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Needy, disabled boy admits self to school in rags with no school fees




A disabled boy staying with his sick grandmother made a bold move to walk to Mabole Boys Secondary School in Butere Constituency, alone and sought an admission from the school administration. 

John Emitati mother abandoned him after being born with a disability, and he has lived with his maternal grandmother in Eshisakha village.

The boy takes care of his 86-year-old grandmother, who got a stroke a few years ago. The 14-year-old sat his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination last year at Eshisakha Primary School, where he garnered 333 marks.

Since he did not have any relatives to cater to his school fees, Emitati walked three kilometers to school last Monday, where he had been selected to join Form One.

He got to school and was taken to the principal’s office by the gatekeeper. The headteacher was shocked to see a boy in old dirty and torn clothes at his door.

Emitati explained his plight to the principal and that he did not want to lose a chance to join a school that emerged fifth in Kakamega County in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams.

The principal verified the boy’s claims by sending the school messenger to verify the claims which were true. He was allowed to join the school as a day scholar since he didn’t have any shopping or school fees. The principal is seeking for help to assist the boy in settling fully.

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MP wants teachers impregnating schoolgirls fired



Head teachers in Nyanza region have been challenged to recommend sacking of rogue teachers who impregnate school pupils.

Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo told head teachers to recommend to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to sack any teacher found in sexual relationship with a pupil.

Speaking in Mbita town during Nyanza regional Kenya Primary School Heads Association (KEPSHA) annual delegates Conference, Millie expressed concerns over teenage pregnancies in the region.She said the teenage pregnancies could only be reduced if punitive measures are taken against perpetrators.

“Teachers are good but there some of them who are rogue and end up impregnating school girls. Let us not protect those spoiling the good name of teaching,” said Millie.

The MP told the head teachers to reverse the trend of transferring rogue teachers and instead sack them.“Transferring a rogue teacher means transferring a problem from one place to another. Such teachers should not be transferred but sacked,” she said

The MP challenged the Ministry of Education to prioritise retaining learners in schools for success of the 100 per cent transition policy.

Inadequate facilities

She blamed the government for not putting up enough facilities in place to ensure success of 100 per cent transition policy.

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Millie said many schools were grappling with poor infrastructure as the policy is being implemented.”Schools lack enough teachers, classrooms and other important facilities which should be put in place for success of the transition,” Millie said.

She said school drop may be on the rise if the government fails to consider how it will retain learners in schools.”The government needs to come up with measures that will enhance retention of pupils in school. We need to focus on quality of education rather than quantity,” said Millie

The conference brought together hundreds of head teachers serving in Nyanza region.


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I sat KCPE nine times



Thirty six-year-old Mathew Aol Nyamlori, now a final year student at Kenyatta University, sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCSE) close to a decade, before attaining secondary education. ?He wrote the exams nine times. Growing up, he wanted to be a doctor.

His dreams were almost realised in 1998, when he first sat for his KCPE. He scored 478 marks out of a possible 700 while at Kipsimbol Primary School and got an admission letter to Kabianga High School. The results and the letter of admission were bittersweet for Nyamlori.

He had no hope of joining high school as his parents were not financially stable to further his education.Although his dreams were going south, Nyamlori was not the one to sit at home brooding day by day.

In 1999 he was back to standard eight at Rongo Primary School, this time with faith that things will eventually get better after the results were out.

He scored 559 marks and got an admission letter to Kanga High School.But this time, things were a bit better as his aunt gave him a helping hand. But that was short-lived. In his second term, he dropped from Kanga because his aunt could not continue financing his education.

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Nyamlori was out of school for two years, before deciding to give education another shot. Before going back to school, he worked as a casual labourer at a milling factory  in Nairobi, but His salary which ranged from Sh200 to Sh250, was his biggest motivation to go back to school for the umpteenth time.

“I had to drop out of school, because I had no one to sustain me. I started working as a casual labourer but it was not easy for me,” he recalls.

“I had to move from one school to another to avoid humiliation. Also, some teachers thought that because I was older and I had gone through the classes before, I knew everything I needed to know.”In 2002 he joined Kitere Primary School, where he scored 387 marks. This time things were the same, he received his admission letter to Rapogi High School but no one was willing to finance his education.

It was back to standard 8.In 2003, he enrolled at Sony Sugar Primary scoring 399 marks and was called to Rapogi School, in 2004 he was in Rangwe junior academy scoring 434 marks and was admitted to Maseno High school from where he dropped in the second term.

In 2008, he was a candidate at Agoro Primary School and scored 397 marks that earned him a pace in Maranda High School.From Aldo Rebby academy in 2009, he got 401 marks and was admitted to Kapsabet High.In 2010 in Agape academy Kosele he scored 401 marks and was re-admitted to Maranda high.

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Due to the nasty experiences, his dreams of being a doctor were crushed and so he opted to read public policy at the university.

“All this happened because of my poor background. I did not have anyone to help me go to school”But as they say, every storm is followed by a rainbow.In 2011, from Oriri Primary Nyamlori scored 403 marks and got his admission letter to Nairobi School.But this time there was light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, he says, Equity Bank through the Wings to fly scholarship program, sponsored his secondary education.

This time he was 29 years old.

”Being the eldest student, had its challenges. In fact, I was older than most teachers. It was a bit uncomfortable but I did not let that bother me. I chose to focus on myself and what took me to school”That excitement of finally joining high school was almost short-lived in 2013, when his mother lost her sight which affected his school performance but he kept moving.In 2015, he sat for his KCSE in and scored a B-plus of 71 points.

After completion of KCSE, his sponsorship was over but he was admitted to Kenyatta University where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration.

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“I have been getting Sh45,000 from the government sponsorship per year which has been helping me a lot with my upkeep. I also do online writing and some part-time job that help with my daily upkeep”

Nyamlori who is set to graduate in July finds motivation in gospel music and is hopeful for a brighter future that will entail helping the needy.”I always believe that God has a purpose for me.

Throughout my years in school, gospel artistes inspired me. I believe that one day I will help the needy… orphans and widows. I would never wish for anyone to go through what I went through”.Although his experience affected his social life, he is looking forward to having a family and giving his children the best education.


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Prof Mugenda is KCA University’s new Chancellor



Former Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor Prof Olive Mugenda has been appointed as the new KCA University Chancellor.

Prof Mugenda will replace Prof Arthur Eshiwani whose term as the varsity’s chancellor ended on December 31, 2019.

The incoming Chancellor will be unveiled on Friday at the KCA University main campus in Ruaraka in Nairobi by the board of trustees of the university which was chattered in 2013.

“With profound leadership of Prof Olive Mugenda, the university looks forward to fully exploit its potential in areas of academic and research,” Communication Officer Isaiah Were said in a statement.

Prof Mugenda is a professor of family and consumer sciences from Iowa University in USA and a recipient of several awards.

She has an expansive experience in higher education management having been a long serving Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University – Kenya’s second largest university – for more than 10 years.

Currently, the KCA University has a student population of slightly more than 15, 000 – both self and state sponsored.


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