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Passaris discharged from hospital




Esther Passaris, the Nairobi Woman Representative has finally left CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad, India.

She underwent a spinal operation on January 1, 2020.

She tweeted her progress on Sunday afternoon. She says she is seeing a physiotherapist as well as going through a post-operation counseling therapy.

“Discharged and recuperating with physio, counseling & wound care. Dr @prizz_gopu Dr @DipaliVaghela2 and Nirrali my care giver has been invaluable”, she said.

But the Lawmaker will have to stay longer in India as there are two blood tests that are pending.

“Got two scheduled blood tests in the coming days,” Passaris added.

None the less, Passaris is still hopeful that she will feel better and go back home.

“All being well, I’ll be home very soon. Thank you all for your kind wishes,” she tweeted.


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VIDEO: Crooks caught repackaging 300,000 expired GoK sanitary towels for sale




Police have found over 300,000 pieces of expired sanitary towels in Juja stored in a building under construction where they were being packed afresh. 

Dorothy Megarusha, the Juja OCPD, said the expired sanitary pads belong to a business tycoon. The products were to be distributed to Mombasa, Kiambu and Kilifi Counties.

The pads expiry date was on June 2019. It is likely the sanitary towels were to be donated to school girls for free.

There were empty bags at the scene, clearly showing the pads were being repackaged. 

 “We are suspecting that maybe the person who had the position of these sanitary towels had the intention of repackaging the same into these empty packaging so that it could be supplied to schools withing either Kiambu, Muranga, Kilifi and Mombasa Counties. As the National Police service, we want to thank the members of the public for giving such information because we know that these are expired sanitary towels,” said Ms. Megarusha.

Police are pursuing the suspects.


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‘I’m clinically blind in one eye,’ Vanessa Mdee reveals




Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has for the first time revealed  that she is partially blind.

She spoke about it in the first season of East Africa Got Talent competition where she was a judge, Vanessa shared that one of her eyes is critically blind.

Mdee was pushed to share this after being impressed by one of the contestants, Mark, 21, who got an eye condition, cataracts, at birth and he is also a cancer survivor.

Vanessa urged him to keep fighting and not to give up because her condition did not stop her from pursuing her dreams.

“It is unusual for someone so young to sing so soulfully, you can tell that you have been through stuff. I’m clinically blind in one eye as well, but that has not stopped me from pursuing my biggest dreams,” she said.

She added

“Let that be the fuel for you no matter what happens at the end of this competition, to me you are a winner and you’re going to continue winning.”



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TV presenter narrates how mum fell into depression after bomb blast




Hellen Muthoni’s father died in the 1998 bomb blast. 

Hellen, a TV presenter and gospel artiste, was brought up in the village. She says life was good when her dad was around.

“My father was very rich and well known in our village that even teachers feared us. We used to go [to school] in home clothes, and no teacher would complain,” she said in an interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV.



On the fateful day, the dad left home as usual in the morning, but that was his last time to do so since he did not come back in the evening.

They came to know later that he had died in the terrorist attack. 

Hellen’s family life immediately changed. Her dad’s family evicted them from their home on the same dad their dad passed on. 

“We had no option but to go to my grandmother’s home. She was not well off.”

Due to the drastic turn of events, her mum got depressed. “We were used to a good life, now here we were at my grandmother’s house, which was not even cemented, no power, everything seemed different and difficult,” she said.

This led to her mother falling sick, which left Muthoni with no choice but to look after her younger brother. 

Her grandmother was a devoted churchgoer and “that really helped me, and I thank God because my grandmother planted a godly thing in my life. She was a prophet, and she made us know God,” she said.


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Muthoni faced many challenges from being made fun of at school to having to take care of her younger sibling from a tender age of seven.

Fortunately, she has triumphed all that. Her mum got better after receiving treatment, and she was able to go through school with the help of her sister’s husband.

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