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‘I was tortured in murdered Kitui teacher’s house till I fainted’



A man claiming to be have been tortured in the house of a teacher lynched by a mob in Kitui County last week has been arrested.

Hours before his arrest, Mulwa Mutiso had narrated to this writer the ordeal he said he went through inside the house of a primary school teacher, a week before villagers killed her and burned her body to ashes.

Wincing in evident pain, Mr Mutiso is still traumatised by the events of December 31, 2019. His voice trails off as he fearfully looks over his shoulder.

“They warned me that should I reveal what happened, they would come for me,” Mutiso said.

His arrest brings to five the number of people so far being held in connection to the incident.

Mutiso narrated how early that morning, Daisy Mbathe Mbaluka went for him at his home in Makuka village, Kitui East, saying she wanted him to do some work at her home. Mutiso was a regular visitor at the late teacher’s home where he did menial jobs.

“It was very early in the morning and I was still asleep. She said she wanted to give me some work,” he told The Standard yesterday. Mutiso hopped onto Mbaluka’s motorbike and in few minutes they were at her home, about three kilometres away.

“She invited me to her house. I sat in the sitting room as she retreated to the bedroom. Minutes later she called me inside but I was hesitant because she is my aunt. She, however, told me she wanted some items removed from her children’s bedroom,” he said.

Hit with hammer

Mutiso said as soon as he bent to remove some boxes as directed, Mbaluka hit him on the head with a hammer. She then struck him hard on the elbows and ordered him to sit down.

“Another man came in and kicked me on the chest and I fell down. They then started beating me with metal bars,” he narrated. He claimed that the teacher accused him of spying on her and reporting to her estranged husband.

Immobilised, Mutiso said he was bound with a rope and blindfolded. The attackers then removed his clothes and shredded his underwear using a knife, leaving their victim stark naked.

They took a break and emerged about an hour later where more savage beatings were unleashed on him as his attackers pulled his private parts.

“They continued to beat me, the woman forcing me to admit to defiling her daughter as they recorded everything on their phones. I admitted when I realised they were ready to kill me,” he claimed.

And as a last measure of cruel discipline, the assailants tied his private parts with a wire and pulled them hard until Mutiso passed out as pain tore through his body.

Mulwa Mutiso and the late Daisy Mbathe Mbaluka.

When he came to, he said, he was handed a phone and told to speak to an ‘OCS’ who demanded he deposits Sh30,000 to secure his release. He begged to be let out to raise the money with his relatives.

It wasn’t until 3pm that Mutiso, now a bloodied mess, was let out from where he crawled to his home.

“He was in great pain and terrified but I begged him to tell me what had happened. He could not even sleep at his home for fear of being killed,” his uncle Amos Kithikii said.

With financial help from neighbours, Kithikii took Mutiso to Nuu health centre where he was attended to and referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment. He, however, could not raise enough money and opted to remain in the village.

Mutiso reported the incident at Endau Police Station on January 2, 2020. It was booked under OB number 17/02/01/2020. Kitui East Police Commander Consaga Malasi confirmed that Mutiso reported his alleged assault and was issued with a P3 form, which he was yet to return to enable police look into his complaint.

But in a new twist of events, police from Damsa Police Station on Saturday arrested Mutiso’s wife while he was away in Nuu for medical check-ups. He arrived later in the evening only to find police had taken away his wife and left word that he should report to the station immediately.

Malasi, the area police boss yesterday confirmed that Mutiso’s wife together with another woman had been arrested as suspects in the murder.

Asked if the teacher had made a report over her daughter’s alleged defilement, the police boss said there was no such report.

Police have so far ruled out parents’ fury over poor examination results as the reason behind Mbaluka’s killing, in which a mob hacked her to death with machetes, doused her body with petrol and set it on fire on January 6.

Mutiso is livid by the turn of events. “The police have no reason to look for me because I am not hiding. I have been concentrating on my treatment and it has been tough without money. I know nothing about her killing,” he said.

He added: “What I want is for my tormentors to be arrested and prosecuted because they harmed me.” He identified one of his attackers as a man he used to meet at the teacher’s home.

Daisy Mbathe Mbaluka’s remains.

Mutiso was arrested hours after this interview was conducted.

Troubled marriage

In a telephone interview with The Standard, the deceased’s husband, Mbindi Ndolo though guarded, admitted that his marriage to Mbaluka was troubled and the couple were separated by the time she was killed. And for the first time in many years, on Saturday Ndolo, a businessman in Nairobi returned to his matrimonial home from where he was allegedly evicted by his wife and her lover.

“I have been married to her for 19 good years. I am actually the one who paid her college fees. She was the mother of my three children,” Ndolo said, begging to be allowed time to speak to DCI detectives who were interrogating him.

Multiple sources claim Mbaluka was a marked person for allegedly running an extortion and robbery racket that terrorised the community. It was claimed she would lure unsuspecting men into her house where purported husbands would pounce on them, beat them to a pulp and demand money.


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MPs asked to take Covid-19 tests



National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has urged MPs to go for voluntary coronavirus testing as the House begins a short recess today.

Mr Muturi told the lawmakers to ensure they go for the tests before interacting with their constituents.

“Ensure that you observe social distancing too,” the Speaker told the House Thursday.

The advice came as Wajir North MP Ahmed Abdisalan was ordered out of the chambers when he walked in without a face mask.

“Lawmakers should not break the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. The MP should be removed from the chambers,” he ordered.

The Speaker on Tuesday confirmed that two lawmakers have tested positive for coronavirus. There was speculation that the number of MPs with the virus was six.

In his communication, Mr Muturi said one of them had already been discharged from hospital after testing negative, adding that he is in self-quarantine. Neither the names of the MPs nor the hospitals they received treatment were made public.

The Speaker said the medical details of the lawmakers remain confidential.

He added that MPs, like any other person, are humans and can contract diseases.

Mr Muturi said Parliament has taken steps to ensure the safety of its workers.

“Far from the speculation in the media and elsewhere, information available shows that two cases of the virus have been reported among MPs. I have given this information to reassure the public and dissuade the ongoing speculation,” he said.


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15 students test positive for virus



Fifteen students who recently arrived in Mombasa from Sudan have tested positive for coronavirus, officials said Thursday.

Mombasa Chief Executive for Health Khadija Shikely said the group was part of the 129 Kenyan students who were repatriated last weekend.

The students arrived at the Moi International Airport aboard a Kenya Airways flight on Saturday evening.

They were subjected to a mandatory health check upon landing at the airport aboard a Kenya Airways flight before they proceeded to the Kenya School of Government in Kizingarea for a mandatory 14-day quarantine.


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Trouble for Ex-MP Mustafa Idd who works with wife at State agency



Former Kilifi South MP Salim Mustafa Idd could be kicked out of the Coast Water Works Development Agency board over allegations of nepotism.

This is after a civil society group on Wednesday filed a case seeking for the revocation of his appointment over conflict of interest in the management of the State agency.

According to the petition filed by the Commission for Human Rights and Justice, Mr Idd, who is the current chairman of the water agency, is serving in the same board with his wife Amina Mnyazi.

The lobby group says that this arrangement breaches Section 8, 9 and 10 of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act that deals with public appointments.


Also, the petitioner says that the appointment, where the two are serving in the same board, breaches Section 19 of the Leadership and Integrity Act, Section 146 of the Companies Act, and Section 66 of the Water Act.

Through its executive director Julius Ogogoh, the civil society group says in a matter filed under a certificate of agency that the two cannot be allowed to serve on the same board due to conflict of interest.

“In the public domain, a man and his wife cannot preside over the same public and State agency with the same mandate without the real likelihood of conflict of interest,” says the petitioner.

Mr Idd and Ms Mnyazi were appointed as chairman and member of the board respectively by the Ministry of Water in February 2019 to serve for a period of three years.


But during the term of the appointment and service, the petitioner says the two contracted a marriage and are now spouses and living as husband and wife.

Mr Ogogo says in the petition that the two have failed to adhere to a requirement that every public official shall at all times take measures to avoid any conflict of interest in relation to any public engagement.

“As a consequence of the said marriage ,Mr Idd cannot, without impropriety and public trust, preside over board meetings and make impartial decisions which are above the test and leadership and integrity as there is conflict of interest between his family and the public at the board,” said Mr Ogogoh.

The group now wants the court to issue an order stopping the State Corporation Advisory Committee from authorising payment of all claims of mileage of the two and any other payment pending the hearing and determination of its case.

At the same time, Mr Ogogoh wants the committee and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission ordered to commence investigations into the affairs of the board, particularly the false claims on mileage by the two and file their findings in court within two weeks.


“Pending hearing and determination of this case, a conservatory order be issued against the respondents prohibiting them from discharging their duties at the State water agency,” said Mr Ogogoh.

The activists also want Mr Idd and Ms Mnyazi to resign and refund all the sitting allowances they have been paid from public coffers while breaking the law on conflict of interest.

The two, the petitioner say, ought to have declared their relationship after being appointed to the State corporation as required by law.

“The petitioner prays that an order be issued that all allowances, stipends and salaries earned and paid to the two be refunded to the exchequer with effect from the marriage or appointment,” the petition reads.

In its court papers, the civil society group is accusing the two of failing to disclose or declare their relationship hence want them to resign.


In a supporting affidavit, Mr Ogogoh is also seeking temporary orders restraining the two from sitting in the board meetings until the complaint against them is heard and concluded.

Having been appointed as the chairman of the agency, the petitioner says Mr Idd became obligated to observe and uphold all tenets of good governance and code of conduct governing public bodies in relation to transparency and accountability to avoid conflict of interest in directing, management and administration of the State corporation.

“Contrary to the above expectation and being obligated to act as such, Mr Idd and Ms Mnyazi have turned the said State agency into a family enterprise as they are now married,” said the petitioner.


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