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Granny going round town yanking off women’s miniskirts



An elderly woman has left Nairobians shocked after being filmed going round the CBD yanking the clothes off women who are dressed in miniskirts.

Any attire above the knees, she claims, are designs from the devil and she is on a mission to cleanse the work of the evil one who is taking over the fashion style of the womenfolk.

In a video on social media, the woman is seen screaming as she tries to snatch the skirt from an unsuspecting passer-by along Moi Avenue near the bomb blast site.

She is dressed in a long skirt and matching top while the woman she attempts to accost is dressed in a black and white stripped skirt which is above her knees with a black top.

Huyu matha ameamua watu wa kuvaa skirts hawatakaa na amani

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Kenyans online who viewed the video claim the woman is a preacher who is mostly found on Mama Ngina Street.

Her sermons are usually laden with insults directed at women for wearing miniskirts, trousers and jeans.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

“Huyu matha ameamua watu wa kuvaa skirts hawatakaa na Amani,” tweeted @TheTvPlug.

“I think what this woman is doing is a crime,” said @WENDYRICCH.

“This country must be fixed,” wrote @eutychus_kimani.

“She should be arrested for harassment. Usually meet her on Mama Ngina Street, and she’s always yelling at women, calling them prostitutes for wearing trousers, jeans, and skirts,” commented @fsamba.

“Effects za uchumi mbaya,” stated @PureKituiHoney.

“I have seen this woman (well sijui kama ni yeye) but alikuwa tu na propaganda ya skirts fiti kwa fast food flani tulikuwa tunakula lunch. Si tulitukanwa juu ya kuvaa short denim skirts,” another user commented.


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Report: KICC assets at risk of auction over Sh211m debt



Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC ) is in the red, according to a report.

Suppliers who did business with the Center will be forced to seek court redress to get paid as the deadline for a directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta has elapsed with no action.

Sixty nine businesses are owed at least Sh211 million, a huge chunk dating back to supplies made during the World Trade Organization (WTO) inter-ministerial conference that took place in 2015.

However, the Office of Auditor-General, which verified the claims after a special audit in September 2018, warned that court action could cause the KICC to lose its property.

“The corporation risks auctioning of its assets in the event that the claims are not settled, as most claimants have contracts, LPOs, LSOs and award letters,” the audit report says.

The suppliers also have documents showing delivery of goods and services as well as confirmation of works, from the KICC.


President Uhuru Kenyatta has been keen on clearance of all pending bills without audit queries.

While delivering his Christmas message in Mombasa County on December 24, 2019, he directed all Cabinet Secretaries to ensure the bills are cleared by January 15.

The fresh directive followed similar orders, issued on June 30, 2019, and November 30, 2019 that could not be effected.


The suppliers are unaware of what will happen given the January 15 deadline has passed.

“We have already instructed our lawyers to prepare relevant papers for filing in court. It is like some individuals do not want to comply with the presidential directive,” said one who requested anonymity.

Reached for comment, the KICC’s Finance General Manager, Mr Gerald Kirimi, declined to comment and directed journalists to Chief Executive Officer, Ms Nana Gecaga.

The KICC’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Nana Gecaga. PHOTO|FILE

“I am not authorised to issue any communication on this matter. The only person who can give you the information you need is the CEO,” Mr Kirimi said.

Ms Gecaga did not respond to calls and text messages from the Nation.


Ms Gecaga is the President Kenyatta’s niece and sister to Jomo Gecaga, the President’s Private Secretary.

She was required to explain why she paid Sh86 million owed during the 2018/19 financial year as it was not clear whether it was for the bills verified by the audit.

The objective of the special audit was to establish the authenticity, validity and integrity of the process and claims arising from all the projects undertaken during the WTO conference.

It was also aimed at establishing whether the financial transactions and operations at the KICC were in accordance with the law and the government’s financial regulations.


The KICC is reeling under debt but government agencies, private firms including faith-based organisations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), current and former employees owe it Sh667 million.

This is according to its financial report as of June 2018.

The Office of the President and its various departments owe Sh40 million, Parliament Sh65 million, Treasury Sh27 million, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sh20 million and Kenya Investment Authority Sh6 million.

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) owes Sh5 million, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Sh12 million, the IEBC 5.7 million and comedians MC Jessy Sh600,000 and Chipukeezy Sh100,000.

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‘I watched my brother die…’ narrates actor Ken Ambani



Former ‘Tausi’ has talked about the traumatic experience he went through years ago after watching his brother die due to a gunshot wound.

Ken who lost his brother in 1991 recalls that as his most traumatic moment.

Speaking during an interview with the Standard, he said,

‘Losing my eldest brother in 1991.  He was shot dead in Busia during a robbery.

We were seated in the house at around 9 pm when we heard gunshots. Later, we were told that it was my brother who had been shot.’

Ken Ambani

Ken added that not only did he have to deal with a brother fighting for his life but he later had to deal with his loss.

‘I watched my brother die in hospital. That was when I told myself that the mantle has been passed on to me. I had to grow up.

I had to become the man back home.

All the expectations that came with that moulded me into who I am today.’

Ken is a father of four and according to him, fatherhood is his biggest achievement.

By Mpasho

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‘I almost moved out with my son,’ Sarah Kabu on past marriage struggles



Sarah Kabu says that she almost walked out on her husband after she and he failed to agree on an important decision in their marriage.

The mother of two at the time wanted to move houses, she wanted her ‘dream house’ ASAP but her husband was hearing none of it.

And she decided to scout for a new house ALONE.

‘I almost moved out because I was tired of the house we lived in.

I wanted to move to our dream house but my husband was not up for it at the time.’

Sarah Kabu and her husband Simon Kabu

‘So I went and shopped for homes in Runda, Kitsuru and signed contracts to move.
I had decided to move out anipate mbele.’

Simon who was at the time the sober headed one decided to talk his wife out of that ‘ stupid’ decision something she is forever grateful for.

‘Finally, I was talked to and my husband asked me to get the best interior designer I could get to help me redo our house to my taste.’


‘I had signed out all agreements but I was ready to move out with my son eventually I never moved out.
We were living on Kiambu road at the time.’

Sarah says that even when people see them slaying in social media they have marital issues like every other couple.

‘Even when you see us slaying we have issues. However, we may slay but we are not party animals.’

The couple is blessed with two kids.

Sarah has said it, there is no perfect relationship/marriage, pick Mr wrong drag him to the right.

By Mpasho

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