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King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti, lands new TV job



Rapper King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti has landed a new TV job as the host of Switch TV’s entertainment show Chatspot.

Nana replaces former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia who left the show a month ago.

King Kaka shared the good news with his fans on social media praising his wife for her new job.

“Hii maua ndio utaniambia nani alikupea. While wengine wanaitishana change Hapo, The Queen will be hosting ChatSpot on Switch Tv from 5:50, Tune in, Wacha nichome Pop Corn hapa na strong tea nikingoja,” wrote King Kaka on Instagram.

It is not yet clear why Jackie left the show but she promised to make a TV comeback soon.

Meanwhile, Nana will be joining singer Kush Tracy and former KTN presenter Mwikali Mary.


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Why Churchill hides his wife and kids from the limelight




Comedian Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, has revealed why he chooses to keep his family life so private. 

He explains that when he will retire, he wishes to live a private life. 

In spite of being in the public limelight for more than ten years, besides comedy, very little is known of his personal life.

 In his career, Churchill says, there’s a point he comprehended with the fact he will not be in comedy all his life. So he decided to shield his close family from the public and the fame. 

“At some point after giving all my life to the public as I have done, I will jump into a private life with the people who have been pushing me from behind,” he said.

Churchill further urges those in the limelight to try and keep their family, especially the children, away from the media so that they can live well and follow their dream smoothly without much worry. 

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TV presenter narrates how mum fell into depression after bomb blast




Hellen Muthoni’s father died in the 1998 bomb blast. 

Hellen, a TV presenter and gospel artiste, was brought up in the village. She says life was good when her dad was around.

“My father was very rich and well known in our village that even teachers feared us. We used to go [to school] in home clothes, and no teacher would complain,” she said in an interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV.



On the fateful day, the dad left home as usual in the morning, but that was his last time to do so since he did not come back in the evening.

They came to know later that he had died in the terrorist attack. 

Hellen’s family life immediately changed. Her dad’s family evicted them from their home on the same dad their dad passed on. 

“We had no option but to go to my grandmother’s home. She was not well off.”

Due to the drastic turn of events, her mum got depressed. “We were used to a good life, now here we were at my grandmother’s house, which was not even cemented, no power, everything seemed different and difficult,” she said.

This led to her mother falling sick, which left Muthoni with no choice but to look after her younger brother. 

Her grandmother was a devoted churchgoer and “that really helped me, and I thank God because my grandmother planted a godly thing in my life. She was a prophet, and she made us know God,” she said.


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Muthoni faced many challenges from being made fun of at school to having to take care of her younger sibling from a tender age of seven.

Fortunately, she has triumphed all that. Her mum got better after receiving treatment, and she was able to go through school with the help of her sister’s husband.

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Fans troll Terence Creative after taunting ex mistress Sonia



20-year-old environmentalist Anita Soina and Terence Creative’s ex-girlfriend has caused a stir online after resharing a post by the comedian.

Last year Terence almost broke his marriage after his wife Milly Chebby found out that he was dating Anita, who was 19 by then.

The couple teamed up and attacked the sexy lass, who was defended by the public.

Well, Terrence shared a post about tree planting, which is Anita’s main project, advising people to stop cutting trees.

I think we can do better than tree planting – avoid cutting trees.

Terence Creative

The environmentalist shared the comedian’s post and captioned it,

Let’s plant the trees we don’t want them cut. I know I’m giving too much credit but this one I had to 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Anita’s fans flooded her comment section and some of the hilarious reactions include;

trizzahmulwa This is not worth your time….girl move on

njeriwambugureborn Why are you still following him,,,you now boring (sic)

juliet_ogola 😂😂😂😂😂watu wakiwachwa wawachike

edgarobare Usiteleze Anita

magz_njonge 😆😆😆when I saw it I knew it was a shot at u looool aki wanaume na pia that old when you find the best forget the rest was remixed few days ago

bentyncheruto People are salty this January😂

prety_sue Huyu Mzee ako na makasiriko ya nini😂😂😂

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s_jezie Mzee mzima anabehave kama 2year old lol juu ametolewa BA indomie lol

iamakinyi Kuna style ulionyeshana yenye hatujadiscover.watu hawataki kumove on jameni. Anita nipe tips


Terence anakuanga na umathe sanaa🤣🤣when the p***y was so good!!

By Mpasho

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