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Women who became pregnant while living with parents recall moment they broke the news



Imagine getting pregnant while still living under your parents’ roof, how do you break the news to them?

City women went down memory lane to share their own experiences, on how creative they had to get when they had to face that dreaded moment.

The conversation was started by an online user who is a member of a Facebook closed group for mums.

She shared her personal experience where she had to reveal her pregnancy to her mother.

“Ladies let’s take it back to those of us who got paged when we were still under our parents roof how did you break the news to your parents? Well I was vomiting like luck of importance aki I told my mum Ni malaria but eventually I had to tell the truth.i thank God my boy is 12years now.whats your story?” asked the online user.

Her post attracted hundreds of reactions from women who also shared their stories.

“I told her I feel like eating a cold juicy orange..n.a. hapo niliona venye aliniangalia I knew I was in hot soup,” said one online user.


“She was told by a neighbour that im pg…..she asked me nika kubali….ali ni uliza uko na mpango gani na hio mimba,nika mwambia baby daddy ame ni tumia pesa ni abort,the she said leta hio pesa nione….i gave her the 10k nili kuwa nime pewa…. guess what….she told me huyo mtoto uta mzaa na hii pesa ya abortion ndio uta fanya nayo shopping ya mtoto…..hahaha… son is 8yrs turning 9 feb next year….and i love him so so much,” wrote another online user.

“Sijui vile mamangu alijua but at first she thought ni kitambi,” commented another online user.

“I sent her two best friends. Wakiingia nilikua bed. Wakasalimiana aty mmekuja kutembea mapema hee hii ni baraka. Wacha nipike chai…. Woii hapana tunataka tuongee…unajua baraka hutoka mahali kwingi etc…The next thing I heard… Wairimu kuja hapa…….haujui kutumia condom (in kiembu) woii then I heard…..panga vitu urudi shule sahii nausinipigia mimi ndo ntakupigia. Let me tell you I had the longest 2months of my life before she came to terms with it. Right now she can’t get enough of her granddaughter we are 5yrs old…….. I told her nataka second born akaniambia ameskia joto kwa mwili,” wrote one online user.

“I run away nikarudi na motto,” replied another online user.


“My mum asked,utazaa lini ?we start shopping for baby?and I was like kumbe anajua my boy now 14yrs,” stated one online user.

“For me I was in college and I remember the first person to tell the truth was my dad …it was hard at first since I was the first born and the only daughter …I could see disappointment written all over his face but am glad he never sent me away what he only did was to stop me from furthering my studies anymore…i had to stop at certificate first…. But eventually he took me back to school finished my IT diploma and my CPA…..kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa upishi,” said one online user.

“Wangu alijua kabla I notice myself I was pregnant……nilipewa side eye nkambiwa utazaa kama wanawake wengine tu! Kulea ni kazi starehe ulikua mwenywe N now they are the best of friends with my son who is 6years now,” said another online user.

“Nilificha mimba hadi when I was 6 months… My dad was the 1st to notice since katumbo kalikua kametokea and I was serving him breakfast and he asked “Gla… Ni kushiba umeshiba ama ni nguo imekua ndogo? “We laughed it out… He told my mum to chunguza me and the 1st thing my mum asked is “Gla… Uko na mimba?
Me: Yes
Mum: miezi ngapi
Me: miezi 6
Mum: umeenda hosiptali
Me: Yes
Mum: yaani umejipanga hivyo hadi unameza dawa na umeficha aje mimba hizo siku zote.
Luckily I never vomited throughout my 1st trimester for them to notice… Nilikonda aki… Thank God for my tummy sikujulikana until when I was 6 months and my dad was the 1st to know.
He supported me through out and told me “I thank you for not aborting” My son is 2 years 10 months old and he is my dad’s best friend,” said another online user.


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My daughter’s political baptism by fire



Marita Agufana was going through her day’s work when she received a call from her cousin. She was informed of a vacancy on the post of a County Executive Committee [CEC] in Vihiga County. GovernorWilber

Ottichilo felt that the team he had selected pre-viously had not observed the two third gender rule .

and opted to look woman. This was year 2017 soon after the -General Elections. When Lydia Owano, Marita’s mother heard l of her daughter’s plans to apply for | vacant post of CEC, j she encouraged her. | Being a staunch C tian, she also prayed I about it.

Marita quickly a and did a phone in view with the who was impress her. He proceeded to forward her name to L the county assembly for vetting. For two hours, in front of observers from different parts of the county, Marita had to prove she was worth for the post.

“She didn’t grow up in Vihiga, so the vetting was a bit tough for her. She was asked a lot of questions, some meant to determine her competency and skills,” Lydia reveals.

Marita Agufana

Stranger in the house
She finally got the job to serve as the CEC in Education, Science, Technical and Vocational training.

People have different perceptions when it comes to political appointments. Most of the time, people who have held these positions supported the governor in one way or another during campaigns. But for her, it was different as she saw her governor for the first time on the day she was being sworn in. Lydia was proud that her daughter became a waziri.

“She had never voted nor campaigned for governor Ottichilo because she had registered as a voter in Nairobi. He just saw that she was fit for the job and chose her. I say it’s just the favour of God,” Lydia says.

Later on, Marita was moved to be in charge of Environment, Water, Energy and Natural Resources. Her role involves looking at policy direction of the ministry and give direction, problem solve and help in making decisions.

As per the constitution, she was in charge of management and general administration of the department [Ministry].

Marita’s first days were tough and rough, a baptism by fire into politics. There was a lot of expectations with people visiting her office to request for school fees, money for funeral, and others seeking for solutions for

their issues. There were also negative comments on why she was chosen and not others. She has since learnt to ignore negativity, focus on her job and let her work speak for her.

The fact that she never grew up in Vihiga and didn’t understand the Maragoli language though she’s Luhya, made things difficult for her.

Rumours everywhere
“Residents said they had no idea who my daughter was. She was lashed at forums. She was insulted. Others had a lot of expectation. Being her first time in public service, she was lost,” recalls Lydiah.

“It’s hard being a young woman in politics. Bloggers spread false claims day and night about my daughter— how she slept with the governor to get the job, how her family blackmailed the governor for the top position, how she had a miscarriage and governor was blackmailed to cover it up. It is sad how people can craft your story and make it believable,” she laments.

Lydia recalls how such accusations not only broke her heart, but her family. But she braved on and encouraged her daughter to continue serving the people of Vihiga.

Born in Kijabe, Kiambu county 31 years ago, Marita grew up in different places. Her early years were spent in Baringo, Marigat where her dad was working for Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (kARI]. Sadly, in the year 1992, their lives took a different turn when she lost her father in a grisly road accident. Still young, her mother went back to school [medical school] and advanced her studies to earn more money to cater for her two children.

At this point, Marita lived with her aunt and enrolled in Musoli Girl’s Primary School in Kakamega county in 1993.

Hard worker

They moved to Kakamega in 1996 and in 1997, she joined St Joseph’s Primary School then moved to Star Academy the same year.

Lydia had remarried and Marita’s step dad desired that all the children from both families be in one school. Marita is still the last born in this blended home. By 1998, her mother had completed studying clinical medicine and was posted to Kakamega. In 2003, Marita was admitted to Butere Girls High School.

“After her secondary education, Marita was conflicted as she desired to do a tourism course in United States International University [USIU], but she pursued Integrated Development Studies at Daystar University,” Lydia recalls. She worked in various non-governmental organisations [NGOs] from 2014 to 2016 and particularly dealt with young people in the slums.

By the time she was being appointed as the CEC, she had already enrolled for her Master’s in Diplomacy, Development and International Security at Daystar University in 2017.

After three years as CEC, Marita is proud of the fact that she has managed to build early childhood development classes, equipped Vocational Training Centres, manage garbage and waste collection as well as produce legislations that have been considered by the assembly for implementation.


• Marita Agufana was born in Kiambu, but grew up in Baringo and Kakamega counties.

• Unlike many who get appointed to county executive committee positions after supporting and campaigning for respective governors, Marita saw Governor Wilber Ottichilo during her swearing in.

• She voted in Nairobi, not Vihiga.
• She didn’t understand Maragoli language despite being a Luhya.


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Man charged in court for running car wash business under electricity cables



A man has been charged with encroachment into public land for operating a car wash business under high voltage electricity transmission lines in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

Samuel Ocharo Mogaka has been accused of unlawfully and willingly encroaching on and erecting a car wash area, a garage and a food outlet tent in an area set aside for an energy infrastructure project.

The land is allocated for – high transmission 11KV commercial electricity line which is under the Kenya Power Company.

The Kibera Law Courts was told how Kenya Power Company security officials and technicians on patrol discovered the cables dangerously hanging over the tents. Mogaka could not prove having obtained consent to put up the structures and was arrested.

He denied the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate Charles Mwaniki and pleaded for leniency claiming his wife is sickly and he is his family’s sole breadwinner.

He also claimed his children slept hungry after he was arrested.

The accused was freed on Sh10,000 cash bail with mentioning date of the case set for August 25, 2020.


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Woman fined Sh50,000 & six months in prison for insulting lover’s wife



A woman has been fined Sh50,000 for insulting his lover’s wife and provoking her to a fight while drunk.

In default, Saida Mohamed Amin, the convict, will spend six months in prison.

Senior resident magistrate Charles Mwaniki of Kibera law courts handed the sentence to her after she pleaded guilty to charges of offensive conduct.

She admitted that she visited Kush Apartments in Parklands on Sunday where the complainant Salima Mohammed Ismail resides while drinking alcohol from glass and used abusive words her.

Saida told Salima that they are co-wives and hurled insults at her but in courts, said she was not in her right senses at the time.

She pleaded for leniency claiming that she is jobless and a single mother of two.

The convict claimed she has a debt with her landlord as she has not paid rent for months and pleaded to be forgiven.

She was given 14 days to appeal the sentence.


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