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Why Kirinyaga’s Anne Waiguru campaigned with Raila in Kibra



Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru joined ODM leader Raila Odinga and other politicians in a tour of Kibra, Nairobi, on Sunday out of respect for his March 9, 2018 handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ms Waiguru explained her presence alongside Ukambani governors Alfred Mutua (Machakos), Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) and Charity Ngilu (Kitui).

“We must say in plain truth that the country is peaceful because of the handshake. We will protect it,” she said.

“The others who claim they want to bring developments are just baiting you. They are a one-man guitar, unlike Imran who is the fruit of handshake.”

Bernard Imran Okoth, brother of the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth, is the Orange Democratic Movement’s candidate for the by-election that will take place on November 7.

His key rivals are McDonald Mariga of Jubilee Party, who has been campaigning with Deputy President William Ruto; Khamisi Butichi of Ford Kenya, whose leader is Bongoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula; and Eliud Owalo of Amani National Congress, whose leader is Musalia Mudavadi.

Mr Odinga, Mr Wetang’ula, Mr Mudavadi and Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka are members of the National Super Alliance. Mr Wetang’ula and Mr Musyoka decided to work together in the Kibra mini poll.

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Ms Waiguru asked her supporters to vote for the handshake.”

“We know our votes are 22,000 in number. Kikuyus, I urge you to vote for the handshake,” she said.

“We are not afraid … we are not shaken by cheap politics. Tumekataa kupangwa(We have refused to be manipulated).”

Regarding the Building Bridges Initiative, she asked the people to support it as “that’s where the 2022 government will come from”.

“We shall make the government in 2022 and this country will flow well,” the governor said.

In his address, Mr Odinga said he drew “much joy” from seeing a huge crowd demonstrate love for peace.

“This is a different gathering; the first after handshake with President Kenyatta. We said we won’t turn back until Kenya changes for the better. [We want] better reforms that will kill tribalism, corruption and plunder of resources, electoral fights, youth unemployment and poverty, and bring peace,” he said.

He added, “The handshake will build a new Kenya without tribes. They all will be just Kenyans. Every Kenyan in here rightfully. Oneness then development follows … none is isolated [sic].”

Regarding alliances, he said, “Some say I invite people to my bedroom. What’s wrong with inviting people to my bedroom? Are they not friends? Hawa wanasema ni wapumbavu tu (Those talking are stupid).”

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He thanked the governors who campaigned with him, saying they recognise the need for Kenyans to unite.

Siaya Senator James Orengo criticised Jubilee’s candidate, saying, “In the Constitution, to be an MP you have to know mother tongue, Kiswahili and English. Mariga knows none. He even doesn’t know sign language”.

He added, “Content and integrity are important. We cannot allow people without a history to stand in the same rostrum with Raila Amollo Odinga. The way to ensure that is to take Ruto home by voting in Imran.

Mr Orengo also spoke of the BBI, saying it will produce the next government.

“We must approve the BBI,” he said.


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Young girl excites netizens with hilarious explanation on why she’s tired of school



A young Kenyan girl’s hilarious video explaining why she is tired of going to school has gone viral.

In the short video, the innocent girl was explaining to her mum the events that transpired during her second day in school.

The young girl, identified as Zarina, warmed hearts of many social media users with her words which could easily be mistaken for those of a grade two pupil.

“About the school, yesterday I went to school, today I have just come from school. The bus picked us. But things to do with school have filled up my mind,” she said.

Young girl excites netizens with hilarious explanation on why she's tired of schoolZurina explaining to her mum she is fed up with school.
Source: UGC

When her mum enquires what will happen to the school fees that has already been paid, the little angel just insists she is tired of school.

She exclaims in a famous Kisii language phrase ‘gakii’ as she shows how she does not care.

Young girl excites netizens with hilarious explanation on why she's tired of schoolThe girl hilariously responds in a famous Kisii phrase, ‘gakii’
Source: UGC

Zurina was dressed in a beautiful pink jacket and her hair tied in a cute ponytail.

She delivered her point home using body language that simply showed she was done with school.


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Meet the US based Kenyan girl whose speech at grandpa’s burial went viral



A Kenyan woman residing in the US identified as Lilian Gaynor left social media in stitches due to her accent during her grandfather’s burial.

She was narrating how she was taught to bid her loved one’s farewell.

What caught the attention of many is the heavy accent, Lilian spoke with.

Lilian who is a fitness enthusiast and a mother of two had visited to bid farewell to her grandfather.

Speaking during the burial a composed Lilian, told the crowd of how confused she was when her uncle told her she had to add a little spice and drama when she entered her ancestral home.

According to her uncle, Japeth, she had to wail once she arrived at her kin’s home.

Apparently, walking without a string of tears rolling down her face was not a perfect look for a true Luo who had lost a relative.

“I wanted to pay my last respects to my grandfather and my uncle Japheth told me whenever I reach the homestead I cannot just get out of the car and walk to the house. He said I have to cry on the way to the homestead,”

She then went on to show the crowd how she was taught to mourn by her uncle.

Well, we got a few photos of her and her husband and we must admit she is looking fly for a mother of two.

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Lilian Gaynor enjoys an intimate moment with her husband.
Lilian Gaynor enjoys an intimate moment with her husband
Lilian Gaynor
Lilian Gaynor and her husband
Lilian Gaynor.
Lilian Gaynor.

Check out the burial video below

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Njugush’s wife Celestine on keeping your circle of friends’ small




Celestine Ndinda, aka Wakavinye, wife to Comedian Njugush, has a few words of advice to her fans. She urges them that having a small circle of friends is a wise thing to do, especially if you live in Nairobi.

 Wakavinye has supported her husband since their early days, even before all the fame. Njugush feels lucky to have her as a wife. 

The two have sustained same longtime friends and Celestine shares the little secret for that.

She says;

“I have learnt that in life, you need to learn at most five close friends.

 By doing this, be sure that the first three will help you when you are in need.”

She further adds having too many friends also drains you financially

“Imagine all those friends have birthdays and they need you to show up, yaani every time you are planning of how to spend unlike when you have a small circle.”


And there is also societal pressure to have many friends;

“Ata kama umesota, it is hard to communicate that to a big number of people because some will gossip about you and most of them show up when you have a party, but when you are in a problem, you will not have them around,” she said.

She also insists on being yourself, don’t compete

“When you compete with your friends, you will get exhausted. So go with your pace.”

Some of the couple’s long-time close friends include; Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira, Philip and his wife Cate Actress.

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