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Well-wishers put smile on needy varsity student



When the Nation visited Joseph Boke in May at his grandmother’s home in the border town of Sirare in Migori County, he expressed hope that he would one day go back to university and complete his studies.

This was after dropping out of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in 2016 due to his inability to pay his fees.

But one thing that always bothered him was where he would get money to enable him resume his studies.

With this in mind, Boke tried his hand as a bar manager where he worked for a former high school friend. He was being paid Sh5,000 per month. He would also teach in some local secondary schools where he earned between Sh3,000 and Sh5,000 a month.

But while he did these jobs, he was cognisant of the need to go back to JKUAT and clear his studies.

He had been in high school for ten years, sitting the KCSE exam three times and scoring a straight A that secured him placement at the university to study actuarial science.

Having lost his mother in 1994 when he was a child, he and his two siblings, a brother and a sister, were brought up by their grandmother, Maria Mogosi who never bore her own children as she was barren. Among the Kuria people, if a woman is not able to give birth she is allowed to “marry a young woman” who bears children for her. Boke and his siblings found themselves in this kind of cultural arrangement.

Their grandmother, who exchanges Kenyan and Tanzanian currencies in Sirare town, recounted how she has struggled to have them go through school with the little resources she has.

Boke now expresses his joy after some Kenyan well-wishers contributed towards his return to university.

Because he has always been passionate about teaching, he joined the University of Nairobi’s (UoN) College of Education where he is now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education.

Boke could not return to JKUAT to continue with actuarial studies as the curriculum had when in the three years he was away due to lack of fees.

Among his benefactors is Elizabeth Wanyoike, a Kenyan pastor living in the US.

Ms Wanyoike has pledged to support Boke through his education and take care of his upkeep.

Ms Mogosi expressed her joy and thanked Kenyans and Pastor Wanyoike for helping her grandson resume studies.

Dr Pamela Lunjalu, the assistant dean of students at UoN’s College of Education says more effective policies should be formulated to take care of such cases.

She also says that these cases should be looked into at the local level before students join school but asserts that the government should increase funding for bright but needy students.

“The University of Nairobi offers many opportunities but these are still not enough for the rising cases of these students. UoN gives students bursaries and work study opportunities. The university is also in constant communication with HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) to facilitate quick funding for the students,” says Dr Lunjalu.

By Nation

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Socialite Corazon pregnant with Maureen Waititu’s baby daddy



American polymath Benjamin Franklin once said “three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

Well Nairobi News has exclusively learnt that bootylicious and popular socialite Corazon Kwamboka is pregnant by fitness trainer Frankie Just Gym It (Frank Kiarie).


The two have been keeping the pregnancy a secret for months now and word from the streets is that Kwamboka is in her second trimester.

“Corazon is expecting and the baby daddy is Frankie Just Gym It. They are keeping it a secret. The information I got is that she is six months pregnant as we speak and if you may have noticed lately she hasn’t been posting full pictures of herself on Instagram,” a source privy to this development told Nairobi News.

Kwamboka and the fitness trainer sparked speculations a few months ago when she shared a picture of themselves spending some quality time together.

Later in a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram, Kwamboka was asked by one of her fans if she was now dating the fitness instructor to which she responded curtly: “We’re chilling.”


Kwamboka and Frankie’s situation caught many by surprise as the dust hadn’t settled on news that the gym instructor had parted ways with her longtime girlfriend YouTubeer Maureen Waititu.

No one had seen that coming.

The two had served couple goals documenting their relationship on the internet, having been together for six years and in the process siring two sons.

Ironically, since Kwamboka and Frankie started ‘chilling’ they got a chance to work on a TV commercial on the importance of family planning. In the commercial the two advocate for use of condoms as one of family planning methods.

Kwamboka had earlier revealed that she intends to be a mother in 2020 having struggled with ovarian cysts which were successfully removed sometime last year through surgery.

By Nairobi News

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CAS Aman touched by man who reported Ruaka residents’ carefree lifestyle



Health CAS Rashid Aman on Wednesday expressed his gratitude to a man who he said visited his office to share his grievances on how dwellers of his residential area is handling Covid-19.

The unnamed resident of Ruaka area in Kiambu County, according to the CAS, went to the ministry’s office looking to convey a message to any top official and despite being kept waiting for a while he finally was able to see him after the guards let him through.


Dr Aman said the man narrated to him how residents of Ruaka where he lives were not adhering to the measures placed by the government, especially when it comes to public transport.

The CAS said he was touched by the man’s effort to visit the ministry and wait to see an official, adding that he could see he was not a man of means, but was determined to convey the message.

“I want to share with you an experience I had yesterday (Tuesday). Before I came out to give the briefing there was a gentleman sitting in my office and he had been sitting there for quite a while waiting to see me. I didn’t have a chance to see this elderly gentleman before the brief but when I went back I called him in and I spoke to him and asked him what had brought him to Afya House,” he said.

According to Aman, the man told him that he had come with a message and he had insisted (to the guards and the receptionists) that he wanted to see someone in leadership.


“He told me that what he is seeing in Ruaka worried him. People there have disregarded all containment measures and especially measures that touch on transportation and travel. Matatus there are filing up passengers beyond capacity and he was very concerned because he was in one of those matatus with his wife,” Dr Aman narrated.

The CAS commended the Ruaka resident for his patience and concern and urged Kenyans, including matatu operators, to adhere to the instructions given on the maximum number of passengers that can be carried.

“I want to make a special appeal to each one of us to take personal responsibility in the fight against this disease,” Aman said.

Kenya on Wednesday recorded 307 new cases of Covid-19, the highest since the outbreak in the country, raising the country’s total confirmed cases to 6,673.

By Nairobi News

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Anita Nderu bashed for hosting gay men on her cooking show




Outspoken media personality Anita Nderu got herself on the receiving end after hosting gay men on her cooking show.

Social media users slammed Anita expressing their disappointment in the woman they said they valued highly.

However, the radio presenter was forced to explain herself claiming those were just her friends who decided to show their real selves.

Responding to an Instagram fan, Anita said that nothing about her show was scripted.

“I respect your opinion. I simply asked my friends to come on my web show and be themselves. What any of us have chosen to do on the show is how each of us is. Nothing about my show is scripted. What you see from the guests, food to outcome is what actually genuinely took place,” responded Anita.

Kenyans made the beauty a trend on Twitter as they made fun of the show with the majority claiming she was advertising cooking Fresh Fry cooking oil.

However, the company behind the oil issued a statement denying having any deal with Nderu.

Check out some reactions below,

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