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Justin Muturi’s encounter with Uganda’s famous kneeling culture



Speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi, was recently treated to a famous Ugandan culture when a male adult knelt before him.

Muturi is currently leading the Kenya contingent that is competing at the East Africa Assembly Games in Kampala.

While on a tour of the Vipers Stadium, alongside his Ugandan counterpart Rebecca Kadaga, Muturi sat and watched as a smiling chap knelt before Kadaga in a bid to help her sign the guest book at the venue.

Kneeling before adults, especially prominent personalities, is a common occurrence in Uganda.

As part of the practice, women are encouraged to kneel before their husbands while exchanging greetings and when serving them food.


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‘Quarantine?’ Fans question Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu’s ex Frankie



Frankie is Corazon Kwamboka’s personal trainer.

Well, the two have been doing online videos together and fans are convinced that they are very close.

To stir the speculation even further and make it more salacious, Corazon shared a steamy photo showing Frankie looking at her behind and captioned it: ” Quarantine”

Maureen Waititu’s ex Frankie

Check out fans reaction to Corazon and Frankie’s Quarantine;

ricobaby007 Corazon, I’m sure that man is going have a good time being in Quarantine with you!

society_beast Frankie😂😂…..hatari kwa usalama.

reubenzzz Where is the white dude ..has he been quarantined?

killahkof That’s your new man?

hassanovajuniortz Huyu msee anakula hii kitu

lilyanne.lynn Weeuhhhhhhh kwamboka!!!!you quarantine is something else🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

nickosgei Hi Quarantine itabamba Sana For You Frankie

nck81 She going to be Prego and post a baby a year from now lol

cardrow I wouldnt like to be the cameraman in there😎

jessiembogo Ooh, oops!so u r the one who snatched Maureen her chuma ya doshi??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷aki kwambox😂😂.but u luk nice

___majiwa__ Mzungu wa Italy alienda wapi?😂😂 Mtaachana tu.

By Mpasho

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Comedian YY says dating single mums is tough



Popular comedian YY has made a revelation on why he would find it tough dating a single mother.

During a question-answer session with his fans on Instagram, the comedian gave out a couple of reasons why he finds dating a baby mama difficult.

He said most single mothers are hard to love because first, one becomes the third wheel in the relationship as her kid will always be the first to come into mind in every decision.

Second, YY said single mums make decisions guided by their feelings rather than situation, which he finds difficult to deal with.

The third and fourth reasons are pretty debatable. He claims single mums do not heal from their past and that the baby daddy is always in control of her.

“They rarely heal from the past. The baby daddy is always in control of her emotions and moods,” he explained his last two reasons.

The funnyman recently unveiled his hilarious baby sister, showing that comedy was ingrained in the family genes.

The little rib-cracker rose to fame after her brother introduced her during an interview.

She has an adorable accent that makes her comedy unique and something many Kenyans can easily relate to.

Since then, Bridgit Bema and her big brother have turned to become the Kenyan Mark Angel comedy crew.

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By Tuko

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Love brewed on Instagram in America



They say love can be found in the strangest of places; at a funeral, social gathering or while on holiday.

For FAITH CAREN MOCHE and gospel musician BILLY FRANK, their love was found and blossomed on the Internet.

Faith lets us in on their four years of love and finding a common purpose abroad

When Faith Caren Moche commented on her friend’s post on Instagram one fine afternoon in 2016, she didn’t know her post would attract the attention of Billy Frank, a top gospel artiste in Kenya. Frank would afterwards send a message to her inbox and from then on, their friendship began.

“He would check up on me virtually from time to time and then one day, he asked for my number. We started talking more frequently, got to know each other and developed a friendship,” she narrates.

Billy expressed his interest in pursuing marriage with her early in their conversations. In fact, most of their talks were about marriage.

“He shared with me YouTube sermons about marriage and slowly, the idea of me marrying him sank in. I loved how humble, yet confident he was and, especially the fact that he was God-fearing. Early 201 7, he asked to meet me in person in North Carolina where I was living at the time, with him coming all the way from Kansas, where he lived,” she reminisces.

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Saying ‘I Do’

That meetup was the beginning of their courtship. And after two years of a long-distance relationship.

“I enjoyed his music so much and one time I posted on Instagram that I wished to get married to someone who sang like him. I had totally forgotten about that post until he pointed it out to me when we were dating. What a coincidence1 We choose to believe that it was destiny though. For me that was evidence that God not only hears our prayers, but He even listens to our causal wishes and answers them if it is His will,” narrates Faith.

The two said ‘I Do’ at a colourful garden ceremony on September 28 in North Carolina, US. For Faith, it was like a fairy tale asking for something in prayer and getting exactly what you had wished for.

Faith says while conducting his various worship ministries in the US, Billy tries not to affiliate himself with any specific church and did as much as he could with different churches, which made him build a proper foundation for his music ministry.

“That was the foundation he built and so it wasn’t hard moving around spreading the gospel in the US. He also did this in Kenya where he pretty much went to JCC and still served at Maximum Miracle Centre where he served closely with pastor Andrew Muiru until he relocated to the US in 2014. He never struggled with the idea that he couldn’t attend another church or serve in different places of worship, unless he and the congregation did not believe in the same principles. He strongly believes that he is called to serve the body of Christ and not a church. But at the same time, he has a home church called Neema Church in Dallas Texas where he serves and it’s his first priority,” explains Faith.

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And with God’s grace, as she puts it, Billy Frank has been able to influence a number of churches, which now have an open door approach towards him.

Being his manager He also has something good baking in the oven as far as his personal music goes. His ultimate goal is to produce music that reaches not only Kenyans, but can minister to people internationally.

Having had a dad who was a pastor, Faith feels like she was prepared all along for the role of being Billy Frank’s missing rib. Besides being a physician assistant, Faith is currently in the worship team with him and is also his personal assistant in all matters including his record label.

She says being a worship leader at her church back in North Carolina made it an easy and smooth transition into ministering with the love of his life.

“I’m still learning how to best help him with his record label and I’m looking forward to our company growing and helping other artistes expand their ministry,” she says The two have no plans to relocate back to their motherland for now, but plan to raise their family in the US.

When it comes to being a wife of a celebrity, Faith is glad that they are living in the US where she doesn’t have to be under pressure because of her husband’s status.

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“Well, I haven’t experienced any challenges in having a celebrity husband here in the US because people don’t have that mentality here. We all treat each other the same. But I can imagine things would probably be different in Kenya,” she says in conclusion.


• His passion for music started when he was a child, his greatest inspiration being his father, also a musician.

• He wanted to be a pilot, but ended up loving music.

• Faith has a younger brother named Billy like her husband. Frank and Faith’s dad share the same birthday.

• His worship songs include Umeniweza, Milele Daima, Kama si Wewe, Kwa Sababu Yakoamong others.

• He was awarded the Best Audio Producer in the 2012 Agma award, the biggest gospel African music awards held annually in UK, and the best audio producer east Africa by Groove Awards.


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