby.

She shared this on Instagram, Bridget reveals how she was scared that Sekani would dim her shining star.

However, that did not happen, instead, the son helped in adding more meaning and increased opportunities life in a way she hadn’t thought.

“Wow and to think that I was scared to death @sekani_rich_ was going to stop me from shining, so far as I look closely to his birthday next month ….and the fire that this boy has put in me it can only be God,” wrote Bridget.

In the aim to ensure her son gets a good life, Bridget had also registered three businesses in her son’s name, which will help in paying for his education and expenses.

“He is covered for life his three business empire will see him through school until when he says he can’t do it anymore…I got you my prince for life,” she wrote.

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Victor Wanyama-sponsored students report to schools



The six students sponsored by Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama under his foundation have all reported to their respective schools.

Sammy Oriko and Landgreen Makhoha have joined Maranda School, Eva Moraa and Zawadi Tamara reported to Sironga Girls High School, Esther Achieng is in Asumbi Girls High School while Trizah Shem has enrolled in St Brigid’s High School.

The six reported to their new schools this week and Wanyama has urged them to work hard.

“I am very proud of the scholarship programme, above all I am proud of the students we selected. Looking at their results, their background and the schools they attended, you can see great potential in them. I pledge to support them as I had stated earlier, to enable them to reach their potential. It is also important to motivate them to work hard in school,” Wanyama told Nation Sport.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder formally registered the Victor Wanyama Foundation late last year and is building the foundation’s main centre in a 20-acre piece of land in Busia which will also house the Victor Wanyama Academy.

He is also supporting his former club County Bus FC and the Muthurwa Boxing Club having recently bought a 40-seater bus for the two entities.

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Man slashed to death by razor-wielding rooster during cockfight



A man died after being slashed by a razor attached to a rooster during a cock fight in India, the local media has reported.

The 55-year-old man was accidentally killed after a sharp blade tied to a rooster cut his abdomen in an incident which reportedly happened on Sunday.

The organisers tied the razor-sharp blade to the leg of the rooster, police said.

The victim, who was one of the organisers was holding the animal in his hands, waiting to release it into the arena to fight.

But the rooster struggled for freedom, and the blade fatally pierced the abdomen of the spectator, inflicting a deep wound which killed him.

In India, cockfighting is part of celebrations for Makar Sankranti, a festival day in the Hindu calendar, dedicated to the deity Surya.

Makar Sankranti was this year celebrated on Wednesday, January 15.

Cockfights were outlawed in India in 1960, but remain popular in some parts of the country, according to media reports.

The contests attract a large amount of gambling activity and the high stakes encourage breeders to spend big on raising winning fowl.

Fighters groom birds in the country, feeding them protein-rich diets and giving them steroids so they grow large and can cause more damage in the cock-fighting ring.

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