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JOKE: Why men should listen to and obey instructions



Max and his wife Lola received a letter from their daughter who had gone to study “Modern Biochemistry” overseas.

She wrote, “My beloved parents, I miss you so much and it breaks my heart to think that by the time I get back, you will be so old. Therefore, I am enclosing a bottle of a red potion that I have invented. It will make you 5 years younger, and so when I return, you will be the same age as I left you. Please, take only a drop. Goodbye I love you!”

They opened the envelope and found the bottle with the red potion.

Max looked at his wife and said, “You go first.”

Lola took a drop and when she indeed turned 5 years younger, Max embraced his turn.

Years later, the daughter returns home to find her mother… she is younger and happier, and she is carrying a baby on her back. She tells her daughter how the potion worked and how it has made her look younger. The daughter is happy and she asks about her father.

“Your father? Hmmm! You know how men don’t listen! He drank the whole bottle.”

“Whaaat! Where is he?”

“Who do you think is on my back?” she quipped.

Men should, indeed, keenly listen to and obey instructions.

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From society’s bad example to role model



At a tender age of 16 years, Wanjiru Muroki discovered she was expectant. The man responsible was the same age as hers. He was a youth chairman at her church, her first love whom they had just dated for a year.

“Up to date, I still fear church men. It was a promising relationship. He was the first man I slept with,” she narrates She didn’t let her parents know immediately. She went straight to her principal’s office and told her the situation, pleading with her to give her a chance to complete her studies. When schools closed for August holidays in 2012, it was time to head home. Her tummy was now visible and she couldn’t hide it any more.

Though disappointed, her family was supportive. Wanjiru would, however, experience stigma from church and the society who felt she was too young to bear such a burden.

“The stigma was bad. It wasn’t like I was waiting for people to applaud me, but this was too much. Everyone starts treating you like you are a failure and you’ve hit the rock bottom of life. Some mothers even told their daughters not to befriend me. Being a first born, the stigma affected my siblings too as they kept on hearing their sister being used as a bad example by people everywhere,” she recalls.

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Delivery room to exam room

She was lucky that her son, Isaac Merlin Muroki was born on October 31,2012, just before her final Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education [KCSE] exams. She left the hospital two days later to take her biology practical paper examination. Her son was accepted in the family and the man who was responsible tried his best to visit his son whenever he got a chance to. But they called the relationship off when he wanted to take care of his child under his roof.

Nonetheless, Wanjiru desired to pursue her dreams. My son is now

seven years old. When I looked at him every single day, I knew I had to be strong and pursue my dreams and goals. I’m glad that I graduated with a second class honours degree upper division in Education and I have just enrolled for my master’s degree. Apart from pursuing my education, socially I have made strides as well,” she says.

Helping others

Her bubbly, outgoing personality together with her past experience made her opt to pursue a career in education. She opted to concentrate on CRE and history to assist young people make sober choices when it comes to matters their sexuality. She didn’t have conversations on sex with her parents and now Wanjiru is glad that she is able to shape the future of young children.

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“I was naive. I applied the little biology I had studied and thought since I was on my safe days, I would be safe from getting pregnant. It was two days after my periods and as luck would have it, I was wrong. This was my first sexual experience. As a result, I felt education was the place I would fit in so I would have conversations with teenagers. The ideas and the thoughts these young boys and girls have are intriguing. The thought that I am helping shape their future in one way or another keeps me motivated,” she says.

“We have a topic that touches on sex. They open up and share things that you thought were petty or not important. I find it easy because they know about sex— it’s us the parents and teachers who think they don’t,” she adds.

And though her son is still young, she has begun teaching him on matters sex step by step, with the first lesson being respecting women. The teacher advises parents to encourage and not scold their daughters when they become pregnant. “Teenagers go through a lot. When I watch teenage pregnancy cases soar, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, I weep. I am crushed completely. Most, especially because of the responsibilities and expectations that come with teenage motherhood. One is confused— this is a child forced to raise another child. You don’t know what will become of your future and that of your baby. They also face rejection from family and friends. Parents, this is not the time to scold your daughter. Instead, shower them with love since their world has crumbled. Support them where necessary,” she says in conclusion.

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Suspected Nyandarua serial killer charged



Police have pressed robbery with violence charges on a Nyandarua man who was arrested in connection with a series of gruesome murders targeting women and children in Nyandarua and Laikipia counties.

Investigating Officer Peter Mukangai had on June 30, this year pleaded with the court to give detectives 21 days to hold Jassan Kariuki Theuri, a man arrested over robbery with violence, saying that he could be behind a series of murders in the region.

The 27-year-old man was on Monday charged before a Nyahururu court with two counts of robbery with violence and attempted rape, coming after detectives failed to connect him with the bizarre murder incidences.

The court heard that on June 28 this year at Nyakariang’a village in Nyandarua West, jointly with others who are still at large and while armed with a dagger and other crude weapons, they violently stole Sh200 from a victim (Phyllis Wanjiru Gikaru).

A second count stated that on June 28 this year, Mr Theuri while in company of others still at large, attempted to rape the victim at her Nyakariang’a village home in Nyandarua West.

The court was told that Theuri and his accomplices had dug a tunnel to access a room where the victim and her children were sleeping, stole the money and attempted to rape her.

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Mr Theuri however denied the two counts before Nyahururu Chief Magistrate Judith Wanjala.

The magistrate ordered that the case be mentioned on July 16, 2020 for bond terms application.


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“He was screwing around with the socialite when we were together” Maureen Waititu reveals



Maureen Waititu has been maintains her silence for weeks now; until just recently when she clapped back at a woman who came out defending Frankie Just Gym It.

As seen on blogger Obare’s page, an unknown lady went on to confront Maureen Waititu for painting Frankie as a dead beat dad; only for her to face the wrath of a woman whose heart was torn into pieces!

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Lady confronts Maureen Waititu

Well, this comes just a few days after Frankie shared a video revealing what he does for his kids. As seen on the video Frankie revealed that he pays his child support by proving shelter for the kids, school fee among other things.

However, being a dad these are just some of the responsibilities he should carter for – and not seek public validation as good dad; and I bet this is why Maureen seems quite bitter with anyone defending her former lover!

Maureen Waititu claps back!

In response to the lady, Maureen went all out revealing the unknown about her and Mr Frankie.

Frankie Just Gym IT with his two sons

As seen on her DM directed to the unknown lady, Ms Waititu mentioned that Frankie not only cheated on her but did unspeakable things to her; which she chose to cover up since he still remains the father of her sons.

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What however caught our attention is that Maureen knew Frankie and Corazon had been secretly seeing each other all along – even when they were still living together. Maureen wrote;

Maureen Waititu clap back

From the post above it’s evident that Maureen must have a lot bottled up; and thanks to her support system, she has managed to maintain her silence for the past one year.

However, fans on the other hand can’t help but look forward to the day Maureen will open up exposing everything she claims to have gone through. Lastly, to those applauding Frankie for the child support, Maureen had this to say;

Maureen Waititu’s post


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