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Miguna: I’ve lost over Sh3m so far



Political activist and lawyer Miguna Miguna says his spirited fight to return to Kenya has left him with a big hole in the pocket.

Dr Miguna has been trying to return since January 7 but has encountered challenges including a red alert issued by the government, preventing him from flying to Kenya or any other African country.

The lawyer says accommodation, meals, travel and communication in European cities, where he got stuck recently, have set him back over Sh3 million.

In an exclusive email interview with the Nation, he said his trips around Europe, as he looked for an alternative route to land in Nairobi, “drained me financially”.

He cited Berlin, where he got stuck after Lufthansa Airlines refused to let him board a flight, saying life was very expensive in the German capital.

The lawyer noted that a night’s accommodation at a decent hotel in European cities costs between 120 and 200 Euros (Sh13,500 and Sh22,500).

“For the eight days… in Berlin, I’ve spent more than 2,000 Euros (Sh225,450) on accommodation and food,” he said.

“I used about $2,500 (Sh250,000) to travel to Switzerland, Austria and France in search of alternative means of transportation to Kenya, only to discover that the illegitimate regime of Uhuru Kenyatta has issued red alerts to all airlines using the Kenyan airspace.”

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Dr Miguna was first deported in February 2018 after he ran foul of the government by administering an oath to ODM leader Raila Odinga as the ”people’s president” on January 30, 2018.

He pursued the matter of his return in court, a case in which Justice Chacha Mwita ruled that his rights were violated by his deportation.

The judge suspended Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i’s declaration that the lawyer is a prohibited immigrant.

He also suspended the cancellation of his passport and ordered the Immigration Department to facilitate his return from Canada.

At the time, Justice Mwita awarded Dr Miguna Sh7 million as compensation for the violation of his rights during the deportation, noting the process should have been in line with the Fair Administrative Act.

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Mutua warns on ‘dirty’ content at drama festival



The Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) has announced strict measures aimed at filtering inappropriate content in stage plays that will be displayed during this year’s National Drama Festival.

Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua said there would be no room in the festival for content that could erode cultural and moral values and

urged school administrators to ensure stage plays stick to set guidelines as enshrined in the Films and Stage Plays Act.

Mutua said the agency will keenly monitor this year’s event which will be held at the Coast.

He said the measures would help tame rising moral decay in society.

“Since children are impressionable and among the highest consumers of content, there is need to direct them towards consuming clean content early in life. The war against compromised content must begin right from creation and must also involve children rights from the creation level,” said Mutua.

Age approptriate

He said the partnership between the KFCB and the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival (KNDFF) is aimed at ensuring content that is consumed by children promotes moral values and is in tune with the country’s culture.

The partnership, he said, was strategically intended to reach and influence at least 25,000 students and 1,200 teachers as media content creators, consumers towards clean age appropriate content.

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Nurture talents

Executive secretary of the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival James Indimuli challenged tutors to expose learners to extra-curricular activities that can enable them explore their talents.

“The Board ventured into partnership with the Ministry of Education through the KNDFF with the aim of identifying and nurturing talent among learners right from preschool,” he added.

Indimuli confirmed that the 61st National Drama Festivals will be held at Shimo La Tewa Secondary School in Mombasa County.

“We want to ensure participant’s tell stories that promote positive morals and culture and those that will not adhere to the guidelines will be banned,” said Indimuli.

The two were speaking during the Kenya Drama and Film festival retreat at a Mombasa hotel on Wednesday.

Data shows that the film industry has a potential to be a significant contributor to the country’s GDP by creating employment opportunities for the youth.

Kenya’s film industry generates Sh7.2 billion every year, creating direct and indirect jobs for more than 100,000 people, according to the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers.


• The 61st National Drama Festival will be held in the Shimo la Tewa Secondary School in Mombasa County from April 13 to 24, 2020.

• The Kenya Films Classification Board has said it will closely monitor the event in line with this year’s theme which is “Promoting moral responsibility in society through drama and film”.

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Nigeria confirms first Coronavirus case in sub-Saharan Africa




Nigeria’s health ministry confirmed the first coronavirus case in sub-Saharan Africa on Friday as the virus continues to spread.

“The case is an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and returned from Milan, Italy to Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of February 2020,” Health Minister Osagie Ehanire said in a statement on Twitter.




“The patient is clinically stable, with no serious symptoms, and is being managed at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Yaba, Lagos,” Ehanire said.

Ehanire further added the government is aiming to ensure the outbreak is “controlled and contained quickly”.

“I wish to assure all Nigerians that … we have been beefing up our preparedness capabilities since the first confirmation of cases in China,” he said.

“We have already started working to identify all the contacts of the patient since he entered Nigeria.”

Two other Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Africa— Egypt and Algeria.

The World Health Organization is wary of the weak African health care systems which are ill-equipped to handle the virus.

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‘I would not want to communicate with my ex-hubby,’ Nyce Wanjeri



Former ‘Auntie Boss’ actress Nyce Wanjeri is dating again after breaking up with her baby daddy a year ago.

Nyce broke up with her baby daddy Tito Wagithomo, who alleged that Nyce was an absentee mother and wife to the family.

“I started working during the day so I could take care of our daughter because I noticed that most of the time, we were both away,” he said in an earlier interview.

Tito Wagithomo,

On the other hand, Nyce alleged that Tito disrespected her, and they couldn’t seek her family’s intervention because he has never visited them.

Now, Nyce is dating Leting, a musician from Halisi The Band.

Nyce Wanjeri and new partner

The two have been flaunting photos of each other on social media. During Valentine’s Day, they posted each other’s photo and captioned it, “Happy Valentine’s.”

Speaking to Word Is on Tuesday, Nice confirmed she has moved on.

“Yes, I posted and not for likes. I can’t post something for controversy. I am not looking for people to like my character, it is something that I posted and it is legit and the whole of Kenya should know that Nyce is dating Calvin Kipkemboi Letin, a Luhya/Kalenjin,” she said.

Nyce Wanjeri

She did not share much about how they met, but described Letin as an all-in-one person.

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Asked whether she communicates with her baby daddy on matters to do with their daughter, Nyce said they don’t talk.

“I would not want to communicate with him. Let him have his own life as I enjoy my happy moments and I am good to go,” she said.

“My baby is fine and she has other father figures like my brothers. I have people who are there to mould her life as a father figure.”

Nyce and Tito had been together for nine years before they broke up.

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