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Determine which shape of toilet you have.

Thinking of getting more comfortable in your toilet or as they say in America, bathroom? Toilet seats don’t come in sizes, but they do come in two different shapes and forms: Round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats, each of which correspond to two different toilet bowl shapes. Round toilet seats are still the standard in most homes, and they’re the toilet seats you typically see most often.

Elongated toilet seats are becoming more popular, and they have a long oval shape. Before you begin shopping for toilet seats, find out if you have a round or elongated toilet bowl so you can shop accordingly.

Pick a mount type.

Decide whether you want a conventional bolt-and-nut mount or an integral bolt and nut. While they look better in the beginning, integral bolt-and-nut mounts can be very frustrating when they need to be removed, as the nut must be drilled out to remove the seat. Conventional bolt-and-nut mounts are easier to use and still the standard for most toilet seats.


Choose a material.

Decide whether you want plastic, wood or a cushioned seat. Most toilet seats are made of high-impact plastic or a plastic coating over composite wood. Plastic seats are available in white, black and several pastel colors. Plastic toilet seats can be very cold in winter and also in summer when central air is running, and they are more likely to split and tend to show marks from cleaning. Natural wood is warmer, but it can be stained or damaged by many toilet bowl cleaners. Cushioned seats are nice and soft but tend to crack and split over time. If warmth is a big concern, consider buying a heated toilet seat.

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Think about padding.

Soft toilet seats are more comfortable for people recovering from surgery or childbirth, but they can make transfers to and from wheelchairs or shower benches more difficult. Firmer seats are better for transfers. Some people prefer soft toilet seats over the standard hard ones simply because they find padded toilet seats to be more comfortable and warmer than regular toilet seats.

Choose a style.

Toilet seats are made in a wide array of styles, so whether your bathroom is sleek and modern or comfy and traditional, you can find the perfect seat for your toilet.


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Njugush’s wife Celestine on keeping your circle of friends’ small




Celestine Ndinda, aka Wakavinye, wife to Comedian Njugush, has a few words of advice to her fans. She urges them that having a small circle of friends is a wise thing to do, especially if you live in Nairobi.

 Wakavinye has supported her husband since their early days, even before all the fame. Njugush feels lucky to have her as a wife. 

The two have sustained same longtime friends and Celestine shares the little secret for that.

She says;

“I have learnt that in life, you need to learn at most five close friends.

 By doing this, be sure that the first three will help you when you are in need.”

She further adds having too many friends also drains you financially

“Imagine all those friends have birthdays and they need you to show up, yaani every time you are planning of how to spend unlike when you have a small circle.”


And there is also societal pressure to have many friends;

“Ata kama umesota, it is hard to communicate that to a big number of people because some will gossip about you and most of them show up when you have a party, but when you are in a problem, you will not have them around,” she said.

She also insists on being yourself, don’t compete

“When you compete with your friends, you will get exhausted. So go with your pace.”

Some of the couple’s long-time close friends include; Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira, Philip and his wife Cate Actress.

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DP goes missing on social media




Deputy President William Ruto has been missing on social media lately. The silence is too loud, given the pressure being piled on the ruling party – Jubilee.

His last activity on social media was on Sunday, January 12 where he had attended an interdenominational church service at St Paul’s Makongi Secondary School in Soy Constituency, Uasin Gishu County, with other leaders.

“The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers from them all. – Psalm 34:19 During an interdenominational church service at St Paul’s Makongi Secondary School in Soy Constituency, Uasin Gishu County,” his posts on Twitter and Facebook reads.

The DP also attended a church service in Narok County on the same and posted about it.

“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. – Mathew 6:33, During the official opening of African Gospel Church (A.G.C) Olerai Bethel Sanctuary, Narok West in Narok County,” the other post read.

Still, on 12th January, he congratulated athletes Rhonex Kipruto and Sheila Chepkirui for breaking the men’s and women’s 10 Km world record in Valencia.

The silence is profound when President Kenyatta moved to reclaim his say in the government.

Mr. Kenyatta on Tuesday sacked Mwangi Kiunjuri, Dr. Ruto’s point man in the Mt Kenya region, from the cabinet.


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DJ Evolve: Meet man ‘accidentally shot’ by Babu Owino



On Friday, Kenyans woke up to news of a shooting incident involving Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

The legislator was arrested and detained at Kilimani Police station after DJ Evolve was shot in the neck at B Club along Galana Road in Kilimani, Nairobi. The DJ sustained serious injury and was rushed to the hospital, with doctors saying that he is in stable condition.

Initial reports indicate the spent cartridge and weapon from the shooting incident are yet to be retrieved by the police.

An investigation by SDE unearthed the last known video of the DJ performing at the high-end entertainment spot yesterday night.

Dressed in a black bomber jacket, DJ Evolve, who also refers to himself as ‘The Lowkey Assassin’, is seen on the decks dancing to the music in the background, unaware of what would later befall him.

Calm mannerism

A source who spoke to SDE described DJ Evolve as a ‘jovial young man’ who never got involved in confrontations.

“He is not dramatic. He’s usually very cheerful most of the time. Whenever he walked into the club, he would move around saying hi said to all customers,” said the source, adding that the DJ once worked at the nearby Kiza Lounge.

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Shooting was ‘accidental’

Cliff Ombeta

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta is representing the MP.

Speaking to the press, Babu’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta said that the shooting incident was accidental and that there was no intention to commit an offence.

“In as much as people out there are talking that it is murder and all that, it’s not true at the moment.

“You can remember that on 17 November 2019 he reported an incident whereby he had been tracked by some people. He said that his life was in danger and reported the matter at Parliament police station.

“Since then he s been very anxious. He’s been increasing his security, changing his route when moving from one place to another.

“This morning, a person who he eventually realised was his friend somehow approached him in a way that was unexpected and Babu reacted. I can only say reacted, let me not say anything beyond that. Eventually, somebody was shot,” said Ombeta.

The lawyer added that Babu had requested for the matter to be thoroughly investigated while calling on his constituents not to protest his arrest.

According to Ombeta, the gun involved in the shooting is in the hands of the police and that Babu is a licensed firearm holder.

Check out photos of the young DJ:

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